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Post Interview with Tokine and Yoshimori

Recently Tokine Yumikura and Yoshimori Sumimura, stars of the series Kekkaishi, took a trip to the US making personal appearances promoting DVD sales of the series, and promoting a soon to be release movie they both star in. We took the opportunity to interview the two together talking about the series, their lives, and whatever other candid topics came up. The interview is in four parts. Here is part one.

Question: So, what do you think of America?

Yoshimori: We’re having a great time. It’s the first time abroad for both of us. I’m glad I still know my high school English.

Tokine: I was a little nervous trying to speak in English, but I guess mine is better than I thought. Actually, it has improved quite a bit in three weeks I am told.

Y: It was especially great to meet our American fans. We were told that the number of anime fans in America was not that great, but they were really dedicated.

T: The scary thing is they know more about Kekkaishi than we do!

Q: How old were you when the series began in 2006?

T: A bit older than my character. I was 17.

Y: I am about 1½ years younger. I’ve grown since then.

T: (Laughs) You age well.

Q: I understand you became good friends on the show and socialize off the set as well.

Y: If Tokine is not my best friend, then she is at least among the top three. We hit it off immediately - when we first met at a pre-shoot meeting to discuss our characters.

T: Yes, it seemed we could immediately relate to each other. That really helped on the show.

Q: How so?

T: OK, can I tell a Yoshi story?

Y: It depends which one.

T: Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass you too much. (Laughts) I have a lot of them. Anyway, Yoshi liked to ad lib a lot, especially his comic lines.

Y: Well, they would write these one-liners for me, which were really complex. I tried them out on family and friends, and they were like, “what the hell are you talking about?” So I asked the director if I could ad lib instead. I just simplified things. Sometimes it threw off the other actors, but not Tokine. I think that’s were you were going. . . ?

T: Right.

Y: Tokine just picked up where I was going and followed along.

T: I finally got the courage to do some improvising myself. Yoshi would pick up on it right away.

Q: There were rumors of a romance between you two.

Y: Oh no. We are just close friends. We do hang out together sometimes, but only as friends. Besides, Tokine already had a boyfriend.

T: Hiro. We’ve been together since I was 12. He moved into our neighborhood when he was 16. My mother thought I should show him around the neighborhood, and we have been together ever since. He’s the only boyfriend I ever had. He’s now my fiancé. We’ve been living together for about a year and a half. We plan to marry three months after I return to Japan. Yoshi knows him. They’ve become friends as well. We’ve gone on double dates. Me with Hiro, and Yoshi with whoever he’s been seeing that week. (Laughs)

Y: You make it sound like I play the field.

T: Well, you did.

Y: No, I just was too busy or not ready to commit myself.

T: (Whispering) But that’s changed now. He’s got a steady.

Y: Yeah, only I don’t want to mention her by name. She’s not used to publicity. We’re in the talking stage right now.

Q: Talking stage?

Y: Right. We’re talking on whether or not we want to get serious.

T: She does. I’ve talked with her.

Y: About me?

T: She wanted to know all about you. Don’t worry. I told her how great you are and how lucky she would be to have you. I gave you a great buildup.

Y: And set the bar high for me. Thanks. Something else to worry about.

T: (Laughs) Don’t worry. She’s really into you. They are such a cute couple.

Y: Don’t take everything Tokine says too seriously. She’s always this way.

T: True. (Laughs) Actually, even when his relationships lasted only a date or two, I’ve always been impressed by the way Yoshi respects his women.

Y: I hear another story about me coming on.

T: Well not that you mention it, I did run into one of your old girlfriends a while back. She wanted me to give you a kiss for her. She just became engaged and wanted you to know she would always hold you in her heart as a pleasant memory of her youth.

Y: Ah, yes. I remember you telling me that. Just what a guy wants to hear. On her wedding night she’ll be thinking of me!

Next: Part 2 - How Yoshimori created his Kekkaishi character.

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Part 2 of our interview. We get into the subject of Kekkaishi!

