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This is a preview of that thing I'm writing that has recently revealed to my that my purpose in going to college is to bring it into existence in a place where my parents won't get in the way I posted it over in Intro, but got no replies. Come on you guys -- can't you see I want to boast of my grand ambitions here? Read it -- pretty please with sugar on it?

In case anybody wants to know:

It is definitely an Asuka/Shinji fic because I feel that offers more possibilities. Rei and Shinji are just t-o-o compatible. He needs comfort, she feels maternal to him. The end. I'm looking for bizarre relationship convulsions! All romance, however, takes place only in the final scene, which is about 15 "Wheel of Time"-sized volumes away. In the meantime, Asuka belives she has higher standards, while Shinji can't act because of the shame he carries inside him from the first scene of "EoE" We'll see their attitudes change v-e-r-y slowly throughout the story.

Heavy focus on Misato. Not romance-wise, though she gets some, but in her career as a soldier and her role as Asuka and Shinji's surrogate mother.

Asuka isn't who she thinks she is.

EVAs are characters, with their personalities interacting with the pilots'. They are caled life-forms, and now they'll get some air-time as a species of beings akin, but radically OTHER from humanity.

Kaworu is back. I'll be treating him like a very delicate bomb detonator -- I'm trying to please Shinji/Kaworu fans, but Shinji in my story is destined for Asuka, so it'll be a very delicate balance I will be trying to maintain.

Gendo gets in way over his head. So does Lorentz and the rest of SEELE. We'll get to see their various personalities.

Rei goes on a long and torturous quest of emotional self-discovery. By the end of the story she'll be a young woman who has known temptation, love, hate, joy, pain -- everything. She finds love, but that person (not Shinji) rejects her and she has to get over him before she finds happiness with another, very unexpected character.

The Angels are not a united front. There are factions between them, which will become very important as the war between them and humanity progresses.

Shinji is MUCH more than he thinks he is.

You get to see 10 new pilots and 8 new EVAs for them to use (aside from the MP models and other EVA units belonging to sundry riffraff throughout the story)

A new character -- not a pilot -- is vital to Shinji and Asuka's survival. She also has her sights set on Gendo!

By the end, Shinji and Gendo's roles are reversed -- Gendo is more and more helpless as the story progress, while Shinji and Asuka discover more and more of what's going on.

More of the world of 2015-16 gets onstage. See Earth trying to recover from Second Impact and the chaos that followed. One of the vital plot points revolves around the Lhasa Olympic Games!

Finally, a warning. Crossover haters can save themseves the aggravation. The way this is structured, the season is part of a "meta-fic". As it gets closer to the climax, it converges with stories taking place in many altternate Universes (which contain my other fics, planned around every story I ever happened to like, and I love reading!) Finally, the climax resolves issues vital to the fate of the multiverse, and, as in the EoE, Shinji is the key to it all!

This particular universe stays mostly within Evangelion canon (The A-801 on NERV is still issued, the final confrontation between SEELE and Gendo takes place, but events are twisted so it's just the beginning), so don't worry about Rei discovering the Dragonballs or anything of the sort. The warning is directed to those reading future chapters, so far only planned.

If you like what I'm doing here, stay tuned. And thanks for making a weirdo feel at home!

Well, you like? I await some recognition here! (Cartman voice) Respect my authoritah! Express your admiration now!
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What the...

I'm just curiousid I acquire the brand of the Cosmic Curse of Transparency on my forehead, or do you guys hate me? I hope someone reads this and r-e-s-p-o-n-d-s fergoddsake...

What does anyone think of my fic idea?
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We don´t hate you. I pretty much like your posts!

But it´s at least your second post here in discussions that should be in Chit Chat.

So, next time, post these kind of messages in chit chat.

And continue your posts here in discussions as well. I really like your ideas!
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Chit chat? well its not that bad

so ill bus it over to fanfiction

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Talking fanfiction

Oh, don't worry, I posted it there too
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so when can I read it.
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