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Thumbs up The Director's Commentary (contains spoiler)

I just finished re-watching Boogiepop Phantom, after first watching it about a year and a half ago. This time around, I also listened to the Director's Commentary, which helped me pick up on a few things I missed. Although, I did catch a mistake they made in the commentary. In one of the later episodes, they say that Boogiepop Phantom made an appearance in episode 1. That was not BP, but rather the original Boogiepop (Toka). But they do correct this in the commentary on a later episode. By the way, if you haven't seen the series, then do not listen to the commentary as it contains spoilers. Actually, if you haven't seen the series, you should not be reading this as I already gave away two spoilers. Didn't you read the subject line?

But I do recommend you listen to the commentary the second time around. It is for all 12 episodes, although in the last disc they start running out of things to say. Joining the commentary for episodes 5 and 6 on disc 2 is Crispin Freeman, who not only voices a supporting character, but also oversaw the writing of the English script. He talks about the unique problems he had with scenes being repeated throughout the series. Hed work out the dialog for a scene, but then found it did not work when that scene was repeated later.
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