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Griff abruptly stopped what he was doing as he realized the truth in Deirdres words.
"Maybe he deals in 'I-owe-you's..."
The mechanic said, offering an instant solution.

Their situation was bad.
"Listen..." Griff started again, this time turning around and making his way back towards the bridge.
"The bounty will be cashed in right when we get to Europa right? Theres nothing to worry about!"
Deirdres expression didnt seem to change, but Griff was an expert at shifting moods at a whim. His sudden positive outlook was mainly due to the fact that this was Deirdres screw up and not his. Oh sweet satisfaction, he had nothing to worry about.
"Hey, whats he going to do? Hold us at gunpoint? HAH!"
Griff laughed at the thought. Then it dawned on him.
"We are screwed arent we?"

"Listen... Go tell Josef we have to transfer the woolongs from our account -which can only be accessed from the ship- to his uplink... Then you get your ass back in here and we split!"

The idea was genius, and Griff couldnt help but give the thumbs up sign to verify his intelect and the inevitable success of his completely full proof plan.
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The sound of typing fell silent, as an obviously unnerved man looked up from his monitor. The siloet of a humungious man could be seen stinding infront of the desk from outside.

"May I ask what you're looking for a bounty hunter's ship?" The man didn't want to offend such a large man, but did,t want to be connected with anything that could possably be illigal.

Tiamat stood motionless for a moment, then spoke in his slow tone as he returned the picture to his pocket, "Hired to kill those on it. Where ship?" The hulking man in the green army overcoat didn't care about how long he waited, but he found those who hired him didn't feel the same.

The nervious man's foot subtly moved to the silent alarm under his work station. He pressed it and quickly spoke up, "It may take me a moment to find the ship you're looking for. Please wait a moment longer."

He then pretended to look for the ship, all the while the praying the cops got here quickly.
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“The name sounds familiar, Whaddya looking for him for anyway?” The carefree look in the red haired man showed how bad his approach was.

----! I guess I can't look menacing enough... but I though this was how those high-up-there Bounty Hunters got their information. These guys didn't even flinch! ....UGH! With less enthuasium, Dean tried to respond in a way he's seen other hunters talk.

"I'm after this guy! He's got a nifty bounty on his head." He paused to make sure the look on his face was sour enough... realizing it wasn't, he spit on the floor. "What do you know about him?" Knowing the bartender didn't seem to have any useful information, he stepped closer to the guy stuffing his face with pretzels. "Yaa's know where he is now?"

Feeling good about his stream of questions, he sat on the bar stool closer to the red head. With the screen now in his hand, facing the two, he looked down at the bag near his feet. Nothing impressive, but it got his mind off of trying to be a bad-ass.
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"Sorry." replied Josef.

Fitting the last pieces in place, weilding them together buffing the last of the excess metal, a few coats of red paint, and she was ready. Backlash now primmed and ready for the final test. Josef washes his hands from all the oil and grease, goes after his space suit. The white and grey suit is nothing outlandish, just good enough so he can breathe in space. Before popping his helmet on.. "Hey, Deirdre it's ready once I get the final test done, Ok."
Starting her up, was nothing like the first time, 'verd' like an animal rather than an old hag. "Lets see what she can do!"

Opening internal bay door on East...
Closing bay door on East...
Deoxidizing bay....
Opening docking bay door East...

"Main thruster; check!"
"Stablizer boosters; check!"
"Braking system; check!"
Taking only a few minutes of testing that she was indeed ready for the female bounty hunter.
Docking complete, closing bay door on East...
Oxidizing bay....

"Deirdre, she's all yours."
Anime is Anime and Life is Life.
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Deirdre took a slow breath in the face of Griff's almost nauseating optimism. Not that she had a better idea. She just knew that any plan Griff came up with was doomed to failure. Stupid Griff. He sucked.

She was about to eloquate all this when the intercom buzzed once more.

"Deirdre, she's all yours."

