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Binary watch......

Looking for a present for your computer geek friend? Or, do you want something to use as a conversation starter with girls (not recommended)?

Then, maybe the binary watch is for you!

Just imagining trying to work out the time makes my head hurt..........
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Just in case.
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Hmm.., I really do have a headache now....,
And yet more bollocks..,

"Touch not the pussy without a glove" - McPhearson clan motto ala IAL :P
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Yes! The moment I have been waiting for my entire life. No longer will I have to wonder what time it is, no longer will I be late, because now I have the binary watch! A regular watch only it costs more and is near impossible to read! Think of the practicality!
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that is without doubt the most stupidet thing i've heard all morning...
"There's a molester in our bathroom!"-Ramna 1/2

"There's a molester in your bathroom"-Oh my Goddess

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HEY! God speaks in binary, according to Futurama.


...yeah, that is stupid.
Well, what can I say.
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I would have brought one if it came in Red.
When if doubt, stop and think... "What would Warney do?"
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Originally posted by The cruel angel's thesis
HEY! God speaks in binary
No I don't.

Originally posted by The cruel angel's thesis
, according to Futurama.
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Originally posted by Palchan
No I don't.
Yeah.. he said that God speaks in binary, not Palchan
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