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Wink Re-watching Boogiepop Phantom

I just finished watching Boogiepop Phantom for the third time. I think itís the first time in two years.

The artwork and animation are not great technically, although the drab color scheme and grainy images are actually quite bold. The mouth movements and dialog still donít match up in the Japanese dub. Still this is an anime which is fun to watch because of its dark and offbeat storyline, and the way it challenges the audience with a narrative style which throws chronological order into the mixer. This is the thinking manís anime.

Two things come to mind that I missed the first two times. (You really donít get it all the first time through). First, there are a lot of stories which do not get told. If you check the bonus section on disc 4, you can get a brief rundown. There are a lot of stories in the original book(s) which tie into this series, but I guess if they would have put them all in here you would get a longer series that would even be more difficult to follow. It would probably lose viewers along the way.

Second, I am not clear on what it is, but there seems to be some indication that the cop Morita had something to do with the serial killings which took place five years before the series opens.
This coming before the composite human kills Morita and takes over his body.

Anyway, those are just a few of my thoughts after re-watching Boogiepop Phantom. I recommend it for anyone who is into dark anime or who just likes to be challenged to think.
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I just bought the dvd set. I have not watched this series in a few years, but I just started reading one of the light novels ( i own two ), which is very good. The novels really give more detail and background which makes it easier to understand the motivations for some of the people you see in the anime series.
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