"You know Griff, that really was a great plan, outside of the fact that it's now utterly useless."

Deirdre walked back to the bridge, picking up her vacuum suit on the way through. It wasn't what she'd wanted, but it'd have to do until she managed to find something better to go with the bike. She left Griff behind her, crossing over to flip the intercom switch.

"Alrighty. I'll be there to pick it up in a second. Once I check everything's in order I' you. Yeah." She flipped off the switch, walking across to the makeshift cage to give the drama queen bounty a subtle little kick while Griff made his own meandering way to the bridge.

"Griff....just make sure the engines are ready and you can open the hangar bay door in a hurry. We're just going to have to make this up as we go along."

It never occurred to Deirdre that she could just leave the Backlash behind. Of course.
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Pretzels, pretzels, pretzels…

It wasn’t the kind of breakfast he preferred, but at least it was food, and he happily munched on the snacks the bartender set out. “Thanks” he mumbled to Wes between mouthfuls.

Soon his mind wandered again as he imagined all he could buy with the bounty from this job. Only snatches of the conversation between the barkeep and ol’ Greenhair registered with him, but when the stranger addressed him he snapped out of his daze and looked at the man blankly. Nifty bounty?

“Like I said, the name is familiar. ‘Prolly came across it in some database,” he shrugged dismissively and looked at the bowl of snacks. Ace frowned. Certain that if he kept scarfing them down he’d end up with a stomachache, he pushed the rest away then looked quizzically at the stranger. “I suppose he could be anywhere ‘bout now, and I could try and track him down…” he trailed off and fiddled with his empty glass assuming an attitude of disinterest. “The problem is I’ve got some business of my own to take care of, and don’t have time to be doing favors right now...” Yawning, he looked absently at his watch as if to emphasis what a very busy person he was.
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Sex, drugs, and blood. Those were the supposed criminal elements that Linc should have been wallowing in. Criminals were glamorous. Criminals were bad ass. They were sexy and dangerous. They had pity ----- with gorgeous Russian chicks and then killed them.

Wait, wasn’t that secret agents?

They had cool cars and space ships and private lofts where they could throw lavish private parties filled with perky blondes stuffed into too-small dresses and trays of whatever designer drug was all the rage.

Lincoln didn’t even know what hairstyle was all the rage. He was, he privately admitted, a loser. A geek. Private parties attended by well-endowed blondes didn’t happen when you lived with a fourteen year old girl and your mother.

Instead of a life of beautiful crime seen through a vaseline smeared lens, Linc was living the blemished reality. No sleeping late with a hangover in bed with a couple of gorgeous Geishas in red high heels. No, he had woken early with a hangover to drive Madeline to school and then go grocery shopping.

He had a basket on one arm and was staring at can after can of coffee grinds. He had absolutely no idea what to get. His mother always knew what to get. However, her arthritis had been acting up that morning and so Linc stood, staring at cans of coffee and wondering just what the hell it was that he drank every morning.

This is what comes of those fancy jars that Ma always keeps the coffee in. I don’t know what to get. Okay, not decaf.

Suddenly, Linc was taken with a horrible suspicion. He had never seen the cans that the coffee came from. Had his mother been feeding him decaf all these years?

Santa ------- Maria! That’s it, from now on I buy the coffee. I can’t trust Madeline not to convince Ma to buy decaf. The wimmen! They join against me, putting aside their rivalry to destroy me! With firm resolve, he took two large cans of cheap, strong coffee and put them in the basket.

Hah. I showed them.

He found love in the dairy aisle. The woman was long-legged. Linc winced inwardly at himself for starting his perusal of her at her calves. He was a gentleman, he knew better than that. She was absorbed in the back of a carton and didn’t seem to notice. He was very close to slapping himself for gauging how high and firm her breasts seemed. She had a cute, pixie-like face that looked like it was drawn with worry a little too often. But he couldn’t fault her thick, chestnut hair or her clear, glass-green eyes and thick lashes. He liked the fall of her skirt and her muted, silk blouse. He liked her delicate hands. He liked the fact that she was a vagina he wasn’t related to. She peered at the carton, an oasis in the desert of enforced abstinence, and Linc approached her with a thirst whetted by his live-in mother and niece.

