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Arrow Heaven's Lost Property

Here is another series I began following on Comcast's Xfinity On-Demand. The series is available for free, but the first three chapters are only available until March 22.

Tomoki is an average anime teenage schoolboy, meaning he is currently living alone without his parents. One day a girl with wings falls out of the sky and begins to call him "master." Her name is Ikaras, and she has the power to grant him any wish.

This seems to be a series along the same lines of Chobits, but it may be a bit better done. I say "may be" because I am really not sure which way this series will be going. It started out as a T&A tease. For example, the entire second episode involves Tomoki's best friend Sohara who is unable to keep her panties on because of some random thought Tomoki had. (You have to see the episode to understand it.) But in episode 3, there are hints that Ikaras' presence is part of some conspiracy.

This series can go either way. I will give a full review once I have watched the entire thing, or once I have gotten totally board with it that I want to go no further. After all, I twice tried to watch Chobits but gave up after a half dozen episodes.

No spoilers if you have seen this already. If anyone else is watching, please comment. It's getting dull just posting with no responses.
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Has anyone else seen this series? I have gotten through episode 9, and I am not sure if I will continue. Without giving anything away, if anyone has seen this series and thinks I should continue, tell me why without any spoilers.

I said this series is a bit like Chobits. Well, I didn't get through that one either. I knew there was something serious and dangerous to take place, but the series just took too long to get there forcing me to sit through one inane episode after another.

Heaven's Lost Property also hints at something sinister, but does not take that long to get to the point. A second angel named Nymph appears to waken Ikaras' memory, and she poses a real threat to Tomoki and his friends. But that does not stop Tomoki from getting into one idiotic and juvenile situation after another. In Chobits, there was one episode which dealt with girls' panties. It was actually the best episode of those I saw. But in Heaven's Lost Property we get two panty episodes one after another -- but they are not funny or remotely entertaining. Rather they are on a 10-year-old's level. Despite nudity and a bit of profanity, the entire series is on that level.

So if anyone has seen the series, tell me if it stays that way until the end, or if something really interesting or worthwhile happens. Episode 10 is not yet available on Xfinity, so I have time to wait.
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This is just a fanservice series with a very crappy storyline
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