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Dragonball Generations Vol.2

Dragonball Generations: Volume 2

And now...the conclusion

Dende Vegeta?! What is going on

Vegeta Dead? Yes, I've been getting that a lot, as of late.

Dende But how are you still alive?...

Vegeta It's a long story.

*Oneon buts in*

Oneon We'll have to explain it to you later Dende....Supreme Kai, about the Blade of Power...

Supreme Kai Yes...Vegeta, you said that you've seen it before...but where?

Vegeta When inside the sphere I saw many things. I don't know how I saw them, or why...But I know for a fact that the weapon is real...and I'm sure I know where it is...

Supreme Kai Where?

Vegeta The same place where it has always been...on a planet in the system where Vegeta once was...the saiyan home world.

Supreme Kai I know of the Saiyan system. I could guide you there...But It's too far from here to take the ship...I don't know if I have the strength in me to transport something so large, but I could try to use my instantaneous movement to transport us and the ship directly to the Saiyan System.

Oneon Wait...My father left me a message saying that I should go to Dende's homeworld, New Namek.

Dende Your father's plan...

Supreme Kai What plan?

Dende There is a very old friend of mine that is living on that planet, he is the Elder Namek...His name is Piccolo...If I am correct, the Dragonballs there should still be intact, waiting to summon Parunga, the Dragon.

Vegeta And what if they are not there?

Dende They are me...I have been keeping contact with Piccolo for some time now...The Dragonballs have already been gathered and are waiting for the three wishes to be made...

Supreme Kai If that is where the Blade of Power truely is, then we should not waste our time. We have no idea when Diablo may stike.

*A dark palace...A shadowy figure is sitting in a thrown...A chess board at his side...*

Voice *Moving a piece into position* Yet they do not see the fatal error that they have made...

*The figure stands*

Voice Waste my time no longer....Let the Ceremony....Begin..

*Back to the Lookout*

Anna The sooner we get that sword, the better.

Oneon Right...Let's move.

Anna What about dad? We can't leave without him.

Tahn ...And you won't, I got back just a second ago.

Anna I thought you were going to New West City?

Tahn I was, but I had a feeling I should come back...just didn't feel right leaving. *Tahn looks over at Vegeta*

*Everyone is getting ready to leave, when Dende goes to Tahn with some supplies*

Dende Here is some food for all of you, it should be enough to last a few days.

Tahn Thanks...and be sure to keep an eye out while we're gone...that's what your best at. *laughs*

*Oneon is getting some supplies ready*

Supreme Kai *looking at Vegeta and Tahn* I get the feeling that those two don't like each other.

Oneon You don't want to know, trust me.

*Oneon speaks to everyone*

Oneon Ok, everything is ready, let's go.

*Everyone enters the ship, and says their goodbyes one more time*

Vegeta Let's hope that the Kai has what it takes, or we may not be going anywhere.

Supreme Kai Here goes nothing...

*The Supreme Kai places his hands on the ship and begins to concentrate...the ship begins to shake...then it disappears, reappearing in a system of planets*

Supreme Kai I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that again...

Anna *pointing at the viewing screen* I can see planets.

Supreme Kai It has to be on one of those...

Oneon The ship is showing a massive energy reading coming from one of these planets...*looking at the screen*...That one!...the one behind the star.

*The power is coming from a desolate, and dark appears that to have no life at all*

Vegeta Then lets not waste our time, shall we.

*Oneon flys the ship towards the planet...when he sees something*

Oneon What in the?...

Tahn ...Oh my God...

*Around the planet, swarming, is a cloud, made of millions of demons...*

Supreme Kai Quickly, go around so they don't see us.

*Oneon flys the ship around to the dark side of the planet, and descends.*

Oneon looks like we are in the right place.

Anna I'm not so sure about that...

Vegeta Don't be fooled...those demons are a mere diversion...they have no real power.

Oneon Over there...the power is coming from that.

*There is a massive temple in the distance*

Vegeta Yes...this is where I saw that temple.

*The ship is landed as close to the temple as possible...Everyone exits the ship*

Oneon It's massive...

Tahn Come on, let's hurry.

*Everyone walks inside the temple...The entrance opens into a long hallway...As everyone is walking, Oneon notices something*

Oneon Hey, there's something written on the walls, I can't read it...Vegeta?

Vegeta Yes...I can read it, it's written in an old saiyan language.

Oneon What does it say?

Vegeta It's telling the history of the Saiyan Race, and the generations of kings...Nothing of any importance to us...

Oneon Keep may say something about the Blade of Power.

*The Hallway ends, and opens up into a large room...there is a throne at the end of the room...there appears to be floating above the thrown.*

Oneon Is that?.....

Supreme Kai The Blade of Power...Quickly, Vegeta, take it.

Oneon Wait! has to be trapped somehow, otherwise those Demons would have it by now...Vegeta, see what is written on the walls, it may tell us how to use the Blade.

Vegeta It says..."Legend speaks of a mighty warrior, a warrior that fell into darkness, a warrior who's hunger for power would cost him not only his life, but much more...His soul. He has no name...He known only as...The Diablo..."

