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Rudy Roughnight
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A lost love

I sit in this room. Looking at the picture of the love of my life.
I cry that she's not here
I cry because of my cowardace.
If only I can tell her
That I'll mend things and tell the forbidden
That I"ll risk my own life to tell the ones that I fear

I cry, begging to myself for her to come back..
Knowing my mistakes. I willl repair the strings of our love.
I know if I don't, I'll be lost forever..
I leave this room..going to the forbidden. Telling the truth..
Knowing that I can't hide my love forever..I pray.pray she'll come back..
Yet I fear when they find out..they'll destroy my love..a fear that I never told the forbidden...
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Junko Saotome
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That was a very nice poem.
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*applause* very good!!
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