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Mars, Austens shop

The man clad in black crouched behind one of the aisles, carefully slipping a full clip into his back up pistol... Just in case.
Suddenly a swarm of footsteps could be heard from the back entrance, and the man used this distraction to his advantage.
With surpising agility he lunged forward, letting almost a full round off before he came to an abrupt stop before another aisle, several feet closer to where his 'target' was hiding.
The commotion from behind suddenly ceased, and after a moment of silence than man in black shouted out, letting his words ring throughout the stores rubbles.

"I have backup Austen... Where the hell are you storing 'it'...?"

*this was a mistake*
The sound of guns cocking could be heard from either side of the room.
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Josef's shop, Odessa, Orbitting Mars

"Nice." Josef said with a hint of sarcasm.
"Well, y'know what to do. Make yourself at home."
Popping his knuckles, "Ok, time to get started."

Pulling the Ganymede hover-bike into his garage, placing it beside a few old thrusters, dry rot wiring, and beat up landing tires. Getting a good look at this hunk of junk, Josef give it a little tap with his foot, the seat and siding that housed the main thruster and fuel cell fall right off. Strapping down the bike with chains that hooked to metal hoops weilded to the garage floor. Sweezing the handle and giving it a little gas to start it up. It was nothing more than a cough and weeze, and huge cloud of black smoke filled part of the garage. "Cough, ack... Man, this is one of the worse jobs I've seen. It needs a total refit and a new main thruster. Got to go see if I have something similiar in the warehouse."

Josef fanning the smoke away as best he could went to the intercom on the wall and relayed it to the large live in area. "Hey, Griff. Meet me at the causeway between the garage and the bridge. You may need to carry some stuff!"
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Griff nodded towards Josefs back as he revealed a wrinkled cigarette from his jackets pocket.
"What a peice of junk..."
He murmed inbetween the small white rod in his lips, glancing over at Deirdres 'bike'.

Josefs shop was ripe with spare parts and random bits of technology lying all about. Griff couldnt help but think of the possible upgrades could be made to the Exodus with the mechanics tools, and as he passed each spare peice he took mental note of their positions.

Griff slowly stepped onto the thick metallic causeway, leading towards the garage area. He looked back and forth making sure that Josef was busy attending to the spare parts, and after a moment revealed a small hand held calculator from his pocket. Griff started punching in digits, calculating how many woolongs it would cost him to fully upgrade the Exodus, yet after all the math was done, Griff reached the universal amount that he had been fearing: Too Much
The mechanic grinned sheepishly to himself, lpoking a head into the garage area.
"Need some help there?"
He said, closing one eye.

*So its all too expensive... I can always find alternative means of acquiring them.*
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Joint between Fairy, Eva, Zepp and Ches.

“You contradict yourself.” Robert replied to Karin’s outburst, rolling his eyes subtly. Women.

Karin glared back, moving a stray strand of hair behind her ear and gave out a little huff. “I am not. I feel sorry for them. They have got better things to do than to be ogled by you…” She fixed Gill, who was smiling to himself, with the same glare. “ you two!”

A man with black back slicked hair and a thin moustache, obviously from Japanese origin, approached the table. His grey suit gave him away as being the proprietor of the establishment and Gill snapped out of his smile as he noticed the man by his side.

“Konnichiwa Kenji-san!” Gill said with a terrible accent and motioned to one of the seats as Robert scooped over to give room for the new arrival.

“Mr Glass, how can I service you?” The grey suit spoke with a heavy Japanese accent as he sat down, pulling the back of his jacket up slightly to prevent it from being too creased.

“I would like you to meet me new associates. Ms Lordes.” Karin looked up at Kenji, raising her hand in a small hello before returning to pout at the wall. “ And Mr Morrow.” Robert gave the Japanese man a small nod.

Kenji looked the two up and down before turning his attention to Gill, who obviously was after more information, otherwise he wouldn’t have called for him.

With a stale smile at the two’s greetings Gill folded his hand upon the tabletop and leaned forward. “Well anyway. We are interested on the state of affairs on Europa. Particularly anything regarding the black market.” He raised his eyebrow in a questioning manner at the end of the sentence.

Not believing how forward Gill was, Robert shook his head. “So abrupt?”

Breaking out in loud rumbling laughter, Kenji wiped an imaginary tear away from his eye. “Funny you should bring up…” His face suddenly took on a serious look and he too leaned forward, to make sure that only those who this conversation was intended for could hear. “I have words…but they don’t come free.”

