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Cool Mouse - The Second Viewing

Iíve just finished re-watching Mouse. Did I get any insight to the series that I missed the first time around? No. Mouse is not that type of anime. It isnít very deep, just fun to watch.

Sorata is a young high school art teacher, who always seems to be at odds with Mei, Hazuki and Yayoi, three slightly older members of the faculty. But Sorata is also the master thief Mouse, and Mei, Hazuki and Yayoi are his every willing assistants who are willing to do anything to make their master happy. Thereís also one of Sorataís students who has the hots for him.

There is also a character, one of the students, who looks like the older sister from Lain. And in the final episode, there is a character who looks somewhat like Bleachís Orihime.

The series consists of twelve 15 minute episodes, but has more action, comedy, fan service and sex than most other seriesí 30 minute episodes. There is even a deadly arch enemy who shows up around episode 8. I do have one warning: This is not one for children.

I would like to see this series expanded, with maybe 12-13 half hour episodes, or maybe a movie. Thereís not much to think about with this one. Itís just a fun series to watch.
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