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Does anyone know who performed the opening for Revolutionary Girl's opening? you know, Rinbu? I wanted to find out who it was and check out the rest of her performances.

Fushigi Yuugi's OAV songs are good as well. Check out SHE and Yumekamo Shirenai. I love that song! They also have a song that's about best friends. You should definitely check that one out.
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No sweat Nairohe^^ I;ll try to get them! Nice seein ya again^^

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im not sure, but all i know is that its a damn good song
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No problem i'll go ask my girlfreind. That singer is her fave artist. ^_^
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I luv UTENA music oh-so-much! Sorry, I don't have any info about who sang/wrote the theme though, but is it possible that Rinbu isn't the name of the group? I've seen that song translated as "Dance Wheel Revolution", so could Rinbu possibly mean Dance wheel???

Also, I love the battle song they start playing near the end of the first story arc.....the one that ends "Revolution, Revolution, REVOLUTION!". So Utena....

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