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Doc on Japanese Otaku Culture

Title says it all....I'll comment on it eventually, I just haven't watched it all.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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I bet that the Train Man thing isn't real but just a Myth. I wonder if the Otaku culture is now more accepted because there is more of them or because the Western World made it cool?

I have a feeling that "Moe" will be the next Westernized Japanese word.

Oh am I the only one who thinks that the presenter stands out more than the cosplayers?
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The train man was never real nor even close to reality, its just an exaggerated Jdrama serie, talking about scary type of otaku's, this one has them all.

I find it very offensive as an asian that they couldn't use a normal voice over when translating what the japanese were saying, but they had use the fake accent and FOB way of talking. If they actually were using FOB just make it that little bit less professional. Other than that its scary to see so many otaku's in one place and even scarier when you see them chatting up idols over the phone, gullible just isn't enough to describe it.

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They've been removed?

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The videos are removed....
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