The carton was soy milk, and she had the neurotic gleam in her eye that suggested that she’d been on a diet since she was twelve. Linc forgave her instantly when he got a good look at her butt.

“Is that soy milk any good? I was thinking of picking some up.” Smoooooth.

She looked at him for a long minute and then put the carton in her basket and turned to walk away.

“Oh, come on, pretty lady, give a guy a break!” He smiled charmingly. She paused and looked over her shoulder.

“You’re old enough to be my father.” Then she turned and walked quickly away.

Crushed, Linc picked up heavy whipping cream instead of creamer and headed for checkout.
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It was cold, as usual. A stronger shower of snow fell from the sky as several men clad in dirty black vests approached a large ship planted firmly on the docking bays landing pad.
The harbour area had been built years ago -when the actual idea of melting the ice that covered a vast majority of the ocean was fresh and exciting. But that was old news now. A landing pad had been erected, and no boats had sailed since.

"Over here..." The first man said to his comrade as they both trudged through the snow towards the back end of Deans ship. After a moment of brushing snow and ice to the side, a long lever was revealed that seemed to be connected to a small hatch.
"Emergency Hatch" It read. The second man smiled.
Both men latched onto the outstretched lever and after the count of three began tugging their hearts out. Yet it was soon discovered that it would take more than brute force to get inside.
"Damnit!" The second man wailed as he reeled back from the hatch, grasping his wrist in pain.
"Just stay back Filip!"
The other man retorted, throwing one hand up and calling for silence.
Filip groaned as his superior simply approached the ship once more and proceeded to *KNOCK* *KNOCK* *KNOCK*
"Looks like we have to move on to plan B."


Griff nearly threw himself into the Exodus' cockpit. Within moments the mechanic turned hunter began flipping switches wildly, all this time an almost sadisctic grin plastered across his face. Keiran seemed unamused from his cell, yet was soon given a quick jolt as the massive hunk of metal sprang to life.
"Well the docking bay looks secure..."
Griff hummed to himself, trying to catch sight of Deirdre and her new toy.
The bay door slowly began to creep open as the blackness of space was revealed inch at a time. The Exodus' gut rumbled and its boosters soon began to flare. Griff grinned again, this time adding a hint of nervousness to his former enthusiasm.
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Deirdre walked off the Exodus wearing the vacuum suit, carrying her helmet under one arm. She felt the ship begin to hum slightly before she stepped onto the embarkation ramp and she nearly swore under her breath, hoping fervently that Josef wouldn't notice something was up. She walked slowly down the docking corridor to Odessa, pausing to look about her as the airlock doors slid shut behind her. When her paranoia was finally assuaged, she yawned overdramatically, stretching her arms out and 'accidentally' knocking the docking bay keypad, her fingers blitzing the code to release the Exodus from the docking corridor locks. Pretending to only notice this after it happened, mumbling a few vague excuses to people who weren't there.

"Wow, I don't know how that happened. I'm just a silly girl, what do I know about computers?" She weighed up whether or not to tack a ditzy giggle on the end, but she figured she shouldn't overdo it.

Composing herself, Deirdre slunk across the spacestation to the docking bay where the Backlash was being kept. She swept into the room, trying to pass off her anxiety to get the thing and go as girlish excitement.

"Okay, come on come on, let's this party started?" In a matter of seconds she'd pounded the suit helmet on her head and pushed Josef aside to mount the bike, twisting and prodding different controls experimentally. The HUD powered up, and the facescreen displayed a few relevant facts about the bikes condition...and the fact that the radar picked up a large craft slowly disengaging itself from the main body of the station. Josef apparently wasn't looking, so she immediately started to think of ways to keep that that way. The last thing she needed was him working out their rather transparent plan right now. She mulled over the control panel and looked over different parts of the bike, trying to note what had changed and what would need tweaking later whilst her lower brain functions pondered how to distract Josef.