First she hadn’t believed what she had heard and had put it down to the heavy accent, but Karin realised shortly that Kenji was after a payment for his information. Her reply was a heavy sigh and a roll with her eyes. “Why am I not surprised?”

Robert seemed to agree with her as he spoke up. “I pay for lunch, not for words.”

“You no like my business? Then you leave…” Kenji said it like an order, directed at Karin. She pursed her lips together and pulled back into her seat.

“Kenji, my friend. Don’t take these pups too seriously.” Gill broke out into a jolly laughter and patted the Japanese mans hand, to ensure that he was convinced not to listen to their little out bursts. “Robert, the station is picking up the meal, so don’t worry about it.”

“Bribes are illegal.” Karin had to think for a while for that come back to throw back at Kenji. And with almost a victorious smile she said “And I don’t have my purse on me,”

“Loopholes…loopholes…” Roberts whispered to her as he fumbled with some notes from his seemingly empty wallet.

With a smile Kenji leaned back, ignoring the other two. “Rookie I see. You will learn eventually.”

Gill emptied out his wallet on the table, counting the crumpled notes and putting the little coins in little neat piles. “Will this be enough Kenji?”

The Japanese gentleman raised an arm up on the table and quickly scooped the money up, before anyone else in the restaurant would notice it. “For you Mr Glass…this will be fine.”

Breathing a small of relief Gill glared at Karin, who had yet again shoved her bottom lip out and was frowning at Kenji, though the Japanese gentleman seemed not to notice, or he was just no longer paying her any attention.

Robert leaned over and whispered to his superior “You owe me. Big time.” Which was replied with a small kick under the table from Gill’s side.

He leaned backwards again, brought up a small pipe and chewed at the wooden end, looking like he was lost in thought. “Information travel quickly. But Black Market ops are no limited to Europa.” He stopped chewing and pointed the bitten end at Gill. “Word is start on Mars with illegal shipment of weapons to Europa...”

Gill, who had had years experience with getting information from Kenji, followed quickly in the conversation, whilst Robert and Karin had to listen more carefully and think over the things that were said. Gill nodded and raised two fingers to his chin, letting them glide over softly. “Really? Now that is quite interesting.”

“What type of weapons? Mass destruction or normal guns?” Robert finally said as he had gone over the said sentences in his head.

“And this is not a small time operation either, is it?” Karin brought up a small pad and pen, putting the tip in her mouth before starting to jot down the information to hand.

Gill raised an eyebrow at the two, they had surprised him with their questions. Maybe they hadn’t been as dense as he had expected them to be.

“The gangs in Europa is going through civil war. Weapons were to tip the scale, eliminate one clan. Only resolution…” Kenji spoke much lighter now, his eyes flickered between the three, who seemed to lean in closer with every syllable. “The shipment was ‘lost’. Your ISSP intercept, but still has not been found. Corrupt force you have, eh?”

Though the words were the truth, it was odd to hear them being spoken by someone else that was not too familiar with the force and Gill looked sheepishly at his ‘partners’.

Robert leaned back, he too seemed to be uncomfortable with the obvious truth. “I see.” But he shrugged it off as quickly as it got there. “I’ve seen worse done by us.”

The only one who seemed to refuse to believe those words were Karin, who pressed down her palms on the table. She almost stood up to corner Kenji, for those slandering words, but sat down quickly again. “We are so not!”

Kenji pointed accusingly at Gill with his pipe, as his shoulder rolled with laughter again. “Send you to Europa to clean up mess…”

“Never mind that…any names associated with this situation?” Gill raised his hand up in a small futile resistance to those words.

“Ah tough, you ask much of me…” Kenji first looked down at the table, but then raised his gaze so that he could barely look past the humps of his eyebrows.

Karin was going through the directives, more to herself than anyone else. The ISSP was not like that, not in her mind. “We are here to uphold the law, every branch in the different colonies holds the thread to truth. We see to that justice is carried out. We are the ear and eyes of the law.”

Upon hearing her mumbling Kenji raised his eyebrow in a mock full manner. “Then, mind Europa you wont…”

He turned back to Gill. “I will give you one last piece though…When you reach Europe, look out for this codename.” He scribbled something on a napkin and slid it over, writing face down, across the table. “He will find you.”

