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Question What coffee mug would you buy?

Hello! I'm selling hand-painted coffee mugs at a convention (Animazement--anyone gonna be there?) in a week, and I need some more ideas on what to put on them. So:

What would YOU want written on a coffee mug? From any anime or game! Or, what cute character would you most like to see? (I can't do anything complicated, but cute mascots are easy.)

Thank you for your help!
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you should write some catch " #1 hired gun" or "coffee power up! " or " caffeine +1"

or just look at what anime is popular now and write the show's title on out of the loop as far as "popular shows" but i like Rideback and Stiens;Gate right now ..just be careful of copyrights
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Catchphrases should be much easier to get away with than images
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