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I'm just waiting out for the FM releases, slow but high quality. My pal however has sped ahead and reading the low quality rush releases, I believe they are taking on the team with that Argon fellow now?
you selfish generation!
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Right, Right! Sena has gotten ridiculously fast. Almost Hiten Mitusurgi style fast!! Yeah, he's definately upped his game. Well, if hadn't read that far yet, I won't spoil it for you. One things for sure is that there is definately some drama in the air!
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Damn fatty and Damn Jr. Fatty are my favorites!!!
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You guys still reading this one?

I'm not sure where I am; I'm following the Viz releases, so I'm up to volume 25 now.... in the middle of the exciting Shin vs. Sena showdown!

I tell you, this manga still manages to leave me on the edge of my seat every time I buy a new volume. I even find myself getting stressed out sometimes when it looks like the Devil Bats are going down. I have to keep reassuring myself that the series isn't ending anytime soon, so they can't lose in the end... but still! It's fun to see how they manage to pull off each victory.

And Hiruma still makes me crack up, lol.
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holy crap, you responded to a frickin old post, wow, are you willing to respond to any post?
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