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The Drow. Part 2

....................................................... ..................................................

Talorial walked from the bar leaving the three guards behind. He looked down at the ground never making eye contact with any of the other citizens, fearing he his identity would be discovered. Talorial made his was through the streets looking each side of him every now and then studying the building, most still had light pouring from the windows. Talorial paused a moment and stared
at one building inparticular,looking through the windows, seeing a family sitting and eating dinner, it reminded the drow of his family which he ran from all thoes years ago back in menzobarenzan. his mother, luk'shar was a high priestess of lloth, the spider queen. His father Talor was the house weapon master, a skilled warrior and respected man, as respected as a man could be in menzobarenzan. Men had no power in menzobarenzan. women were superior, they were larger and stronger than drow males. And drow women seemed much, much more evil, trying to gain the spider queens favor sometimes requiring a sacrifice. Usually they would use a male for this as they were unimportant and served no purpose.

Talorial was suddenly snapped out of his thoughs of Menzobarenzan by a shriek of terror, which pireced through the night air and the dark elves sensitive ears. At first he though that someone else had discovered he was a dark elf, but then people all around him began running, but not from him there was something else around. Talorial rushed towards the crowd trying to discern what the people were running from. The drow Rounded a sharp corner and and slammed head first into something, knocking him to the ground. Talorial looked up from the ground, to find a half bull, half man creature staring back at him with burning eyes. Talorial jumped up as fast as his body could manage, just as the huge beast slammed its axe down driving it straight into the stone path where the drow was lying seconds before. Talorial ripped his sword from his sheath and held it out defenceivly in front of him, though he knew it would do little good against the minitors huge axe.
The Minitor came in with a wide arc at the talorials body, but the agile drow ducked under the axe and swung his sword with all his might connecting with the beasts exposed belly, and drove straight through seperating the minitors torso from its legs, blood sprayed over the wall above where the minitor lay daying.
talorial didnt have time to question what the beast was doing in a town, monsters rarely came into a crowed town let alone one the size of glaz'brou. talorial knelt low not noticing the impending danger as a second minitor came rushing around the corner where the dark elf had came from. The beast took the drow by suprise crashing into him and knocking him to the ground with a thud. As Talorial hit the ground he lost grip on his sword and it was send gliding along the stone walkway. The dark elf rolled over onto his back looking up at the wretched, smelly beast which towered over him. Talorial looked up at the huge brown hariy beast. the minitor raised its axe into the air howling, it seemed so sure of it's self. Talorial rolled to his left as the axe came in for the killer blow crashing into the ground where Talorials head should have been. By the time the beast noticed it had missed it was too late. Talorial spun too his feet and ran for his sword, the minitor began to give chace but was too late. The tables had turned now talorial was on the attack now. The drow charged in smacking the monsters axe far wide and kicked out with his right leg putting the beast of balance. The drow thrusted his sword scoring a deadly blow on the huge beast impailing it on his five and a half foot long blade, then when the blade was inbeded into the beasts chest ripped it up making a perfect line straight from the chest to the bests head, killing it instantly. talorial slid his sword into its scheath, the fight was over.
The screams of panic and terror came to a halt, and the dark elf soon noticed why. a fair sized ground had gathered around the drow elf. Talorial's hood came off during the fight, he felt so exposed, there eyes in some ways made him feel embarased of his heritage even ashamed. His disguise was gone, they all knew him for what he was now, the crowd had seen him doing what he does best, death. The crowd was silent no one knew what to do .Did they thank this "evil" fiend or destroy it. Talorial wasnt sure either so he done the only thing he could do, run. he ran as hard and fast as his legs would cary him, through the crowd and towards the huge gates which may well be what seals his fate, as they were closing...

to be continued..........
countdown to oblivion -:-:-:-: 2860 days to go........

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