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The Blade of Power...intrusted to the King by the Angel of War...inside it resides a power so great, that it drove many to the point of madness to possess it, yet only those of the Royal Family can wield this blade...

And then they came...the demon hoards...their existance and origin is an enigma...they are one consciousness, yet one of them thinks seperatly, their leader... AeshMa' Deva...leading the unnumerable mass of demons, his bloodthirsty greed for the unlimited power of this weapon would shape the future of the entire universe...

Unknown to the ones that watched over this weapon...the demons had a plan to take this blessed relic from its guardians and use its power as their own... Only one could stop them


Sit...and let me tell you the story of this man and his struggles...

Son-in-law of the King, was he...Diablo...strived to win favor from the King so that he may take the throne when the time was, very close he was...his downfall would be two things, of complete opposition...inevitably, and ironically it would be...his love...and his greed...

This is his story...

Diablo, the most honored and respect Saiyan, second to the King himself, wanted nothing but good for his people...but he contained one flaw...Greed...He saw himself more fit to lead the Saiyan people, he saw himself equal to the king and would dispute any action the king made...the King saw Diablo's greed, but he also knew that his greatest general would not overstep his boundaries...or so he thought...

Diablo *bowing to the king* Sire, the demon hoards are spreading beyond our control, even now they come closer to the planet...Not even The Crusader's and My Strength combined can stop them...

King ...Ready the Infantry...Every man that can fight...have them prepared for battle by tomorrow...

Diablo But Sire, my Brother is in the infantry...he...they are not ready for this...

King It is our only chance. We must send the infanty to allow the women and children to escape...If the infantry isn't ready, make them ready.

Diablo What about you Sir?! Why not use the weapon that seek so?

King If I could, then I would gladly take this blade from it's resting place and smite the swarm in one fell swoop, but I cannot. It is not time...and it is not my place to use know as well as I that they are the only ones ordained to use this weapon *the King points to a painting on the wall of two men*...we must send in all our forces if we wan't to have any chance of survival.

Diablo Sire, this is foolish! You are asking me to send good, honest men...husbands, sons, brothers, all of them, to their graves!

King You think I do not know this!? We must have faith in them to do as they not question my Judgement again...ready the infantry.

Diablo Yes...Sire

*Diablo begins to leave*

King Diablo...Go out to the men, and speak to them...give them hope...I am going to die one day, and you are my only heir. The people need someone, other than me, that they can turn to...You are a great leader Diablo, but you must learn to control your temper and your greed if you ever wish to take my place as the people's king...And do not trouble yourself over you brother, He is a mighty warrior, just as yourself, he will kill his share.

Diablo Yes, my King.

*Hours later, Diablo returns to the King's army to give his speach*

Diablo ...The King has summoned us all here on this day to battle an enemy like we have never faced before...I see fear in may of you eyes and I do not hold this against you, I too share that fear...You may be wondering why the King as seemingly sent us to our deaths...and yes, it is true, we have little hope for survival, but as the king has told me, we must have faith...If we truely believe that we can defeat them...then we can defeat them...
The King has named me as his heir, and I intend to lead you, and our people to I ask you, have faith...and let them remember who we are...we are the Saiyan Race, and we are not afraid!

*The crowd erupts into cheer*

*Later, the troops are stationed in an encampment, waiting for the approaching foe...Diablo goes to his brother*

Diablo It's been a long time, brother.

Vegeta Yes it has, it's good to see you again, Diablo.

Diablo What has it been...ten years?

Vegeta It seems so...It appears you are doing well for is your son, what is his name? I have not seen him since he was born.

Diablo He is strong...I have named him after you, Vegeta, if that is alright with you...I know I should have asked for your blessing before doing so.

Vegeta Of course it is alright, I am honored.

Diablo Thank you...we haven't much time, I will assemble the troops...I shall look for you on the battlefield.

Vegeta As will I.

*As Diablo is walking away, he turns back to Vegeta one last time*

Diablo Remember, If they overwhelm you, call out to not try to face them alone, understood.

Vegeta I will...Good luck to you, brother.

*Vegeta salutes Diablo, then Diablo walks away*

*Diablo returns to his encampment for one last meeting with his 4 advisors, The Crusaders*

Diablo They are ready...but I am not sure if that will be enough...

*A scout runs to Diablo*

Scout Sir, our time has been cut short, the enemy forces approach.

Diablo *To The Crusaders* Prepare yourselves.

*Diablo steps outside and speaks to the crowd*

Diablo The enemy approaches, Prepare youselves, men!

*The saiyan forces line up in the open field...the demon hoard comes closer, until it reaches the planet...the hoard decends to the planet's surface...the demon leader, AeshMa' Deva steps forward.

AeshMa' Deva Bow to us, Saiyans, an we may spare your lives...refuse, and we shall break you!

Diablo We shall die before the Saiyan race bows to such darkness!

AeshMa' Deva And so you shall...Kill them! Kill them All! Leave not one alive!

Diablo *to the troops* ATTACK!!!

