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Hellboy/Silent Mobius

Two of my all time favorite horror comics. I have a sequel with katsumi's tale in the USA.
Hellboy/Silent Mobius

It was my first time to Japan since that haunted samurai armor case back in 1989. As part of an international exchange program involving paranormal investigation agencies, I was sent to Japan to work with their Attacked Mystification Police while their agent, one Katsumi Liquor, was sent to the states to investigate a case with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

My name, in case you are unfamiliar with me, is Hellboy. I was found in a church in the year 1944 and I have seen weird stuff all over the globe as an investigator for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. I have a stone gauntlet for my right hand, I'm tall, big, red and in several of my cases, I have come across evidence that I may be the Beast of the Apocalypse. Of course, I think that the whole Beast of the Apocalypse thing is all a load of crap and I have just brushed it off living my life the way I want to.

I got to the AMP headquarters and met the department head, Rally Cheyenne. Nice lady, she introduced me to Katusmi's fellow officers; her field commander, Mana Isozaki; Yuki Saiko, a young psychic; Lieba Maverick, some kind of psychic tech expert; Kiddy Phenil, a cyborg; and Nami Yamagumo, a preistess with some training in sorcery. I found it kind of odd that they were all women but I don't think that any of them had seen anyone like me before so that evened things out.

The exchange program worked so that the officer that was exchanged would work on one case to aid the agency in question and then get to go back to their home agency. I got stuck working a case that was probably not my most glamorous case ever (though that one with the Dragon where we escaped out the rear end of the monster wasn't too pretty either) but it was one of the more interesting ones.

It all involved Lucifer Hawks, these demons that for some odd reason want to take over this dimension. The AMP had been for months tracking one down that they were having trouble trying to get sent back to its home dimension. It seems that I was brought over for my knowledge about demons and my ability to withstand large amounts of pain.

I told Superintendent Cheyenne that I only needed one partner and that was the way I usually operated in my cases. Since as part of this exchange program the agency that is hosting me has to be as accommodating as possible, Cheyenne complied and gave me that psychic kid named Yuki Saiko I talked about earlier. She was a nice person and even let me stay with her rent free for my stay in Tokyo.

The case started the day after I was debriefed on what my assignment was. Saiko and I searched the area that the Hawk usually haunted first as a precaution. Saiko's abilities allowed her to detect the demons but that day had no luck until we came across your usual back alley that no other sane person would go down into for any good reason. All the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end and that was never a good sign. Yuki told me she was getting strong psychic vibrations coming from the alley and though that a Lucifer Hawk was in the area. I told I though the same thing.

As soon as that happened, some disgusting mutant thing came out of nowhere. IT looked a 1950's sci-fi reject but Yuki was getting serious. I asked her of that was a Lucifer Hawk and she responded that it was, so I took out my gun, the big gun that the Torch of Liberty gave me in the 1950s and shot the heck out of it. That didn't do much to the Hawk. I was ready to go punch the crap out of it when it started to talk to the two of us.

"Ah Beast of the Apocalypse, you have shown yourself at last! I will bring you home with me so that my master will be able to use your power to finally eradicate this measly planet and the life that is on it. With your power, I could even-". The creature never finished its sentence because I began to beat the snot out of it with my stone hand. Yuki looked at me with horror, I guess she never saw this kind of violence before on her previous cases. I pounded away at that thing like there was no tomorrow. Of course with my luck this attack did nothing to the creature and only made it madder.

"Beast, You choose to defy me!" the creature yelled at me.

"Hell, yeah ugly!" I yelled back as I kept pounding away.

"Since you choose to defy me, I choose to consume you! it yelled at me. At the time I had no idea what it was saying or meant but in the next few moments I learned pretty quickly. It seems that the thing was trying to absorb me into its own being and doing so to great effect. It was getting kind of gross for a minute but then Yuki whipped out those psychic powers of hers and made the thing explode. We were covered in Hawk goo for the next few minutes before the AMP's cleanup crew arrived to get samples and make sure the hawk was dead.

When I got back to their Headquarters, I had to file a report explaining what happened. I told them that I thought the thing blew up a little too easily. Commander Cheyenne told me that this sort of thing happened all the time. Knowing my luck I thought that I might be right, and it turns out I was. The Lucifer Hawk apparently used the opportunity to get himself into the AMP base. This is when I got to see those AMP girls in action and man were they efficient. They were able to subdue the monster pretty quickly and without much fuss. I might also add that their use of psychic abilities and sorcery was also impressive.

After the monster was finally destroyed, I filed my final report. With evidence of the last encounter and evidence from previous case, it seems that the Lucifer Hawk I had encountered was not after me. Instead it took advantage of both Yuki's and my relative inexperience with the creatures. When I mentioned the aspect of it being after me due to my status as Beast of the Apocalypse, Commander Cheyenne brushed it aside. With the case done and nothing else left to do, I bid the lovely ladies of the AMP farewell and went back to New England. Apparently there is a case waiting for me that involves a serial killer werewolf and a cannibal dwarf. Just my luck, I get stuck with the easy cases.

The End

If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
- Tom Spurgeon (writer for the comics journal), on whether or not Mike Mignola's Hellboy is high art
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