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The Lunar Child...

This is an Evangelion facfiction that introduces new characters, although a few from the series will turn up. It's a little rough, so please read and comment. Enjoy!

The fluorescent bulb flickered on and off above Katame, “Why am I here?” She said glancing out of the window at the large white Evangelion, which consequently was the reason, the reason for her near death, the reason for her parent’s death, and the reason for her coming to the moon in the first place. Sure, there were other people on the base, but they were all either mechanics or lab-coated technicians who seemed to like poking her with needles as much as they did to that damn robot.
“God, I hate that thing,” she commented under her breath. “Oh, it can’t be that bad could it?” said a kind voice behind her, “I mean, you get to pilot that thing.” Katame turned around and found herself looking at a surprisingly good looking boy, who seemed to be about her age. She blushed and quickly turned away. The boy continued on, “I mean, I’m really new and they won’t let me near it yet.”
He sighed and sat down next to her looking out the window with a slight glimmer in his eyes. “Anyway….” he said, “I’m Mark, what’s your name?”
“I’m… I’m Katame, Katame Yamatori,” she said.
”I haven’t seen someone my age for who knows how long and…..” he suddenly stopped and walked away quickly. It was then Katame noticed that he was also wearing a plugsuit similar to hers, “Wait!” she said as the door closed behind him. “Great! Just great!” she told herself. “The first person your age you’ve seen in a long time and the only thing you can say is your name…”
“Oh!” she exclaimed. “I’m going to be late for the test.” She dashed from the room and skidded down the hall a glimmer of tears detectable on her cheek...
“I’m sorry Dr. Akagi!” said Katame panting heavily as she ran into the room. “Honestly!” commented the lab-coated woman, “Where have you been? What have I told you about leaving your quarters without permission? Did you live through the destruction of the Second Branch in Nevada for nothing? And also… what have I told you about calling me ‘Dr. Akagi,’ call me Ritsuko.”
“I’m sorry,” murmured Katame. “I just lost track of time…”
“You really need to learn to keep track of time,” said Ritsuko. “But now it’s time to begin today’s tests.” “Yes ma’am,” said Katame sighing.
She collapsed in her bunk that night exhausted, after which she quickly fell asleep. However, her dreams were not pleasant. They started out with visions of Kensuke, her former boyfriend, and Hikari, her best friend since childhood. Then came the visions of the crashing, the burning, the angel, her parent’s death. The next day she was pulled out of school and taken away to the secret NERV lunar base where she had been ever since. She didn’t even get to say goodbye. Suddenly, Katame awoke with a start, the siren was screaming and Dr. Akagi ran into the room. “Katame! It’s an angel!”

Well, there goes. I hope you liked it.

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-Sosuke Sagara

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