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GXP questions

I've watched almost all of GXP except for the last DVD. There's a few things I was wondering though:

a) Does Irma actually exist or was she always Ryoko in disguise?

b) How does Kiriko manage to be both a GXP officer and a resident of Earth? By the looks of it, she half raised Seina which suggests she'd have to be on Earth quite a bit while he was growing up.

c) For that matter, how does she beat Seina to the academy? She's still on Earth when he's en route. Admittedly they get held up because of the pirates etc. but it seems very odd that she got there ahead of them.

d) Is it just me or is Kiriko contradicting her own advice. She tells Seina that having the body enhancement applied to him means he'll never be able to live full time on Earth again. Surely she had the body enhancement done herself, but she lived on Earth without problems.

e) Anyone know why the Tenchi regulars (Tenchi, Washu etc.) didn't have their regular voice actors for the English dub? I know it was really only one episode, but the change is kind of jarring.

f) Given that he's met the original Ryoko, why doesn't he even blink when he's told that Ryoko Balta is named after her? Even if he doesn't click there and then, what about when he's told who the Ryoko on Earth really is?
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Surprised no one responded to this post... but here goes.

A) Irma doesn't exist.... she's ryoko's seemingly other form as Ryoko seems to change into her from time to time.... un knowingly.

B) Well the academy is only seemingly ONE year so who knows. Plus Kiriko's related to the misaki family so she's got some royal connections so... you do the math. Plus it doesn't really say where seina goes to school... you only really see Kiriko with him when he's young.

That said, it is a bit odd.

C) Is there the whole space time thing in the jurai ships?

D) yes - she is. But, really she just didn't want seina to go into the GXP so she was probably trying to say anything she could to convince him from doing it.

E) I don't watch dubs so can't help you hear.

That said, I would generally say the tenchi series outside of the OAV's aren't really worth questioning that hard. Just watch them and enjoy them for what they are.
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