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Arrow The Cast of Bleach Discuss the US Presidential Election

Ichigo: Welcome to another attempt at a serious discussion on current world events. Today my cast mates and I will be discussing the current US Presidential election.

Chad: There is one question that comes to my mind.

Ichigo: And that is?

Chad: Who gives a ratís ass?

Uryu: Right. Weíre Japanese. What do we care who gets elected the American president?

Renji: I donít even know who the Japanese president is.

Uryu: We donít have a president. We have a prime minister.

Renji: You see?

Orihime: Oh, I like the one who has the thingy.

Ichigo: The what?

Rukia: Orihime?

Orihime: Yes?

Rukia: Shut the hell up!

Orihime: OK.

Ichigo: Well, the elections are important to Japan as well. Whoever is elected will effect US/Japanese relations.

Renji: You ever have relations with an American?

Ichigo: I mean, well, what about the status of a US military presence in Japan? Many Marine units are leaving for Guam. What about the remaining troops?

Renji: Theyíre all after our women. Let Ďem go.

Chad: Who the hell wants to go to Guam?

Uryu: Some are actually going to be stationed in Australia.

Renji: Now that I can understand! There are some great beaches and hot women in Australia. I was there on vacation once, and met this one girl who was hot and ready to. . . .

Rukia: Nobody cares.

Ichigo: Letís take a look at the various candidates. What about Gingrich?

Orihime: Oh! I know who he is! Heís the one who stole Christmas!

Rukia: Orihime?

Orihime: Yes?

Rukia: Shut the hell up!

Chad: No, Gingrich is the one getting all the tail.

Renji: He is? Whoo! Thatís my man!

Orihime: Whatís ďgetting tail?Ē

Uryu: Itís a euphemism.

Orihime: A what?

Uryu: It means having sex.

Orihime: Oh, I get it! Itís like Rukia needs to get more tail!

Rukia: Hey!

Ichigo: And thatís all the time we have today. Join us in our next discussion when. . . .

Rukia: . . . When I kill Orihime.
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