Ask him if your breasts are too big.... Oh goddammit woman, have some dignity.

Finally, she decided that everything was in order and fired up the engine. The small VTOL thrusters kicked in, and the bike lifted up a few feet from the ground ponderously. So far, so good. If the bike died on her now, she'd be in trouble. It really hadn't been that old. She'd last used it before.....before the Exodus and Griff. Okay, so it was old, at least in emotional years.

Deirdre stretched her legs before she tucked them back against the bike's body, giving everything a final glance more to calm herself down than anything. She took a breath to steel herself before she hit the speaker switch on the suit and called down to Josef, hoping he couldn't see the nervous sweat collecting on her forehead from where he stood.

"Be a pal and open the docking door for me, sweetie?"
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Not far away from where a gargantuan male waited, three police cruisers sped towards one of the space docks. The man who triggered the alarm had typed a description of the offender. If they pulled the capture off they would be able to find out who had hired him and why.

Inside, Tiamat stood motionless, watching and waiting for the information. The nervous man broke out in bad smelling sweet, the cold sweat of fear. This disturbed the 'hulk,' who knew the man had nothing to fear from him, soon realized something was wrong. Then he heard them...

*/Sirens. Sound bring cop. Cop not like Tiamat, must hurry... /*

Tiamat bent himself, placing both hands on the desk’s surface. He locked his eyes with those of the nervous man.
"Cop come. Why? Ship here or no? Hurry."

Watching such a man study him so intently, broke the last of the courage the nervous man had. The nervous man sprinted for the back rooms, which sent his chair flying. A nearby security team watched the man run, they had wanted to try to avoid a confrontation by waiting for the police, but decided to move. The guards began to advance on Tiamat, their hands resting on their weapons.

Tiamat was oblivious to the security guards, as he spun the computer monitor around. He looked upon it for a moment, then turned his back on the machine as he recognized that the symbols were beyond his understanding. Tiamat began to leave, but was stopped. The security team stood in his path, “Just where do you think you’re going? You’d better wait right there until the cops arrive.”

Tiamat glowered at the five men in front of him, not caring about who they were, only that they blocked his path. Tiamat didn’t want to wait any longer. He concentrated, working his brain to deliver a clear message.

“Tiamat is leaving, but you are in the way.” Lava eyes narrowed, “Move, or be moved.”

The security team was taken back at this, not many people would try to stand down five armed men. Then they noticed the approaching sirens, which gave them courage. They’d take the big man down, then hand his bruised and unconscious body over. One of the guards pulled out his Billy club, “We don‘t need guns to kick your ass. Let’s get him the old fashioned way!”

Tiamat watched the men charge him, “Dumb...”

The three cruisers parked in front of the building, grabbing their equipment and exiting their vehicles.
They advanced on the door, weapons drawn, and watched a man in a security uniform crash through the window, landing at their feet. The man was injured, with cuts all over his face and a badly broken leg. Nodding to one another other the three pair started in, one radioing for an ambulance. They were surprised by the sudden appearance of a gigantic man, walking outside.

Tiamat saw the policemen; again someone was in his way. They told him to stop, but he wasn’t listening.
They ordered him to stand down a second time, and were again ignored. Blood dripped off of Tiamat’s gloved fists into the snow.

“---- this, drop him.”

Nine-millimeter rounds peppered Tiamat’s broad chest, knocking him off balance. The cops watched him start to right himself, when a twelve-gage round knocked the giant on his back. The cops advanced guns up wary of movement. Circling the fallen man, one reached down to check for a pulse... his hand never made it.
With uncanny speed, Tiamat’s hand shot up, expertly snapping the officer’s arm just under the elbow. Tearing the flesh, the giant forced the jagged bone towards the policeman’s face, stabbing him in the eye.

