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New Sunrise mecha anime - "Cross Ange"

Sexy pilot suits, sexy CGI mecha designs, nice music.

Let's see what happens.
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I am always in for any new mecha anime, but what is this anime called.
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Искам да свиря на бас китара, но не ми се дават пари, а и е много занимавка.
Също и на пиано - имам дълги пръсти, които са ми бонус и за двата инструмента.
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Actually what we need are more female protagonists and less fan service ( like ghost in the shell stand alone complex ) I'm not picky though. There seems to be a boom of female characters who can "hold their own" as it were. I hope that trend continues.

On the other hand I just hope there are stories and plots that can keep up. Case in point..Cross Ang. It has a great story..excellent mech designs....Character designs look like they are from the same person who did Lelouche of the Rebellion. But it has way too much fan service for what should be a great story. It's like adding too much salt to a good meal.

But then again some people like a lot of salt. To each his own. XD
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Aye. I don't the mind the fanservice myself, but it seems to be off-putting for some people. But that aside, the show has been pretty solid all around. I've been liking it so far. Although being honest, the last few episodes have been a, for me.
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