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MKA dubs are up there as one of the worst dubbing jobs in history.... I don't like dubs but when i do have to hear it, I'd like to at least be able to walk out of the room with my ear drums intact.
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I'd have to say that the scariest dub song I've ever heard would be "Only a Memory Away" from the Sailormoon dub. That was just plain wrong. I did, however, like "My Only Love" also from the Sailormoon dub. It was really sweet, and fit the scene quite well.
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Sadly, many of the English/American voice actors can't ACT either, to my dismay. Most of the voices tend to be a lot flatter-sounding than the original Japanese voices, and when they're not flat, they're either overacting and overblown or are just making the voice as obnoxious and annoying as possible to the detriment of my poor, oversensitive ears.
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