“He’s got body armor!”

Tiamat sprung to his feet, as the officers fell back. The one with the shotgun cocked it, raising it towards the giant’s face. The huge fist yanked the Remington from the cop’s hands, immediately slamming it into the poor soul’s neck, crushing the esophagus. The remaining four fired as they ran for cover, only one round hit, slapping just above Tiamat’s belt. The policemen fired again from behind their rides. One missed, while the others hit Tiamat uselessly in the torso.

The giant leaped into the air, bringing the stolen shotgun down like a club as he landed, and snapping it over one man’s head. Brains leaked from the man’s helmet. The man next to him tried to get off a headshot. When a kick to the knee threw his aim. The man’s shattered leg fell from beneath him as he crashed to the ground. More rounds from the last two missed, hitting the snow and ricocheting away.

Tiamat grabbed the man with the shattered leg, throwing him at the others. The man was hit by a stray bullet, then slammed into one of the remaining shooters. Tiamat reached into he coat, pulling his Magnum Custom from its holster by his heart. Cocking the heavy pistol, Tiamat took aim at the standing officer. The man dropped behind cover, pulling another magazine from his belt. The Desert Eagle Mark XXXI, followed the men down. “This is unit 23, Men down! Send back up to...”


A heavy round tore through the side of the cruiser, piercing the metal. It continued through the back of the cops Kevlar jacket, shredding his intestines. A large hole exploded in the front of his uniform as the bullet continued finally barring itself in the concrete wall. Tiamat walked towards the only one left alive, underneath the corpse of his comrade. Coughing from having the wind knocked out of him, the cop pushed the body that was thrown at him away.

The cop reached out for a weapon, when his hand brushed across a boot. Looking up at him from the ground, Tiamat’s eight foot two inch frame seemed even more intimidating. Closing his eyes, he hung there for a moment, expecting death to find him as it found his partner and friends. A moment passed and when he looked up, he was alone.

Tiamat stopped on top of a snow bank, some distance from the starport. He pulled off most of his clothing, a bare chested creature beside an empty street. His hands opened a pouch on his belt, and removed a vile and syringe. Filling the needle with the pale colored fluid, he moved it across his broad torso, and stabbed himself in the heart. Once it was empty the sweating stopped, and he felt much better. Closing his overcoat and buckling his pouches, Tiamat left the quiet peaceful roadside. For him, it was time to resume the hunt.
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((OOC- PM me any mistakes/inconsistancies!))

Outside Europa

The noise alone wasn't what got his attention, although it was the main part. If it had been just a beep, a nice , soothing electronic moan of ecstacy, that gently alerted someone to its' presence and importance, then, it wouldn't have been so bad. But this was no soothing ship, and so everything in it had to grate on his nerves like a cheese grinder to the face. It was a constant blaring buzz, a constant wrong answer.

"Why couldn't I be right just this once....piece of junk..."

Brink Carraway gently pushed off the window he had been doodling fog shapes on and drifted towards the buzzing computer console. It was a useless buzz too, that was the worst part.

"I already KNOW we left the gate. I can see OUTSIDE you know!"

But there was no acknoweldgement from the console. No "Oh really? well then, I'll just switch off." It was so...defiantly STUPID. This whole ship was stupid. This whole LIFE was stupid. NOTHING was right. And this stupid console, wrought of some wierd plastic and circuitry had the nerve to remind him OVER and over again. But that was the life on the Cocytus , Brink's personal 9th circle of hell.

The ship USED to have a sleek appearence, its' wide cone nose attached to a dual launch bay was once a pretty sight. When Brink first had seen it, under it's original captain, both bays had been filled with two ramshackle but glorious 1-Man spacecraft. But now, with one man aboard, and no ships in bay, the launch areas were converted to storage for commodity. What once had been a swift Bounty vessel had now turned into a commodity hauler. The ship didn't handle that change to well.

