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your top 3 'animated' music video's?

Hi I was wondering what's everyones top 5 of animated music videos? (these video's must have aired on television..)

Here's mine:

Number 1: A-HA - take on me
timeless song, clip is a comic book come to life, the girl gets sucked into it and goes on a black-white sketch drawn adventure, very nicely done

Number 2: Pearl jam -do the evolution

It's a violent music video but the animation really relays the message...

here's a picture:

number 3:

Daft punk - digital love
the guy has a guitar shaped spaceship

Number 4:

Paul Mcartney - We all stand together

Song about rupert the bear, with frog orchestra

number 5:

Dire straits - money for nothing

best guitarplayer in the world, mark knopfler..and it's 80ies style CG

EDIT: AAH the toppic header should read 'top 5', not 'top3', could a mod please change it? i thank you in