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Kana Imouto (Little Sister)

I just got this game about a week ago. I've been seeing it for years at various Anime Cons at dealer tables, but have always passed it by because it's technically an H game. I don't really go for that type of game, not that I'm a prude or anything, I'm just too lazy to actually work for H images

I forget what I was originally searching for when I came across a blurb about Kana and what a wonderful story it has, so I decided to give it a shot. It's hard to explain this game, but it seems like my life is now divided into the time before Kana, and the time after Kana. I'm not a very emotional guy, and I've prided myself on my twisted sense of humor and ability to make a joke about absolutely anything, no matter how taboo the subject is.. however, as far as this game goes, my humor is at a loss. The story and characters are so perfect. It was decribed by one reviewer on another board as "If you condem this game, you have no soul", or something to that effect. The actual H content is VERY limited to a few scenes, and add or subtract nothing from the story. This game could very easily be made into a "PG" rating game and keep the story intact. Even if you are offended by H images, I still urge you to play this game and deal with it. I would love to see a "normal" verson of it released. Panther Software made a G or PG version for the Xbox, but never released it. The music is also some of the best I have ever heard in any game or Anime. I just got my "Kana Okaeri Complete Music" CD and I can't stop playing it. I would also love to see this story get made into a 13 episode Anime mini-series. All I can say is.. Get it, play it, and see if you are the same afterward. It has 6 endings, I've unlocked 4 so far, and each has a different feel, and all are very powerful.

Anyone else out there a fan of this game?
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