Brink finally reached the console, still drifting lazily above it. There wasn't enough power to spare on pointless artificial gravity. Brink didn't even know how that worked anyway. Sure enough, the display read the obvious:


Brink palmed the console, the normal deactivation function, but the blaring buzz did not subside.

"Please shut up, I heard what you SHUT UP!"

Oblivious to everything but itself, the ships console did no such thing. It was urgently telling Brink to have a nice day. It just had to! And to stop wishing him a nice day? NO! Inconcievable! The terror that would happen if it would be quiet!!

Brink did not agree. So..slowly..methodically...he reached behind his back and drew his gun. He didn't know the make or model, he didn't care. Bullets came out one end..that was just the way it worked. If the bullets hit something else, even better. But best of all, was when he popped all 8 rounds into the blaring, buzzing, annoying, piece of junk ship that was nothing but a pain in the ass! The only sound now was a dull ringing in Brink Carraway's was the sweetest sound he had ever heard.
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(OOC: Hey, welcome to Animeboards/the RPGs, Brink. You'll fit in just fine. I just wanted to ask you something... What type of character is Brink? As in his job. Bounty hunter, I presume?)
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"Checkmate!" remarked the computer, in a synthesized voice bubbling with malicious cheer. Gil could only stare back at the screen, a dull faded look in his eyes.
"Impossible..." he breathed, narrowing his eyes. In response, the score screen popped up.

Gil: 0
CPU: 87

"Impossible!" Gill yelled, pounding a fist on the console. Realizing that he was making a scene...granted, in the totally empty bridge, he smoothed down his tie and settled back down in his seat, letting out a annoyed breath.
I need a cig...bad... Gill patted down his pockets as he wandered over to the large bay windows of "The King". Outside, in the hostile vacuum of space, massive Jupiter floated in all its glory, watching Gill intently with a single red eye. Gill stared back disinterestedly, waving to it on a whim as he puffed lightly at his cigarette.
I wonder how much longer it is until we reach Europa--
The videophone blipped on with an audible hum, and Gill glanced at it in surprise, blinking as the stern mug of a uniformed ISSP officer appeared.
"Welcome to Europa, Unit 09758."
"Er...ah...what's up?" said Gill, fumbling with the speaker controls.
The officer regarded him with nervous silence for a moment. "We were told to expect you guys, and you're right on schedule...I was just wondering if you wanted an escort to the spaceport."
Gill waved his hand dismissively, shaking his head. "Naw, we're good. Plus, that might draw attention." The officer nodded solemnly.
"Well, you're all clear then, good luck on the mission." The screen quickly cut to a screen that stated 'uploading credentials', and then it shut down noiselessly.
I wonder if I should tell the other two? Gill mused.
Making up his mind, he typed a few keys into the control panel, than leant back in his seat and waited.

Throughout the rest of the ship, alarm klaxons came to life, blaring loudly as every video screen read in huge flashing letters:
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Be-beep be-beep be-beep!

Ace nearly fell off his perch as the tiny alarm on his watch started to go off. Wha? Huh? Whazzat? The redhead steadied himself and pushed back first the left sleeve then the right as he tried to remember just which wrist he had put his watch on this morning, all the time wondering when the hell he started wearing a watch in the first place. He blinked a few times at the flashing display and frowned.

“Oh man, oh man, oh MAN!“ He tumbled off the barstool and scooped up his duffle bag in a movement that was strangely both swift and awkward. “It’s been fun, and I hate to eat and run, but duty calls!” With a charismatic grin at Dean he slung his bag over his shoulder, bundled up against the cold Europa air, and hurried out the door before anyone could reply. Weaving in and out of the grim faced pedestrians Ace rushed to the spaceport, swearing to himself for getting wrapped up in the conversation back at the bar. “Damn stupid idiotic…” he muttered. “...almost lost 9 mil…"

"What the FU….??!”

