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Question Plothole questions {spoilers!}

Kirika killed Mirielle's parents. How? By my estimate, Mirielle is about 24-25. She looked about 8 in the flashbacks. This means that her parents were killed about 16 years ago. Kirika is about 15-16. She either could not have been born when Mirielle's parents died, or was an infant.

Now if you say that Mirielle was about 18, then the math works out. But I get the impression that she is more than just 3 years older than Kirika. Mirielle is certainly more worldly. She had to have more of life's experience than an 18-year-old.

And speaking of Kirika, she must have been about 5 when she killed Mirielle's parents. How could a 5-year-old fire a gun like that and not get knocked over? She's just a little girl. It's not like in Gunslinger Girl where the girls are part cyborg.

When Chloe shoots Kirika, Kirika falls and at first seems dead. Why no wound? That whole sequence made no sense. Don't tell me she missed and Kirika only thought she was shot. That makes even less sense.

Any comments?
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