Question: Tokine calls you Yoshi. Is that your nickname?

Yoshimori: Actually, friends call me Yosh. She’s the only one who calls me Yoshi.

Q: OK then. Let’s get into Kekkaishi. How do you compare your approaches to your roles?

Tokine: I think our approaches were different because of our characters. From the viewpoint of my character, Kekkaishi is an action show with a bit of comedy. From the POV of Yoshi’s character, I think it was more comedy with a bit of action. Right?

Y: I was hired for the role because of previous bit parts in comedies. I had a few funny lines here and there.

T: Oooo. Another Yoshi story! When we first met, after our first storyline meeting we went to a teahouse to talk things over about our characters, their relationships and such. Yoshi started asking questions about my boyfriend Hiro. About his quirks. Annoying habits. Later we got together to discuss the show at my house -- I was still living with my parents. Hiro was there as well. Yoshi seemed to spend a lot of time talking and looking at Hiro. Later when we started shooting I figured out what he was up to. He was basing part of his character on Hiro!

Y: I thought if I gave her something familiar to work off of, it would go easier.

T: Hiro has seen every episode several times. He’s never picked up on the fact that Yoshi based his character partly on him.

Q: How are you like and unlike your character?

T: Oh, I guess my character is much more serious than the real me.

Y: No!

T: (Laughs) Now you’re getting back at me for all those Yoshi stories. But you can tell I like to laugh. I don’t remember me laughing so much in Kekkaishi.

Y: Your character, no. But if the tension got too think on the show, Tokine would usually be the one to crack a joke and loosen everyone up. I would say the real difference between my character and the real me is that I am not all that interesting in real life.

T: Not true. You sell yourself short. Let me answer on what he has in common with his character. He really cares about people.

Y: So do you.

T: But not when I’m in character. My character is a bit on the cold side, but I played her as at least trying to be caring. I think when I was nasty to Yoshimori on the show, I was just trying to encourage him. At the same time I felt he was like an annoying little brother. I tried to play it complex.

Q: And you did a good job.

T: Thanks. But there was a lot I was not satisfied with. I did not think enough time was spent on my changing relationship and opinion of Yoshimori’s character. One minute I’m thinking, “He’s just a little kid I need to protect.” Then it’s “Gosh he’s so strong, he now does the protecting.” I think that was rushed. I would have like a longer series so we could have spread that out among several episodes.

Y: There’s also the theme of each of us taking in some of the other’s personality traits. Me becoming less rash and more responsible. Tokine becoming willing to take chances. That was dealt with even less thought.

T: Even though my character was the hard worker, I would point out Yoshi worked harder on his character than I did. But that’s mostly because he did more comedy in the show than I did. That takes more effort. It was hard for me to switch from serious to funny, although I am not that serious a person away from work.

Y: Now you worked hard, too.

Q: What about Gen Shishio?

Y: Gen was hard to get to know on the show. His character was somewhat withdrawn, and that’s how Gen was on the set. He’s one of those actors who once he gets into character, he stays in character for the entire day. Tokine and I would step out at least during our breaks or during lunch.

Q: So because Gen was in character, he was as withdrawn as his character?

Y: But that’s not the real Gen.

T: Right. I actually was together with Gen at a convention back in Japan six months ago. He was as warm as anyone. He didn’t really enjoy doing the series. The way he explained it, Gen thought his character hated himself, so Gen felt he had to hate the character. He’s still proud of his work, as he should be. But because he didn’t like who he was playing, he just did not get the enjoyment out of the show that the rest of us did.

Q: You told some interesting anecdotes during the past anime convention. Could you share what you said about Yurina Kanda?

Y: The only thing I remember saying is that she really put a strain on her voice. Her normal voice is not that high. Usually at the end of the day, her voice was gone.

T: She was a sweet kid.

Y: Oh, everyone liked her.

Q: What about the series villain, Kaguro?

Y: He once gave me some sage advice.

Q: What did he say?

