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Anime All Out Showdown Part 1 continued...

Anime Showdown

Part 1 continued….

“Tokyo, who wants to know?” Amuro says sarcastically.
“Picking a fight?” Kaneda says.
“You shouldn’t pick fights with people with giant robots if you value your life.”
At that moment a bright light lit up the forest as Amuro jumped back into his cockpit. He raised his rifle as a young man with cat ears and a huge sword jumped through into the canopy where our three heroes were standing as he shouted “Wind Scar.” Immediately the ground and air all around Goku became a violent tornado, hurling him into the air. As he powered up to become Super Sayian, a young woman with a very blue Rickenbacker bass guitar flies off a moped and whams Goku in the back of the head. His body hurls back to where he had been standing moments ago.
“You should watch out where your flying, orange shirt!” Haruhara Haruko yells. She lands back onto her yellow moped like it was no biggie.
“Why does everyone keep hitting me,” Goku yells!!!
“Who are you people,” Kaneda yells!
“WHERE’S KAGOME,” Inuyasha yells back!
“I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away! HAAAAAA!” Evangelion unit 1 screams out as it lands on Nu Gundam’s back. Almost immediately it takes a giant junk out of Nu’s shoulder as Kaneda fires randomly at it (doing no damage to his dismay).
“Red Ribbon Army!”
“Would anyone like Extra Spicy Little Prince Curry?”
All of them turn around at the strange woman on the moped. She’s got a bowl of curry in one hand and a spoon in the other.

Part 2- Picnic Invaders

As our heroes of many different adolescent Japanese cartoons sit around eating Extra Spicy Little Prince Curry (Goes to New York Special to be exact). Hordes of other lingering heroes are transported here and there from all different sorts of live. While eating at their picnic, this first group of heroes may be in more danger than expected.

“So what do you do for a living?”
“I go around collecting pieces of this shikon jewel,” Inuyasha replies.
“OH! I kinda do the same thing but I collect Dragon Balls.”
“I didn’t know dragons had visible reproductive organs,” Kaneda remarks.
“No, they are these 7 orange balls and they grant wishes.”
“Wow, you wouldn’t happen to know if I would be able to wish a significantly large but powerful galatic life form out of a prison with those balls of yours, would you?
“Probably, but we just wish to resurrect dead people.”
“So let me get this straight,” Shinji interrupts. “We are all from different worlds and all have really important jobs back home. And we all just magically appeared in this forest.”
“… Yea.”

Without any notice, a large boom goes off in the distance. Nu Gundam’s right arm had been blown off. The group runs over to Nu Gundam, only to find that three men in audaciously tight spandex (that are really colorful) are standing on top of the Gundam.
“INVADER SCUM!!” One of them shouts as they run behind the Gundam. Next second three jets fly up into the air and collide with each other as they hear somebody echoing “GETTER ONE!!!”
“We will destroy that enemy robot with Getter Robo!!!” Ryoma shouts unnesccarily loud.
“Not so fast!” Evangelion jumps up to meet Getter Robo flying towards Nu. Right before they collide, Getter Robo breaks itself back into the three jets, flies off in the distance, and then reforms back as everyone hears another really annoying “GETTER ONE!”
“That’s really annoying.”
A young man appears in the canopy with the rest of the group. They don’t seem to notice him as they watch the robot battle. He almost blends in with the nature. He grabs an arrow and aims it with his bow.
“Arrow???” Kaneda states as he watches in disbelief as the young man’s arm flexes almost uncontrollably and let’s go of the arrow. The arrow swerves like a curve ball but goes straight into Getter Robo’s head. A few seconds later the young boy jumps up into the air onto the back of Getter Robo and pulls out his sword. Using the gravity and his own muscles he pulls back as he basically cuts Getter into half.
“Who the hell is that?” The young boy walks back to the group and they get to see him clearly for the first time. He’s wearing a blue shirt and a strange red hat. As he walks up to him he says that he’s from the east and his name is Ashitaka. Mesmerized by his calm fury they don’t notice as a tiny yellow animal jumps onto Goku’s head. Before anyone even notices, the entire group is paralyzed by electricity.
“Way to go Pikachu!”
“HHHHHAAAAAAAA,” the group calls back as a young man with an Ivy League hat approaches. He grabs at something at his belt and throws it yelling:
“I choose you, Charmander!” An adorable red pokemon appears and scorches the group as Pikachu continues to release a constant stream of electricity. The electricity powers up Haruko’s bass guitar though and she pulls the cord to crank it. She flings it in the air and smashes the yellow blob like animal off Goku’s head. Pikachu slams into a tree as a strange boy like ninja wearing a very annoyingly orange shirt flies out of the tree striking Kaneda in the chest with his shurikens as Kaneda tries to make a run for his red motorcycle. Kaneda slumps down and falls over.
“Ninjitsu rocks!”
“What the ----!” Shinji yells as he deflects all the other shurikens being thrown from Uzamaki Naruto with his AT field.
“Goddamn kids!” Inuyasha yells as he pulls out his sword from his sheath with a glow of light. The sword grows big as he jumps toward the boy Ninja, Naruto.
A man in a red jet flies low shooting his rail gun at the two colliding swordsman/Ninja. As he does Shinji and Evagelion Unit 1 flip through the air and scathe Spike’s Swordfish Jet. Spike ejects himself out of there as he pulls out his magnums and starts firing at Evangelion’s head. Gundam finally gets back up and shoots at Evangelion Unit 1. The shot hits Eva in the back as Shinji is started by bewilderment.
“WTF MAN! Why you shooting at your friend.”
“It’s a good thing us Getter Robo pilots can pilot most other robot types. This old model wouldn’t stand a minute against the invaders. Now die Purple Robo!”

Suspense, intrigue, and steroids glow within our fighters as they begin their all out attack. Who will die, who should die, and who else can possibly show up!!!

“Wow, Dude, I’m impressed,” Matt says at me as he grabs for another handful of popcorn.
“Who would ever think that Getter Robo could be defeated by a Miyazaki character,” Mike replies.
“I think you’re the only one who even knows what a Getter Robo is Mike.” I say back.
“Come on, you know I’m a total nerd with old robot cartoons.”
“That yell really loud,” Daniel adds in.
“So let’s watch the 2nd episode,” Kelly says.
“Sure, but first I need to go to the restroom. All that orange soda is making my bladder full to bursting and I really like this couch.
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