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Unkown webcam

Hi, my sis borught home this webcam a friend gave to her as a gift. The webcam is used, and the guy only gave her the device. I don't have software, drivers, and more strange, I don't even have any tag about the camera's brand and model. Its just a sphere with something popping out from the lower part of it, wich I thought was a screw to put on top of the monitor, but its like some kind of spiked handle screw or something.

Well, windows can't recognize the device with more than the "Camera" tag and as a "Other devices" device type. So I wonder, how can I make this camera work? How can I find the brand? How can I find the drivers?

Eva resources en espaņol
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Ask the friend.
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You can try to update it through Microsoft's own driver library (online search), or if I were you I'd just unscrew the thing, find the components, look them on the net and find a suitable driver. The former's much easier than latter, so only to latter when you really have no choice and careless whether or not the camera may function after opening it.
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Throw it in the bin.
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