Y: He had just celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary over a weekend. During a break he was telling me about it. His wife runs a medical supply company which her family owns. Kaguro told me, “Never marry an actress. Someone in your family needs to be normal.” So the girl I’m seeing now is studying to be a computer programmer.

T: Good advice. My fiancé is an architectural accountant. He’s the one who figures out if they can afford to build what the architect designed.

Q: Are there any problems in having a relationship with someone outside the industry?

T: My work schedule does cut into our together time. But we find ways to make that up. Hiro is very supportive of me. I would have quit long ago if he was not there to encourage me.

Next: Part 3 - Tokine and Yoshimori talk about their new movie.

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Part 3. In the third part of the interview, what is revealed in Yoshimori’s and Tokine’s new movie?

Question: I understand you did most of your own stunts?

Yoshimori: I didn’t keep track of how many I did and how many my stunt double did. A lot of the time it was me, although it was not has hard or dangerous as it seemed on TV. Whenever I was jumping in the air, I was never more than three or four feet off the ground with padding underneath me. The tech wizards in post production made it look hard and dangerous.

Tokine: But it was hard doing those jumps in those outfits we had to wear. They were so baggy they actually hindered our movement. I once fell and badly sprained my hip.

Y: Oooo. I remember. You hit the ground pretty hard. Scared the sh-t out of all of us.

T: The med team took me to my dressing room, took off the pants and wrapped me in ice. Not too comfortable. I was laid up at home for a week.

Q: Will there ever be another season of Kekkaishi, or a movie continuing the story?

T: There was talk about it when the series ended. At first they said they would have another series after a year hiatus. Then there was talk of a movie or two. But nothing ever came of any of it.

Y: They did come up with several storylines, but no script was ever even started as far as I know.

Q: What sort of story lines?

Y: Some comic. Some surprisingly very dark. There was one that looked like they may try to go with. A super-strong ayakashi attacks leaving Tokine dead and me missing. About thirty years later, my brother Toshimori and his son are protecting the site when I return with a plan to go back and save Tokine. But I need their help, even though it risks changing the present. I guess I can tell you how it ends since the movie will never be made. It ends happily.

T: Of course the main problem with that scenario is that I am there at the beginning and brought back at the end. In between, there’s no me! (Laughs) So bad idea all around.

Q: But the two of you do have a movie coming out. What can you tell us about that?

T: Well, it’s not Kekkaishi. (Laughs)

Y: It’s a pretty dark film. It’s a love story. A war story. Actually, anti-war set during World War II. It’s called The Faded Yellow Rose.

Q: What’s it about?

Y: Well, Tokine plays a geisha. It’s sort of typecasting.

T: Oh, shut up! (Laughs) He can be really awful sometimes. (Laughs) Come on. Be serious. It’s a very serious movie.

Y: Sorry. (Laughs) You can tell how we love each other.

T: (Squeezes Yoshimori’s hand) Pesky kid brother.

Q: But the movie. . . .

Y: Ah, yes. Tokine plays a geisha who is the mistress of one of the top generals under Tojo. He can’t always get away to see her, because of his job and his marriage, so he sends me to take messages to her. I play a young soldier who is on this staff. Well, Tokine and I fall in love starting our own affair. I’ll leave it there. No spoilers.

T: I really cried throughout when I first read the script. I was laying in bed with Hiro. He was reading some book. I was reading the script. He wondered what I was bawling about.

Y: I get to be in a few combat scenes. The film is really about the waste, stupidity and futility of war. I’m really proud of it.

T: And the fan girls will love it. They get to see Yoshi’s gorgeous butt!

Y: And the fan boys get to see yours.

T: Yeah, but there’s a difference. Girls will only want to see yours because it is so cute. Guys will want to see mine just because its mine. They don’t care if it is flat or flabby.

Y: It’s a very nice butt.

T: That’s not the point. Girls are more discerning. Really though, it’s not fair. Yoshi only has to bare his butt. I have to show. . . . Well. . . .

Y: Everything.

