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Well, I just finished reading all that is currently available of the Gantz manga(chapter 186) and I was wondering if there was any other fan here since there's a lot of stuff that could be discusses about this manga. I liked it when I first read it a while back, but it really went up into my opinion recently as I read further. Just as I thought I could pretty much predict the pattern of the series, all goes haywire and it destabilizes me with twists that I would've never imagined and new ideas/mysteries to torture the mind. Damn. The only thing that doesn't change much is that Kurono rocks, even without a suit.
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Holy crap, this is fuggin' addicting. I read the first 8 volumes and I don't even think I took a breath...

Honestly, I'm not sure if I like it.. yet, but damn if it isn't addicting. It's by far the most addicting manga I ever read. Is it good? Um.. I think so? Not too sure, all I know is, I just couldn't stop reading.. hell, I barely even looked at the art. I mean, even "Titz" didn't stop me from constantly reading through.

Anyway, as I said, I've only read the first 8 volumes.. 7am now, gotta sleep, but I'm pretty sure on what I'll be doing after I wake up. I didn't really predict anything, seeing as how I was reading through this like a madman, but ----... volume 8... no way in hell did I expect what happened there. No way... in hell... nuh uh.

Crazy head trip, this one is. Haha, what makes it worse, is that I've been overloading on mushy shoujo lately, so this one came as much more of a shock then it probably would've.... ack, I gotta go now, I think my brain just popped...
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Finally caught up (ch190). Wow, some intense and crazy ass stuff.

I wonder tho, I mean after 16 or so volumes, there's still no info on what the hell Gantz is and what the hell this whole alien bashing is about. Every time they start to move the story to explain ----, the throw some new stuff and it gets all crazy again. The first 8 volumes, if I view that as like a "prelude" or "prequel" then I don't feel as bad about all the ---- that happened in volume 8. I figure, hey, now the REAL story can start to kick in.

But that's not the case. More people are thrown in, and ---- goes crazy all over again. People close to Kei keep dying, problems get solved, sorta, then people die again. I really don't know how Kei keeps his sanity.

Oh yea, and Izumi needs to die. Hardcore.

Meh, I'm rambling, and I got so much more I'd like to ramble on, but I'll hold off for now. Foryth, I can totally see what you meant now... this is one helluva rollercoaster.

There is one thing I disagree... Kurono still seems to be a bit of a wus in my mind. Haha, but I see it this way. He's like Superman... when he's Superman (as in, he's doing the Gantz stuff), he's cool as hell and ----... but when he's normal, everyday Kurono (like Clark Kent), he's a fuggin' pussy. Meh, at least that's how I related it, heh.

EDIT: Stupid spoiler tags.. I can never get that to work.
I'm not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.

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I know this is an old thread and I have not read as far as you guys have. I saw the anime first, so I had to check out the manga. It's great stuff. In America the first 11 volumes have been released. It's taking forever.
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I love reading Gantz but the writer is so slow in releasing new chapters that i have even forgotten where i stopped reading it.
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