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Smile Hi I'm new.

Hello, how is everyone here. I'm new (as you can tell by the thread name). I hope to learn a lot about anime here. See ya'll around.
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Hiya Krystalin!

Welcome to Animeboards!

You are sure to learn about anime here!

Hope to see you around.

Isn't Klonoa CUTE!
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Welcome to AB.

Enjoy your stay.
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hi ya Krystalin and welcome to the best place on the net

hope you have a great time here at AB
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Hi!!! Good to see someone I know here!!! Welcome to the monster that is Animeboards!
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welcome to animeboards!
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Hello, Krystalin
You are new here as am I
as people have welcomed me, I will welcome you

otherwise known as Ispano alias Kooler Kamikazi of the X-Fighters
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Irasshaimase, Krystalin!
Enjoy your stay here at AB.
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hi there and welcome to the animeboards!
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Yoha Krystalin!
Welcome to animeboards.
Enjoy yer stay!
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welcome to AB

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Welcome Krystalin. i'm new here too so have fun and talk to you later
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Hey hey!Welcome to AB.
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welcome to AB!
have fun!
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