T: (Laughs) Hiro was cool with it. My dad took some time to get used to the idea.

Q: Yes, the word is you do have a bedroom scene together. Being good friends, was that hard to do?

Y: Being naked with Tokine? Considering our relationship is one of close friendship. . . . Yes, I found it a bit disconcerting at first. But once I got into character, it went well.

T: With me it was the exact opposite. At first Yoshi was not casted in the part. I didn’t mind the nudity, but the idea of some other actor I didn’t know touching and kissing parts of me. . . . I told the producers I didn’t think I could do it. Then they came back and told me Yoshi’s agent had been talking to them. Could I do the scene with someone I know? I thought, well I do know Yoshi quite well. I feel comfortable with him and I trust him. I could do a bedroom scene with him.

Y: But in the beginning of the film, there is that scene with the general. . . .

T: (Laughs) Oh, where he feels me up? Right. That was not in the script, but the director insisted. It was right at the beginning of the film. The general, played by an actor named Denkichi Akama, is being entertained by me serving him tea, singing and playing a lute. Eventually he wants me to take him to bed, so I start getting undressed and he caresses my breast. Denkichi saw I was pretty nervous about that last part. He told me just to relax and we could do it in just one take. The director wanted another shot, but Denkichi convinced him once was enough. When you see the final product on screen, it looks totally natural.

Q: So Yoshimori, when did you get involved with the film?

T: My agent called me and told me he set up an appointment, if I was interested. I wanted to do a heavy role. A real drama. He warned me that the production team was not too keen on hiring me because they thought I was all action and comedy. But I had a plan. I showed up a half hour late looking awful. My eyes were red and teary. I explained I just learned my cousin, who was like a brother to me, was killed in a street accident. I talked for another half hour about the times we spent together. I had the whole room in tears. I then said, “You know this is all a lie. I just wanted to show you I can do tragic drama.” The head of the production committee called me a goddamn son-of-a-bitch, then told his assistant to draw up the contract.

Next Part 4 - We wrap things up and Tokine tells one more Yoshi story from her 18th birthday!

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Part 4. Here we wrap things up.

Question: When doing The Faded Yellow Rose, did you enjoy working together again?

Tokine: Actually? We both found ourselves falling back into our Kekkaishi characters at first. After all that time, too. Fortunately, we took a lot of time away from the set to run through scenes together.

Yoshimori: It wasn’t as if we hadn’t seen each other in five years since Kekkaishi. The main thing is that it is the first real work either of us had had in a while. Mostly it has been a few guest shots, bit parts, commercials. People identify you with one role, and it’s hard to change their minds. I hope this movie will prove that both of us are well rounded talents. You know Tokine sings in the film. She has a great voice. There’s an alternate career for you.

T: I love working with Yoshi, since he is a dear friend. I would love to work with him again. But there is the danger of becoming too closely identified with each other. We both need our independent careers.

Y: True. But then again, you take what work is offered to you.

T: Or you don’t work at all.

Q: Is there no concern on your part that a movie which includes a nude love scene between you two would hurt you with Kikkaishi fans?

T: First of all, Kikkaishi is in the past. Second, the movie is on an entirely different subject aimed at a different audience. Third, I think our audience is a bit more intelligent than that. As Yoshi said, we are proud of this film.

Y: Neither of us are our Kikkaishi characters. Nor are we the characters we play in Faded Yellow Rose. We are actors. Our job is to create characters. For different roles that requires different methods. Some out there may not understand that, but we can’t limit our career choices because of them. Some of the original Kikkaishi fans are now in the age group now that this film is aimed at, and I think they will appreciate it. The film is not all us taking off our clothes and jumping into bed anyway. Most of our scenes together, Tokine and I talk, play chess, walk in a garden. . . . What else?

T: There’s a great moment you read me poetry,

Y: The scenes where I go off to fight are very effective.

T: Yoshi does a great job showing the conflicts a useless war creates in his mind and he challenges the traditional concepts of honor. The first time I saw those scenes is when we were at the premier. I was breathless by the end. But you got hurt doing one of those battle scenes.