*Diablo and The Crusaders...the 5 Strongest soldiers in all the saiyan armor, transform into Ascended form (Super Saiyan) as they run towards the hoard...The two opposing forces clash, the saiyan forces have killed thousands of demons, but the demon forces are simply too vast, and they begin to take the upper hand*

Vegeta *being attacked my several demons* Diablo, HELP!

Diablo Vegeta?! Where are you!

Vegeta Brother Help!

*The Demons have killed nearly the entire saiyan army other than Diablo, The Crusaders, Vegeta, and a few other soldiers*

Diablo Brother, Hold on!

*Diablo spots Vegeta, and flies to his aid, but is knoched down by a demon and pinned by several others*

Diablo Release Me!

*AeshMa' Deva steps forward*

AeshMa' Deva So, this is Diablo...the mighty guardian of the Blade of Power...pffft...your king was a fool to send such an inferior force against us...*To the demons attacking Vegeta* Bring that one before me!....*To Diablo*...If you can break free, the we shall let your brother live..

Diablo You monster...

AeshMa' Deva *leaning down towards Diablo* What is weak?

*Diablo tries to escape with every fiber of his being, but he can not break free*

AeshMa' Deva Just as I though...tear him apart...

Diablo NO!

*Diablo Watches in horror as his brother is ripped to shreads in front of his eyes*



*Something inside Diablo that he has never experienced before, nor any other explosion of energy comes out of every cell in his body...Diablo grabs the heads of the 2 demons holding him down, and decapitates them...Diablo screams at the top of his lungs as he begins to transform...Diablo is the legendary warrior...he has become the first true "Ascended One"...a super saiyan like the universe has ever seen....Diablo reaches the fourth super saiyan transformation...He releases a wave of energy that destorys half of the demon forces*


*Diablo walks toward AeshMa' Deva, never taking his eyes off him*

AeshMa' Deva power...

*AeshMa' Deva falls on his back...Diablo places his foot on his throat*

AeshMa' Deva Wait! Do not kill me! Please...

Diablo Why should I show such a foul creature mercy?!

*Diablo begins to crush AeshMa' Deva's throat...the demon manages to say one last thing*

AeshMa' Deva I can bring him back!

*Diablo Stops*

Diablo What?!

AeshMa' Deva If you let me live, I shall restore your brother's life to him...there is only one other thing I ask of you...

Diablo What is that?

AeshMa' Deva In return for your brother's must kill the king...

b]Diablo[/b] Kill the King? ...If I do this, then how do I know you will fulfill your promise? And also...what is stopping me from killing you when you revive him?

AeshMa' Deva If I die, so shall he...and you shall never realize your purpose.

Diablo Purpose? *Lightening his hold*

AeshMa' Deva Yes, your're purpose is to wield the do so, you must kill the one ordained to oversee it...the one responsible for the massacre're king.

Diablo You are nothing but a serpent...

AeshMa' Deva A lier, am I? As a token, I shall revive your brother now...but...if you do not bring the king's head to me, I shall take back what I have given.

*The demon stands to his feet and faces Vegeta's corpse...AeshMa' Deva stretches out his hand and begins to fill the corpse with energy...Vegeta's body begins to regenerate...Vegeta stands*

Diablo Brother!

Vegeta Diablo...what is happening?

AeshMa' Deva And now you're end of the bargain.

Diablo I shall do as you ask...but tell me...why is it that you wish for me to attain this power?

AeshMa' Deva Because...*Evil Grin*...then it shall be mine...

*Diablo looks at the Demon, Shocked...suddenly, a hand bursts through Diablo's right lung, and Diablo falls to the ground...AeshMa' Deva had revived Vegeta, but not how Diablo had expected*

AeshMa' Deva Your kind are such think that I would allow you take the Blade of Power as your own...I am the one destined to wield that weapon! And once I have the power of that blade in my hands, everyone shall bow. *leaning down to Diablo, who is gasping for breath* Not even you, or your god shall stop too shall bow.

Diablo *with the last breath in his body, Diablo says these last words*...Your words are poison...God shall never bow before you...My weaknesses have been shown to me today, and I shall be judged accordingly...but you will not blacken my soul with your lies as you have others, I will not..

*Diablo begins to spit up blood...with his last breath, Diablo begins to pray*

AeshMa' Deva FOOL! Silence your words! I will take the Blade of Power as my own, and you shall help me!

*AeshMa' Deva picks up Diablo's body and possess him...the ground shakes...the clouds begin to clear...every last demon left on the planet dissappears...AeshMa' Deva is in control of Diablo's body*

*A flame flickers in Diablos eyes*

Diablo has begun...

*The Crusaders return to Diablo*

Poata Sir, the demons have retreated.

Kirin Yes...but not without great loss.

Diablo Our mission isn't over yet...

Poata Sir?

Diablo The King is to blame for this destruction...look...there lies what once was my brother...if not for the King, he would still be alive!

Tome' But if not for his, and the others' sacrifice, our entire world would have been destroyed.

Diablo The King shall pay for his actions, and you four shall accompany me...whether you chose to or not.

Pinach Sir?!

*Diablo summons four demons and possess the crusaders*

Diablo Now...bow before me, my generals.

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