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Cluster episode 4

Last time on cluster, the man introduced himself as being Magnus, one of the four cluster lizards left in the universe, and told the two resistace fighters that the company they were fighting was just a front for something much more sinister.
After a narrow escape from the safehouse when they were attacked, they were stopped on the last stretch, and 12 rockets were fired their way

So is this the end,or is it only the beginning, find out on:
CLUSTER episode 4rained/This is an emergency


The 12 "rocket cops" put their launchers down, and waited for the smoke to clear.the chief's face was triumphant as the smoke was clearing and revealing something..

Everone gasped as the outline of a jeep came more focused, there were two people inside it, and one out the front,Hunched slightly, with his arms in a x, hands touching shoulders.The figure raised his head, and yelled angrily.


Magnus pulled his arm back, and threw forward a fireball, hiting one of the cops in the stomach, and killing him.

the chief was shouting rapidly for the men to reload, but Magnus was picking them off one by one with enegy-draining fireballs.Finally one managed to get a shot off, and watched as the rocket exploded right in front of Magnus, harmlessly.

In the jeep, Kelly and GReg were yelling at Magnus to stop, but he just kept going, until there was only the chief left, hiding himself behind a car. "Chief, YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT WHEN FIGHTING A CLUSTER LIZARD" then the chief felt a surge of energy pushing the car with a lot of force, he looked ahead and saw another car coming too fast.
Magnus had one moment to admire his handiwork,before he doubled over in pain, Immeadiately, Kelly and greg rushed to his side.
"Magnus, you're drained aren't you?"Kelly asked, but Magnus wasn't talking, for he was unconcious, bordering on comatose, and slipping farther away.
Greg looked at kelly"Listen kel, we can't stay here, Brahms is only a little drive, they have hospital equipment."Kelly nodded, then the both loaded Magnus into the jeep, surprised by how light he was, and left for Brahms.
THe resistance runned Brahms, as a sentry and ambush point for the main HQ, and they were having a lazy day, whent hey noticed a jeep riding up fast.THey tried to go through the formal ID process, but they were babbling too much about forces headed this way to be spies or anything but resistance, so they were let through.

In the main road through the town, Kelly and Greg were met by the forces leader in the town, Seargent Don Mack,Mack tried to calm them down a little and it worked, then asked them what was going on.

"THis man needs urgent medical treatment, he has a condition known as draining, we need to hook him up to some life support quickly" both the fighter were talking at the same time,so that was all that was made out, but it was enough.they were led to the hospital.
Kelly, watched over the comatose Magnus, hoping that he would come back to the plain of existance, she whispered.
"I don't know about everyone else, but I know that you are our last hope, and that you must not be allowed to die.So fight for me, lizard, fight hard."
Greg ran into the room, and Kelly tried hard to conceal her tears.
"c'mon Kel, the forces are here, let's set up the ambush"
After a little while of planning, they were all in their positions, Kelly and the seargent were behind a car hulk, Greg was in some rubble with the normal infantry, and Magnus, Magnus had started to show some signs.

/Why did i do that? It was dumb and i deserve this because of it/

THe signs returned to normal, as the comatose state returned.
The scouts had started to pick up the first troops coming into the city, and everyone took a breath.

everyone was thinking /this is it./ as the first forces of the army started to pile into the streets.

Don lept up with Kelly, and together they shouted "FIRE!!"

/this is it/

Narrator: wow,looks like Magnus overdid it, will he recover in time to help with the fight, or not recover at all.It's all in the next episode

CLUSTER episode 5: the ambush/Fight back, Magnus Coming soon!!
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