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On the last episode of cluster, Magnus became severly drained, having been forced to use fireball too many times, getting him to a nearby resistance village, they hooked him up to support machines, but it was up to him to pull through. Now the resistance is ready for the army forces, but with no lizard, it's gonna be one hell of a fight.

CLUSTER episode 5: Ambush/Fight back Magnus

The first troops wandered nervously into the main road of the village, and pointed their gun at anything that looked threataning, they had heard about the man who cleaved through shock troops like the were nothing, and they didn't want to be caught out.

That's why they didn't notice the ambush.

Suddenly 4 fighters had jumped out of a side wall, and pumped bullets in their heads.
"Okay this is it people"Don yelled"Show em what we're made of!" as the rest of the army marched into the village,
Resistance fighters jumped up from everywhere, and the bullets flew as wildly as the blood, as troops and fighters alike fell to the ground, incapacitated or dead, this fight was going to last.
In his hospital bed, Magnus had begun to push up his life signs a tiny bit, but they were slipping back just as much.
/I.......sense figh....fighting/
He used a tiny astral projection, just to see what was happening, and returned to his bed.
/it we're winning/
"Get to the side wall, Kel" Greg was yelling from his window lookout, taking time to stop and put a sniper round into an advancing troop. Kelly jumped from the car with Donald and took cover, reloading and firing once more, taking a guy in the throat.
she said " i just hope our bullets last enough for all of them"
Don said nothing, just gritted his teeth and blasted away.
Magnus was sensing the fighting that was going on, but it was taking more of a toll on him, so he stopped for awhile,clearing his mind.
/wait a minute, it looks like the troops are faling back/

On the ground, the troop commander was talking into a headset while looking over the battle.
"what's that? F-Fall back, sir we just need some more time to flush them out."
A strange voice spoke back. "You've had your chance, just let me get into the village, then by all means continue"
"of course, Ayla"
Greg yelled out, excited "They're falling back, we've beaten them, HUZZAH!"Taking potshots at the last stragglers, everybody began to cheer, Kelly looked excited.She'd done it, she'd finally helped in striking a blow for the resistance.Don gave her a pat on the back. "We're all proud of ya, Kelly.yOU aLL DID A GREAT JOB!"

They all started walking out as the troops receded, giving each other handshakes, Kelly had taken off her combat helmet and let her long brown hair flow out,Greg had come down from the sniper window, and everybody was talking,it looked like they'd finally pushed the army back.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/WHAT?? NO, that can't be/
Magnus was concentrating with whatever he could muster,just to look 50ft ahead of him, which could be done in nothing flat to a lizard.
He swept past the troops and the carriers retreating, to a place where they stopped, and parted, to let a prson through, let a man through.One man.
Magnus took a closer look at him, apart from the hair beng blonde to his black, and being slightly taller, thaat man had the aura.THe aura that identified him as..
/AYLA! MY BROTHER!! I knew he was close./
but this had drained Magnus even more, as his life signs went weaker.
Kelly was excitedly talking to people, when she noticed someone off in the distance,looking through Binoculars, she saw a man with blonde hair, wearing a black robe, hood down.
/I sense...something strange about him/
Slowly, she edged back into cover, Greg must have saw it too, because he went back behind a side wall, pulling Don with him
/That can't be/
THrough the wall they heard the other fighters cocking weapons and shouting, then Kelly and Greg both gritted their teeth as they saw 4 brave fighter flying into a burnt out Buick.
/It is, one of Magnus's brothers/
/Pitiful insects, but they're good for being merged i guess/
Ayla walked down a seemingly deserted main street, knowing that it would be an ambush, but he didn't care, there was nothing they could do to him, only Magnus could do something.

/Brother, you are weak, I will wait, until you are stronger, i know you wouldn't want to miss this chance for me/

Walking forward, 2 insignificant creatures jumped at him, he calmly ground them into a wall.
The Troops had come back into the city, and this time there was no ambush, everyone was in one place and fighting for their lives, Greg had dropped his snipey, and pulled a Desert eagle out of his pants. Kelly had no time to retrieve her helmet so she was back to her long haired self.

/We need more ammunition, we can't do this without more ammo, not now/
Kelly watched while the Lizard walked into a building, surprisingly it wasn't Magnus's "hospital"
"Don what's that building over there?"
Mack looked to where she gestured and yelled "That's a Church!"
/A church? what the hell?/
In Magnus's room, all hope was going away, as the life signs were getting too weak.
/No...I have new

the life signs became a little stronger
/Must fight.....Brother/
Magnus started twitching.
The machines and equipment started to shake

The whole building shook, as the machines were crushed up against the wall by a strong psychic blast, after all the sparks had died down, there was a hole in the wall, and Magnus was back on his feet.
/It's time, Brother/

Narrator: WOAH! Magnus is back on his feet, and it's not over yet, but is he strong enough to fight his brother Ayla, i mean, he can't even use fireball properly yet, you'll just have to find out next time in
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nice work, man. keeps getting better ^_^
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