Y: They put red markers down where the explosives were. You can’t seen the markers on camera, but on the set you can. I got too close to one when it went off. It threw up a small rock that hit me behind the ear and drew blood. Nothing serious. I was patched up on the set. But it does show how dangerous our jobs can be at times.

Q: Getting into a much more serious subject, there has been much said and written about the drug problem in the anime industry. Have you had any contact with that?

Y: My first day on the Kekkaishi set, an assistant prop man came to me and offered anything I wanted.

T: Me too. Only I didn’t know what he meant at first. I asked for a diet soda. (Laughs) No, seriously!

Y: But we stayed away from that. Except for one time. . . .

T: Uh oh! Confession time!

Y: We were a bit curious, so I did buy a joint off him once. After the day’s shooting we went back to my dressing room and smoked it. Neither of us liked it. We never did it again.

T: I told Hiro about that, and he really got pissed.

Q: So what are your plans after you get back to Japan?

Y: I’m hoping for another job. Either a series or a movie. I have to see what my agent comes up with.

T: After the wedding, I’m thinking of taking a year and a half off. Hiro and I want to have a baby.

Q: Right after the wedding?

T: I’ve been with him since I was 12. That’s 10 years. The last year and a half, I’ve been living with him. So we have a long term relationship. We’ve both have money coming in. The time is perfect.

Q: Are you afraid that a year and a half out of the business would hurt you?

T: If it does, it does. I want to be a mom.

Y: And if later she tries to come back and needs a job, I’ll probably be a big mega-superstar by then.

T: Yoshi’s always looking out for me. He’s a dear.

Q: Any final words?

Y: Tell another Yoshi story. Tell the one about your 18th birthday party.

T: Oh, the disaster? (Laughs) That one was a trip! I had a swim party for my friends and I invited Yoshi. He was the youngest one there. So he arrives a bit late, goes into the house to change, then comes out looking so cute in his Speedo. All the other girls were all over him.

Y: Fighting over me. Literally. I thought they would come to blows. I was expecting someone to pull a gun.

T: One wanted to go swimming with him. One wanted to sit down to eat with him. One wanted to dance.

Y: They were beginning to grab and play tug-of-war with me.

T: Poor Yoshi.

Y: But Hiro came over to rescue me. He said, “Why not hang out with the guys for a while? Besides you haven’t danced with the birthday girl.”

T: Hiro’s my hero. But he got a lot of angry looks from those girls. None of the other guys had a chance. Yoshi had them all to himself.

Y: And I barely lived to tell about it. You’ve got the weirdest friends.

T: You’re my friend.

Y: Except for me.

T: (Laughs) See what I put up with? (Kisses Yoshimori on the cheek.) He’s so sweet. I want him as my bridesmaid.

Y: No thanks!

Q: Any last words to your fans?

Y: Keep watching Kekkaishi and buy the DVD. We love getting royalties. And go see our movie.

T: At least ten times!

This ends the interview. As a bonus, I will try to come back over the weekend and post more info on The Faded Yellow Rose, if anyone is interested.
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In case you are wondering about the movie mentioned in the interview:

Five years after starring together in Kekkaishi, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yumikura are together again in a new movie, The Faded Yellow Rose. The title comes from a song Tokine sings in the film. It is so different from Kekkaishi that many of the series fans will be rather surprised. What follows is a synopsis of the film’s story.

Set in late 1944, Tokine is a geisha working in one of the most prestigious establishments in Tokyo. She is very good at entertaining men of the elite class with her singing and hospitality skills. But her dream is to buy her way out of the geisha business and someday own a teahouse. To obtain this dream, she has become the mistress of one of Japan’s top generals, General Akama, based on his promise to help her achieve her dream.

