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i've learned nothing important
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I've learned not to rape women because you'll be poisened and stabbed in the eye by ninja guys and die later.

---- censorship.
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Asaki Masako
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shyeah. Only like everything I know I learned from anime. I learned how to fight, believe it or not, I learned how to stand up to people who act like jerks, I learned some evil combacks for people who are creeps (thanks Duo, Vegeta) I learned that death is not the way out of things (thanks to DBZ, and Gundam Wing) I also learned a little about patience too, etc. I'm basically really in tune with life because of anime :B:
I'm a proud Duo fan!
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Anime rules!!
:goody: "Humans that only think of their survival are lifeforms that are lower than animals" -Quatre
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I've learned:
--that food can be used as a weapon
--martial arts can be applied to damn near any activity
--the guy you hate the most is the guy you'll love the most
--those cute little pets come in handy sometimes
--even heroes can die
"If everything tastes like chicken, then what does chicken taste like?"
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i learned that people can be raised by wolves(princess mononke) and whatever is strange and funny and has oni can get people intrested(urusie yatsura) that is what i can think of for the time without stressing my mind.
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I learned that kids are smarter than adults give them credit for.

Well, actually, I learned that *here*, not directly from watching anime. But I found that I can discuss anime intelligently (and sometimes sillily! ) with people who are mostly half my age.

Except for people like EVA Fiend and Wolfpac, who are obviously ancient fossils like me
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To be the very best, like no one ever was, that we all live in a pokemon world, it's a whole new world we live in, but i still gotta catch em all
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Originally posted by Dryden-san
Plus, after watching Excel Saga and FLCL, I discovered what it was like on an acid trip, thus saving me the effort of experimenting.
what did you learn from an acid trip?
"damn it trebeck" sean connery on snl
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Almost everything basically and that Anime could really get you broke. :B:
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