Gill took the paper and read the name ‘Dylan’. As he finished he passed it over to Karin, who jotted the name down on her pad before passing it to Robert. “Can’t have too much paperwork.”

“You have been most helpful Kenji, thank you.” Gill rose to his feet at the same time as his friend. With their backs turned from Karin and Robert, Gill pulled out a small envelope from his inner pocket and passed it discreetly over.

“Aaah thank to you Mr Glass…now if you excuse me?” Kenji turned again to Karin and Robert, giving them both a small nod and he received their gratitude back.

As Kenji walked away from them Gill raised his hand and gave him a small two-fingered salute, before he continued with his badly accented Japanese. “Sayonara."

As Gill sat down again at the table Robert passed the little napkin back to him and Gill absentmindedly stuffed it in his inner coat pocket. “Now for the meal.” He picked up the menu again and mused through it. “I think I’ll go with the tempura.”

Looking up from his menu Robert smiled widely at finally getting some food. “I am hungry. Anything will suit me.”

Hunger seemed to have set in on Karin as she picked up the menu, clanched over it quickly before putting it down again. “Fine. I’ll have…soup.”

“Waitress!” Gill raised his hand and gave it a couple of clicks to attract the attention of that fine creature that served them before.
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“Those bastards are going to pay,” he heard the woman practically snarl.

“Eh?” Ace looked back to see her staring angrily at her ruined cigar. “I hate to distract you from your obviously pressing concerns there, but I don’t suppose you can tell me what the ---- is going on here?!” He slipped his gun out, clicking the safety off, and quickly double checking that he had a fresh magazine loaded before returning it to his shoulder holster under his coat. “I’d heard about the problems with the gangs on Europa,” he continued as he did a similar check on the smaller pistol he also carried, “but I didn’t think the conflict was this bad.” He risked a look around the edge of the wall, pulling back as another mob of people surged past.

Damn, I should have brought more ammo with me, and I still gotta grab my stuff outta storage and find out when the targets are arriving.

“You don’t happen to know how long these little impromptu street parties carry on either, do you? I’ve got people to see and things to do…”
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“I hate to distract you from your obviously pressing concerns there, but I don’t suppose you can tell me what the ---- is going on here?!” Ace asked Lola as he drew his gun. “You don’t happen to know how long these little impromptu street parties carry on either, do you? I’ve got people to see and things to do…”

Lola shrugged. "Not sure. I've been here for a couple of weeks. But this sort of thing happened a lot back in my neighbourhood on Mars." she related as she poked at some smoldering debris with a switchblade she had drawn from her pocket. "Of course, the Synidicate usually did things with a little more style. And they were usually more successful too." she said as she motioned to the half burned bar with the knife.

I wonder if this was intended to be a hit, Lola thought. Better yet, I wonder if they were after me. It all seemed a little too messy to be a professional job though. Perhaps it was some sort of terrorist attack or a battle between rival gangs as Ace had suggested. Either way, Lola didn't see any real reason for her to get involved. There didn't appear to be any money to be had.

However, Lola's curiousity had been perked by the events and she decided to go exploring. Her alcohol buzz was gone and it needed to be replaced by soem adventure. Maybe I can at least find a good fight and save this night of excitement from going down the shitter, Lola mused.

As she started to walk out to the street, she turned and called back to Ace. "You coming? Forget your other plans. I have a feeling that there are more stimulating things about to happen tonight."
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“Coming? What? You’re not seriously going out there?” he called out to the woman as she walked towards the street. “Aw man, you are, aren’t you? Well, I wanted adventure and excitement,” he laughed nervously, stashing his weapons away and trailing behind Lola, “so I really shouldn’t complain, buuut I can’t just forget my other plans. No job means no money, and no money means no food, and…hey!”

He rambled on until he realized the young woman had hurried ahead of him, and he quickened his pace to catch up. The street was in near chaos, people running around, many wounded and staggering about in a daze, smoke pouring from numerous stores, and plate glass windows shattered. A group of young street punks, unfortunately, reached her at the same time, metal pipes, long pieces of wood, knives, and other hastily acquired weapons in their hands. Apparently, Lola wasn’t the only one around looking for a good fight.


Ace continued to mutter a string of explicatives as he looked around for a suitable weapon, preferably something that wouldn’t require him actually getting in close combat. Unfortunately, the best candidate was a 2 foot piece of splintered and rotting wood that crumbled when he picked it up.