With his wartime duties taking up more and more of his time, and with a jealous wife watching his moves, Akama finds it difficult to visit Tokine. He writes a letter explaining that he will be unable to visit her for a while, sending his driver, a young soldier played by Yoshimori, to deliver it. Tokine is already suspicious that Akama has only been using her for his pleasure and has no intention of helping her achieve her dream. In her mind, the letter Yoshimori delivers proves her suspicions. She writes a letter for Yoshimori to take back to the general detailing her suspicions and her feelings. Akama dismisses her letter. Giving Yoshimori some money, the general instructs him to go to the black market, and purchase coffee, soap and other items to take to Tokine as a gift.

When Yoshimori returns to the geisha house, he is allowed to go to Tokine’s room. No one answers when he knocks. Looking through the keyhole, he sees her laying unconscious on the floor. Yoshimori tries to break down the door. Others in the house come running. Eventually, the door gives way The room is full of gas. Tokine had stuffed towels under the door to be sure the gas could not be noticed by others. Yoshimori carries her out of his room.

When Tokine awakes in bed, Yoshimori is sitting beside her. He wanted to be sure she was alright. He tries to talk to Tokine, but she curtly cuts him off. She is angry that he interfered. The next day, Yoshimori receives a message from Tokine delivered by a young boy. The message asks him to return that night.

Tokine apologizes to Yoshimori for her behavior, and now thanks him for saving her life. In return, she offers to play hostess to him for a night, serving him tea, a good meal, saki and entertaining him with her music. Yoshimori feels uncomfortable with this sort of attention. He instead asks Tokine to share food and drink with him as a friend.

Tokine gives Yoshimori permission to visit her. When he is off duty, Yoshimori comes and spends time talking, going for walks, playing chess, and other ways to the two to pass time together. Eventually, they begin to fall in love, and Tokine takes Yoshimori to her bed. She shows Yoshimori the secrets to satisfying a woman. In her words, “I taught you how to make love, and you taught me how to be in love.” They even talk of ways to help Tokine achieve her dream after the war ends.

Akama has ordered the secret police to keep tabs on Tokine, and learns of her affair with Yoshimori. He has Yoshimori arrested, beaten and then transferred to a combat unit in the Pacific. Akama goes to visit Tokine, telling her he knows of her betrayal and that he has disposed of Yoshimori. Akama tells Tokine he will return to her in a few weeks after Yoshimori’s “stench” wears off.

Experiencing his first combat, Yoshimori quickly sees that the war is lost. He questions the reason for fighting. At one point, his commander assembles the troops telling them they have fought bravely and that any failure was his. A short time later, the commander shoots himself. Others are choosing suicide over defeat or capture. Yoshimori considers this cowardly, and would rather face defeat so he can go home and rebuild his life and country. He writes to Tokine knowing that his letters will not get through.

After almost two months, Akama returns to Tokine. Tokine rejects him for what he did to Yoshimori. In her anger, she tells Akama she is pregnant with Yoshimori’s child. In his anger, Akama pulls his short sword and rams it through Tokine. Falling to the floor, Tokine begs for a doctor to save her and her baby. Akama just watches her bleed to death. He then uses his authority to close down the geisha house, seize its records and dispose of Tokine’s body. Thus he covers up the crime.

Unaware of Tokine’s death, Yoshimori writes one more letter. He tells of his feelings for the war. He writes he intends to surrender to the Americans, and will be able to return some time after the war ends. He hopes once taken prisoner, his letter can get through to Tokine via the Red Cross.

But the new commander orders the soldiers into formation. He tells them to remove their bayonets from their rifles, and then to do the honorable thing and commit suicide rather than be defeated. Only Yoshimori refuses. Taking a white piece of cloth to use as a surrender flag, he breaks ranks and walks in the direction of the American lines. The commander orders him to return, but when he does not the commander takes out his pistol and fires one shot into Yoshimori’s back. Yoshimori briefly whispers Tokine’s name, then falls.

The movie ends with Yoshimori entering the next world. Tokine is waiting for him, nursing a baby. The final lines of the movie are when Tokine says, “Yoshimori, this is your son.”

A real heartbreaker, right?
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