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Talking The Cast of Bleach Discusses the Afghan War

Ichigo: Good day. This is the first in a series of roundtable discussions by the cast of Bleach discussing the major issues of the day. We present this as a public service. Today our topic is the Afghan war.

Orihime: They’re fighting a war over rugs?

Ichigo: What?

Orihime: An Afghan is a rug.

Rukia: No, you’re confused, Orihime. An Afghan is a blanket. You are thinking of Pershan rugs.

Orihime: What’s Persia?

Ichigo: Persia is Iran.

Orihime: It’s what?

Ichigo: Iran.

Renji: Maybe it was something you ate!

Chad: Ha! Good one! (High fives Renji.)

Orihime: So they are fighting over blankets and rugs?

Ichigo: No! Blankets and rugs have nothing to do. . . .

Uryu: An Afghan is a breed of dog. The Afghan wolfhound?

Orihime: So what happened with the doggie?

Renji: It had an accident and ruined the Pershan rug.

Orihime: And that started the war?

Chad: Then they had to put the dog to sleep.

Orihime: Poor doggie!

Uryu: And now the dog’s owners want revenge.

Ichigo: Now stop that, you guys! Orihime, this has nothing to do with rugs, blankets or dogs.

Orihime: Oh!

Ichigo: Anyway, we are out of time. Join us next time when we discuss global warming.

Orihime: Oh, I know about that! We get global warming in the summer and global cooling in the winter!

Rukia: Orihime, how many times did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby?

Orihime: Uh, gee. I dunno exactly. A couple of times.
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