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Red face Hell Girl Spinoffs!

I just finished re-watching Hell Girl on Xfinity On-Demand (for all you US customers of Comcast). I just began watching the second season, Hell Girl: Two Mirrors, on YouTube. It got me thinking on some possible spinoffs to the original series.

Pie Girl

A schoolgirl named Yoko is being bullied at school. She contacts Pie Girl via the internet –

Yoko: Who are you?

Ai: You summoned me. My name is Ai.

Yoko: Then you must be. . . .

Ai: This is for you. (Hands the girl a doll.) If you truly seek revenge, then untie the red thread. I will then hit your tormentor in the face with a pie. But then you must pay the price as well.

Yoko: The price?

Ai: There is always a price. I will also hit you in the face with a pie.

Yoko: As far as revenge goes, isn’t that a bit. . . . Well, lame?

Ai: We don’t think so.

Crank Phone Call Girl

Ai: My name is Ai. You summoned me.

Yoko: I did? Are you. . . .?

Ai: Take this doll. By untying the thread you will enter into a covenant with me. I will make a crank phone call to your tormentor. But then you will have to deliver on your end of the bargain. I will also make a crank phone call to you.

Yoko: Can I ask one question?

Ai: What is it?

Yoko: Do you know how I get in touch with Pie Girl?

Doorbell Ringing Girl

Yoko: Who’s there? Is somebody there?

Ai: My name is Ai. This is for you?

Yoko: A doll? What do I do with it?

Ai: If you truly want vengeance, pull the red thread. It will bind you into a covenant with me. I will visit the home of your tormentor, ring their doorbell and run. But then you must pay the price. I will ring your doorbell and run as well.

Yoko: That’s it? That’s your idea of revenge? At least leave a bag of dog poop and set it on fire so the person will stomp on it.

Ai: Oh, you want our deluxe service!

And the best for last!

Yoko: Who are you?

Ai: My name is Ai. You summoned me.

Yoko: You’re Porn Girl?

Ai: Take this doll. If you untie the red string, I will take a video of your tormentor doing the nasty. I will then post it on the internet. But when that is done, you must pay the price. You will also make a pornographic video for me to post. The choice is yours alone.

Yoko: What ever happened to sending them to hell?

Ai: We weren’t making any money doing that. This way we can charge anyone who wants to see the videos.
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