Ace stopped in his tracks. The Europa Interplanetary Spaceport was in chaos. Glass littered the area below a broken window, blood stained the snow everywhere. The whole area was bustling with activity as hordes of officers went over the crime scene. Ace walked past the bright yellow tape that cordoned off the area, his boots shuffling through the slush. This may make things more difficult, he thought as he made his way into the building. More cops and what looked like reporters filled the inside of the terminal as well, and Ace grumbled as he pushed his way past. Wonder what happened. Fsh. I’ll just check the police database later.

Finally, the lanky young man found a small oasis of solitude away from the crowd and settled down into the plastic seat. Pulling out his computer and interface gear, he went over the terminal schedule once more. The King, en route…The Lazy Gal, docked…Cocytus, docking… Nodding to himself, Ace closed the laptop with a snap, leaned back in the chair, stared out the fingerprint smeared pane glass to the landing area outside, and waited.

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Outside Europa

"How do you like THAT you piece of industrial strength CRAP! Can't handle a bullet to the head, can you!"

Silence answered Brink. Granted, the console was sparking a bit, in confused, and apologetic outbursts, but Brink was too happy to care.

" land this baby and unload these-"
Brink checked his inventory.
"-...coats. Why did I buy a ton of coats. I hope its cold down there."

In the half hour before reaching the Space Port, Brink drifted back and forth across the ship, completing what he called "Battening down the hatches". Without artificial gravity, a landing could mean a messy bridge(it already was mesy of course, but he might get company) and damaged goods in his holds. It was the launch bays Brink hated to go into. They were a constant reminder of his poor luck.

The original owner of the ship, Pase Anderson, was a real hotshot pilot. He was the town star, the kinda guy you checked the papers for. "Hey, ya hear who Pase caught? Pase nabbed another one last week! Look! Says his ships comin' in today!" Brinks entire town was in love with a bounty hunter. Pase didn't even make too much money, he was just that charismatic that he got the attention. Brink was the only one who saw his true value.

"Scooped me right up into your mess, didn't you Pase...", Brink mumbled as he scrubbed down the graffiti on the walls of the bay. "You and you little band of druggies."

Pase had let Brink come aboard when he was 21 years old, since he was the only one with any REAL piloting skills left in the town. Back then, Brink had stood at a full 5'11'', and had a full lentgh of hair down to the small of his back. Shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Now, after a year and a half without crew or company, Brink had grown to slouch, he finally cropped his hair a bit, and put it in a pony-tail. Zero-G wasn't fun to have you hair flying around in. Nowadays Brink never took off his E.V. suit completely. Even now, he had on the red-orange padded pants with the susspender clamps floating around, and a plain white t-shirt tucked into it. You never know when you have to E.V. .

Now the ship was Brink's, but it was no gift. With no 1-Man Vehicles, Brink was forced to land/dock with the whole ship, a costly procedure. Even with the commodities he was running in the holds, there was just no way to keep up the tab on his ship. But what could he do? You don't catch a bounty by yourself. Especially not when your no sharpshooter, barely hitting at close range.

"Pase, you trained me to be a pilot, why couldn't ya teach me how to shoot too. You're such an ass."

But Pase wasn't around, and Brink could lament openly all he wanted, but the ship was here, and so was he, that was all that mattered. As unhappy as he was, at least he had a home. Maybe Europa would hold something for him, something new and exciting.

"Money would be new and exciting."
"Well you'll get your shot, but only AFTER you are cleared to land. Welcome to Europa Port. Please Land at 32." The voice freaked the hell out of Brink, seeing as how it came with no warning, and it came from the console he had just blown the hell out of half an hour earlier, not too mention every OTHER speaker on the ship.

"Perhaps blasting holes into you was wrong....but it felt so GOOD!"

Brink laughed to himself all through the landing, hardly noticing the carnage that was wrought on the port. He still chuckled to himself as he unloaded the cargo.
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