“Okaaay.” He dusted off his hands and edged closer to Lola as the street thugs circled them, grinning maliciously.“So you’re from Mars too," the redheaded man continued to make idle conversation. "I really hope you know what you’re doing by the way.
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((OOC: Zepp, I've decided to go with B2 and a twist on A2, if you remember what those mean. Check the PM I last sent you.))

The air was alive with the sounds of metallic crickets.

"It?! What the hell are you talking about?"

The footsteps took on a more cautious note after the man had yelled out, but did not stop. It was hard to tell how many people there were, but there was more than one. Austen ducked to check a closed-circuit TV monitor, but found it strangely showing only static. Shouldn't have been affected by the drama in here...Austen wiped bloody sweat from his brow.

"You're only making this harder on yourself, Heller. The shipment. Where is it!"

Understanding dawned. Holy ----, THAT's what he means. He must have been left out of the loop. Austen laughed heartily, the shotgun fully loaded and cocked. He wished his stereo was still playing. He felt better. Knowledge -and the arrogance accompanying it- is power.

"Like I said before, gangs of thugs like yours get incompetent with age and success."

"Not necessarily, Mr. Heller."

Austen turned sharply to his right, facing the direction where the deep male voice came from. The hallway leading back into the delivery entrance terminated a few feet from the fridge. The sounds of footsteps faded out until the steps of a single, confident individual were audible. The footsteps stopped short of the hallway's end so Austen couldn't see who it was. He slowly crouched and took careful aim at the corner ten feet away seperating the two men. The young man stood from behind the aisle, gun lowered.

"Man, it took you long enough, James! Suffering ----, I thought I was finis-"

A terrifying hail of gunfire put an abrupt hold on the young man's speech. Thrown viciously back up against the front wall, he slid down in slow motion, a look of complete surprise splashed on his face, mixed with blood. Grunting something angry and incoherent, he pitched forward and lay still.

"Mr. Heller, where is the shipment?"

The air held still.

"Mr. Heller, I am fully aware of the kind of fight you are capable of putting up. Personally, I didn't want it to come to this. However, The Coterie, as you know, have the final say. You can still salvage your standing with Hattock if you stop this and come out to cooperate."

Austen's thighs ached from the stress on them. His hands, slippery with blood, couldn't keep a good grip on the shotgun. He was hungry and hadn't finished his drink. Looking around at the destruction visible just from behind the counter, he felt a weight on him he hadn't experienced in years. He knew what they were looking for and it wasn't here. However, he had the feeling James' talk of goodwill wouldn't matter after the torture was over. This is my place. I've earned, bought, fought, and bled for this store for nearly seven years. Am I going to allow this uppity ---- and his gang to dictate what my actions are?

"I'm waiting, Mr. Heller. My patience is not legendary."

This guy can go to Hell.
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Austens Shop

Came a screeching intercom voice from the back entrance.
The footsteps from behind began to shuffle again, and the man clad in black swivelled around on one knee.
ISSP... They were faster than he had anticipated, and now it seemed that very few options were left.
James made up his mind in an instant, and in one motion he lept from his current position, only to get a facefull of blue and white uniforms.
The gun fire was instant, and the hail of bullets ripped through the mans flesh with ease, sending him flying back against the shops right aisle. A trail of blood spewed out of James mouth as he rested his head against the cold metal floorboards.

(ooc: sorry for the ---- post... i might be gone tommorow and the day after, so Pen can you take whatever NPC needs to be played here -if im not around-)

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"Okay now, you boys have fun."

With her bike happily deposited, Deirdre's train of thought had already moved on and she went back inside the ship to speak with the bounty, who Deirdre already considered one of her possessions. She ducked her head under a low hanging beam, squeezing her way through the continually under-construction ship towards the bridge. Once she got there she found her self a chair that was slightly less uncomfortable than the others and sat down. She again resisted the urge to poke her captive.

