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Oh I think I may have found a song for Gill

Since I noticed at the beginning that he is a bit of a womanizer, I thought this song would suit him nicely.

"Hard To Handle" - Black Crowes

Baby here I am
I'm the man on the scene
I can give you what you want
But you gotta' come home with me

I have got some good old lovin'
And I got some more in store
When I get through throwin' it on
You gotta' come back for more


Boys and things that come by the
That ain't nothin' but drugstore
Pretty little thing let me light your
'Cause mama I'm so hard to handle now
Yes I am

Action speaks louder than words
And I'm a man of great experience
I know you've got another man
But I can love you better than him

Take my hand don't be afraid
I'm gonna prove every word I say
I'm advertising love for free
So you can place your ad with me


Boys come along a dime by the dozen
That ain't nothing but ten cent
Pretty little thing let me light your
'Cause mama I'm so hard to handle now
Yes I am

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 1)
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i'd say Naal would definitely have atleast two different theme songs... though preferably, a few shorter ones because of her contrasting natures.

for her lighter and more commonly exposed side, i'd choose to share "Gentle Drill" as Naal's more usual theme, "Borg" as Naal's tinkering with her mechanic nature theme, and "Basic Schedule" would certainly be Naal's mischevious theme. all these three are composed by Kuniaki Haishima.

though it definitely doesn't stop there... Naal is also very interested in moving forward and finding her place in life. she's very interested in learning and growing and reaching out to others... and more importantly, establishing how she wants to live and with whom she wants to expand and build with. she also has had an intense past during her life on Pluto.

Naal's more touching theme for positively moving forward would be "Wisdom of the World" by Catherine Warwick. her more touching theme for her past life on Pluto would be "Moon" by Yoko Kanno, vocals by Gabriela Robin.

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And I thought Naal more the "Purple People Eater" type.
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Since I'm rather braindead and such, Karin is too much of a wet blanket to get a song, I got a song for this session.

The Special with Ghost Town always make me think of Europa. It might have a lot to do with the impression I got of Europa and the history behind the song being written during the highly cold and unemployed Tatcher-era. And it got winterwind sound effects, top notch.
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