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Wink Final Fantasy News

Squaresoft's official Final Fantasy X here site has gone live. Though content is skeletal at best, with nothing more for English readers than a few already-posted screenshots, the opening intro movie is noteworthy for the way it showcases Yuna to the exclusion of all other characters. Greyed out sections of the site include World, Motions, and Downloads, so expect additions as the game's release date nears.
Today's press release announcing its Electronic Entertainment Expo roster, Square EA also offered a new look at Final Fantasy X's setting and plot.
The planet on which Final Fantasy X is set has acquired a name -- "Spira" -- making FF X only the second Final Fantasy in which the game world has an actual name. (Final Fantasy IX's planet was named Gaia.) The FF series' trademark summoned monsters also have their requisite new name: "Aeons."

New plot details describe the beginning of the story as the traditional destruction of the hero's homeland. Tidus miraculously survives the attack -- it's not clear yet what destroys his homeland -- and awakens in the middle of ruins. He soon meets up with Yuna, who is traveling the world to visit temples and learn how to summon the Aeons, "powerful spirits of yore," so she can destroy the force of nature known as Sin.
As the pair journey, they learn more about Spira's past. One thousand years ago, Spira was a land of great technological advancement and "spectacular cities." However, Sin suddenly and mysteriously arose and destroyed all civilization. Since then, the people have lived in fear of technology, never knowing when and where Sin will strike next. Predictably, it's up to Tidus and Yuna to break the millennium-old curse.
Final Fantasy X is due out July 17th in Japan. North American and European releases will follow in early and mid 2002, respectively.

Square EA today announced its line-up of titles to be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The slim roster consists of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy Chronicles, as well as a peek of the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie. There's no word yet on whether FF X and FF Chronicles will be playable at the show or just displayed on video.

While the Square's small selection of titles may be disappointing to some fans, it's not much of a surprise - Square is actually showing every non-WonderSwan title it has announced. (While Mattel was once reported to be bringing the handheld WonderSwan system to North America, such plans have not been addressed in a long time and it's unlikely the console will ever cross the Pacific.)

Courtesy of The GIA
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Wink HEY......

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I was invited to the premier at my Anime Club. It will by taking place today (Wednesday) at the Meteron in San Francisco at 5:00 PM. If you live in the Bay Area and get this on time, be sure to go!
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