"So do you have any other name besides 'Keiran'? It's kinda a bit too macho for you, dearie."
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It looked like the rain was finally letting up....beyond the faint drizzle, windows of blue were growing in the oppressive cloud cover. Gill leant back in the cushy seat of the cruiser and let out a thunderous belch, in appreciation for the (mostly) free meal. "AH!! That really hit the spot..."
Robert glared at him malevolently from the back seat. "Yes, I was growing impatient with the waitress... If only you hadn't flirted so much, we would have gotten our food sooner."
"Says you, Mister-I-am-a-starving-cat." Karin remarked.
"From the way you were acting, I would have thought you were SCARED of her!" Gill chuckled, teasingly prodding the uptight young officer. "Don't like girls, eh?"
"I don't like excessively flaunting women. They irritate me." responded Robert, taking Gill's comments a bit too seriously.
Gill sighed hopelessly to himself as he started up the cruiser's engines. Some people just had no sense of humor.
"There is liking girls and then there is living in their cleavage." pointed out the ever-critical Karin. Gill allowed himself another sigh.
"Anyways...which of you kids want to be dropped off first?" said the detective, attempting to change the subject.
Karin raised her finger, still not done complaining. "And I am still not happy about how we bribed that man..."
Gill sighed yet again, and fought the urge to push her out of the cruiser with his foot. Apparantly cooperation was a word she never learned in basic training.
"I am in the appartment building on 39th street," Robert answered, "I'd say it's pretty close.
"Great then!" exclaimed Gill, taking the cruiser up above the sprawl of streets and buildings.
Grudgingly, Karin grumbled, "You can drop me off there too."
"Huh?" Her words were met by a confused look from Gill, which quickly turned into a broad grin. "OOOOH...hohoho!!" chuckled the detective, wiggling his eyebrows at Robert in a manner which the officer probably found quite irritating.
"Yes," Karin continued, "and we are now on our way home to the bondage dungeon."
"What, you guys live together?" asked Gill incresulously, after finally realizing her last statement was meant to be a joke.
"No, but it seems to be that our newly beloved precinct has this tendency to dump people there." It was clear that she felt no shortness of resentment. "I used to live somewhere really nice before and I am there now. Do you what a horrible blow that is?"
"I didn't know that..." Robert admitted.
Gill folded his arms and did his best to look incensed. "How unfair, they didn't give ME a house..."
"You don't know because you obviously don't read the fine print." Karin told Robert. "And you got a cruiser." She finished, pointing at Gill.
Robert grinned, in response to the woman's words. "Oh well. I'd better get home before my headache becomes worse."
"Good idea." agreed Gill, steering the cruiser towards 39th street.

Robert opened his car door and climbed out of the confines of the police cruiser. "Thank you, Detective. I'll see you at the spaceport. "
"Righto, you kids get some rest...don't keep each other up all night." Answered Gill, not missing a chance to tease his fellow policeman.
Robert muttered quietly to himself as he slammed the door closed. "If only murder was legal..."
Karin exited the cruiser as well, stopping a moment to impart some last words to the detective. "Yes, now you behave yourself. We wouldn't want you to have an accident."
"I'll keep that in mind, Ta-ta!!" called Gill, waving to the two. With that, the small aircraft rose from the ground and disappeared into the fading daylight.
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((OOC: My deepest apologies, fellows, but I'm posting this on the road and won't have any Net access for two weeks. Pen and Zepp can take over Austen as a NPC. I hope things are still lively when I return. ))
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Out of courtesy they watched Gill as he speed off, even after he had disappeared behind the buildings they stood there, blinking unfocused before turning their heads towards the building.

“I can’t believe he is in charge! He is…” Karin clenched her fists and then released her grip. “He is rude. Messy.”

“I have to admit that he doesn’t seem to come across as your bog standard detective, but obviously he must be good since he became senior.” Robert made a vague jump of defence as he jumped before and held the door open.

A long corridor with row of fluorescent light greeted them. Somewhere towards the end a light kept up it’s melody of flickering, it had been doing it since morning and Karin seriously considered changing it herself, but she was much to short.

There was a stale silence as the operatives waited for the lift. Karin with her arms crossed comforting over her chest, gently tapping her foot. Robert with his arms hanging at his side, humming a small melody to himself. Both of them thought about raising a subject to talk about, but there was not really anything either of them thought the other would find interesting to talk about.

“So, Europa, eh? Been there before?” Robert was the first to break the silence. But still his gaze was fixed on the little numbers that rose with the floor levels of the lift.

From the corner of his eye he could see her shuffling carefully before clearing her throat. “I have never actually been off-planet.”


“But you have? I mean, you mentioned before being on Mars…” Karin turned her head slightly but upon seeing that he was not even considering looking in her direction she turned her attention back to the crack between the two doors.

“Yeah. But the roots just called for my return.” A small shiver ran down his spine, those memories always did that to him. No matter how much he put it at the back of his mind, it would crawl up unnoticed and show its ugly head. Like a restless creature.

