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Cloud (2 of 4)

Note: I apologize for making making 4 separate threads for my picís at one time but I didnít want to pack them together in one thread, So I'll just leave the C&C in your capable hands ^_^

Ahhhh.... A Cloud fan art, I know every one seen about a hundred of these and I'm getting kinda tired of seeing them, But I was thinking I never drew a cloud fan art and I think every artist needs to a least draw cloud at least once ^_^. I also did this from my head and I try to do the best I could to remember cloud (from KH) so if ya see some thing wrong point it out.

Sorry for my rambling, Anyway I came here for two reasons 1) For the C&C and 2) I need help CGing.

The first one is an unfinished one that I started to CG and I thought it wasnít going well so I quit so im going to put a B&W one so if anyone want to take a shot at it. If anyone want to change anything go ahead but give the drawing credits to me.

As for the feet I just thought that I should put a kind of darkness shadow feet and itís not because im lazy *cough* yeah that's not it

C&C welcome and if anyone wants to go and CG it tell me and Iíll OK it, Thanks ^_^



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It doesn't really look like Cloud... but ok.

The arms are both too long, imo... and the one holding the sword looks like it's attached to him backwards... if you know what I mean.
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umm yeah it looks like he broke his back in that awkward position aghhh i know why cause you put the phum on the wrong side of his hand or he just broke his elbow
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I'd have to say that his face doesn't really look like Cloud.. Cloud's face doesn't really have a lot of angles. I agree with Akiahara about the arms. For the feet.. suuuure... you weren't lazy at all. No really, I think it would look better if the shadow went the other direction, since it seems from what little shading I can see that the light source is coming from the left.

I've never played Kingdom Hearts, but I think this pic looks nice overall.
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looks like cloud to me, but then again, i only played kingdom hearts for like 30 minutes nice pic, i really like the coloring, but i think the other guys already got all the criticisms i could think of.
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