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Looking for new anime to be introduced to.

As someone new to anime I was only able to know about either the insanely popular ones, or the newer ones. However, I realized there are some good older anime that barely get recognition or had recognition but is overshadowed by the new anime series. I was hoping I can get suggestions on some good ones to watch.

The ones I liked were:

Code Geass
Akame ga kill
No game no life
Kuroko no Basuke
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Shingeki no Kyojin
Steins Gate

Other than Kuroko no Baskue the others had a thriller-like atmosphere that had me on my toes.

Although the basis of this thread is to give me anime I have never heard about, don't be afraid to name any current popular ones. Because although it maybe popular to you, I may have never heard of it.

Animes I don't want suggested:
Fairy Tail
One Piece
Death Note

Not a big fan of any of those though Naruto had some elements that were intriguing. (The storyline however was full of holes, because the concept of Lee fighting in a war with his weights on is odd.)

Also, nothing super peppy or chibi-like.

I like my intense anime, so if you know any like the ones I like stated above or any other intense ones that would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day, everyone.
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