“This is my floor.”

Karin turned to him in the door opening and for once smiled and honest smile as she stretched forward her hand. Reluctantly he took it and received a small handshake. “It was nice meeting you Mr Robert Morrow. I am in Flat 25.”

“Well actually…this is my floor too.” Her reaction had been priceless, if her jaw hadn’t been safely secured it would’ve hit the floor by now. “Flat 23.”

As if it had been a burning sensation on her hand, Karin retracted it quickly and frowned at him. And he hadn’t told her this before, why? Why hadn’t she seen him before? She turned her heel in a huff and walked to her door. This could all be blamed at Gill, even if it wasn’t his fault.
Karin fumbled with the keys in the locked. It opened up with a small creak and she cringed at it. She should really get that oiled.

“I am home…”

There was only darkness to greet her at the front door. No cheers for her arrival, no pets to greet her. Not even the ungrateful plants seemed to rejoice in her arrival. They could dry for all that she cared now. They could crust up and die.

Closing the door slowly behind her, Karin rested her back against it before taking a deep breath. Walking across the carpet that grazed the open plan flat. Kitchen straight ahead, running alongside the one window the flat had. It wasn’t a small window, the whole outwards facing wall was totally glazed. Lounge to the left and bedroom and bathroom a couple of steps down to the right.

She walked passed stacks of moving boxes that she had not been bothered to unpack as yet. She had been a fairly recent arrival to the flat and only unpacked the necessities, toiletries, pots and pans, change of clothing and one book. Karin wasn’t sure any longer if everything that was in the boxes had any value to her any longer. She should really take a day off and go through them.

There was a couple of tumbles down the small steps into the bedroom and she was sure she would hit the floor, but instead she hit the comforting embrace of her bed. She was too tired to even get undressed and pulled half-heartedly half a cover over herself as she tried to push her boots off with her toes.

The last thing she saw, before the gentle drumming of the rain put her to sleep, was the light of a passing vehicle filtering through the blinds and hitting the photograph by the bedside. From the darkness she could only make out her own face, but she knew that photograph by heart now. A wide smile, blue eyes, strong shoulders and wispy hair.
Nice entrance Shade. You have all the grace of a brain tumor in a mincemeat maker.
Who...who are you?
A martyr to sickness, that's who. I think I'm developing armpitscabs. As if I didn't have enough problems.
You're...a of the Angels.

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Robert walked into the next room after Karin walked into her's. Karin had seemed to take the fact that they were on the same floor quite badly. Robert couldn't figure out why, but he didn't mind much. He closed the door behind him and walked to his closet, opening the door. His apartment was almost spotless. He had nothing to dodge, nothing step over, and nothing avoid. There were no tables, no boxes, and no bags anywhere. There was just one carpet, and one overhead light. In his closet, however, there were two suitcases and one large padlocked bag. Before touching anything, he stared at the padlocked bag for a few minutes. Robert smiled and let go of the door, walking into his bedroom. There was a large stereo set up in his room and he pressed the power button. He cranked the volume to its full extent and hit the play button.

(OOC: Mood/Stereo music: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, followed by The Wanton Song - Same author)

Robert spun around the room and out the door. He danced around until he reached the closet. He took the two empty suitcases out and threw them onto the floor with a large clash. He slowly picked up the heavy padlocked bag and set it on the ground next to him. He danced back into his bedroom and picked up a bunch of clean clothes, danced back into the living room, and stuck them into the suitcases.

/...Last day to do this... Goodbye, Ganymede...\

A guitar solo came on, and Robert spun and danced around faster. He enjoyed making a fool of himself when he was alone, but not while he was around people.
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Josef seemed to mumble something from behind what appeared to be a huge mass of scrap, possibly a new engine. The hunter nodded to the mans back, having no real clue as to what was said.
*Well... he looks busy*
Griff thought, smiling, as he abruptly turned from the door and retreated to the docking area.

Before he was a bounty hunter Griff was a mechanic, first and foremost. Thus the array of spare space cruiser parts lying before him were enough to conjure that feeling of giddiness that you only seem to acheive as a child. Josef could still be heard fiddling in the garage area, Deirdre had gone back to the Exodus to check on Keiran... The area was clear, Griff couldnt control himself.
The mechanic whistled as he kneeled down, slowly picking up several nozzles and stashing them into his jackets seemingly botomless pocket.
Before Griff was a mechanic he was a theif.
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