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Closure would be nice

There’s been scattered interest in attempting to finish this session. Should we? Are we even close enough to a point where we could finish “quickly”?
:3 moo.

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I'll go with the majority >_>

Honestly I don't really have any attachment to this RPG anymore, but whaaaatevah
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I think that we should try and continue. I hate when people (myself included) quit in the middle of something. If you want out, then wait until the "episode" is over.
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No, gang. Let's keep the spirit alive! Sure, none of you have been back here in years, but I hold out hope that we can continue. And we can prevail. For I come from four years in the future. And in the future, humanity gets jiggy wit' it.
"It has testicles, you know."
"It could scarcely do without them."
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