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This fan fictions story is based upon the ‘Your Under Arrest!” Anime, dubbed in English. The characters, names, equipment, and history of the ‘Your Under Arrest!’ anime are used within the story, but it is in no way meant to reflect on any story or plot line that has already been used, or is planned to. Also, it has taken me a total of 1 hour to write, so tell me if there is something wrong with the story.

You’re Under Arrest- Fan Fiction: Love’s Steady Path
Mini Chapter 1: It Begins

The mini patrol car travelled at a rather easy pace, making its way steadily down the main road. Few cars were out at the time, which made the job of the occupants of the mini patrol car a little easier. One of these occupants is Miyuki Kobayakawa, a talented wonder behind the wheel, and the other is Natsumi Tsujimoto, a beautiful and skilled motorbike rider. In their time as officers of the Bukotoo Precinct, they had managed to catch a few traffic offenders, but still these lawbreakers show themselves, and preventative measures must be taken. Hence why these two ladies have to patrol. But patrols don’t have to be as boring as scouting for traffic offenders…
“A new officer?” Natsumi cried out, stunned at the news. “Yep,” Miyuki nodded, “He starts today. Didn’t anyone tell you?” Natsumi slapped herself in the face “This is what I get for not listening to Yoriko for once…” but Natsumi quickly changed face “So, give me the info, what’s his name, rank, phone number…” Miyuki held a quick defence “I haven’t been told yet. No one else knows, either. The captains kept it secret. You know, a surprise.” Natsumi crossed her arms and slumped in her seat. “Ah well, we’ll find out soon, anyway.” Miyuki smiled and said to Natsumi “Cheer up! We get off shift in about fifteen minutes, and that’s when he’s due to arrive, and…” A motorbike screaming out of a side road interrupted Miyuki. It sped right past the front of the car. Miyuki twisted the steering wheel has far to the left as possible, trying to make sure she didn’t hit the bike. “Miyuki!” cried Natsumi. “I got it!” hollered Miyuki, as she turned the siren on. Natsumi grabbed the radio mike, and reported the action to the station “This is mini-patrol 4 calling Bokutoo precinct. We’re in pursuit of a blue rally bike heading towards the city. Making pursuit.”
The bike rider had already made note of the patrol car, and turned off into the nearest side street, still heading towards the inner city. Miyuki’s foot was hard on the accelerator, trying to catch up to the motorbike, but he was quite skilled. At some points she had almost lost him. It took a while, but Miyuki had managed to gain some distance on him, but he was still getting away. The chase was stretching out for too long, as far as Natsumi was concerned, and they were getting too close to the city, so there were more cars than before. It was getting hopeless. Natsumi searched around the maps on the lap top computer in front of her, and found that the road was coming to a split up ahead, but converged back into one 500m onwards. She reported this to Miyuki, who stopped the car. Natsumi raced to the hatchback of the patrol car and removed her mini-scooter. From all reasonable aspects, it was just a block of metal with wheels, but Natsumi had pulled two handlebars and a seat out from the top, making it more of a scooter. She pushed her helmet on, gave Miyuki a thumbs up sign, and sped down one of the streets at the split. Miyuki continued the chase of the bike down the other one. Miyuki’s excellent driving had managed to get the rouge rider cornered into falling into the girls’ trap. Natsumi had only just arrived at her designated position. The rider had not noticed this until it was too late. He was trapped from behind by the patrol car, and could not progress any further ahead because of the mini-scooter. He was trapped behind an old warehouse, with nowhere to go. Natsumi was feeling quite pleased with herself, knowing that she and Miyuki will have caught a quite talented rider. But he wasn’t slowing down. In fact, he seemed to be going faster. Natsumi held her ground, frightened but hoping he would stop. He didn’t. Miyuki was getting a little nervous about the riders acceleration, as well. The rider turned his bike in a steady path towards a pile of debris, which was consisting of a sheet of metal supported by pipes. The rider hit this at high speed, jolting the front end of the bike up at the right time, causing him to jump onto the metal sheet, which acted as a sturdy enough ramp to allow him take off. He flew over Natsumi’s head, and seemingly hung in the air, travelling in slow motion. Natsumi stared as the bike flew over her head, and landed with a thud on the other side of her, skidding slightly, but getting away. Miyuki had witnessed this as well, and screeched the car to a complete halt. She would have continued chase, but Natsumi was in the way. “Natsumi!” Miyuki cried, “I’m on it!” Natsumi called back, leaping onto her scooter. In almost an instant she had rode to the end of the side street and back onto the main road, but was unable to see the rider that slipped through their fingers.

The mini patrol car turned off of the street and into the under ground parking structure of their station: Bukotoo Precinct. Natsumi rushed out of the car, hurrying to see the new officer. They were already running late by 23 minutes. Miyuki was also rushing, but some of the ‘pizzazz’ she once had had gone.
The main room of the office was filled with officers. Some signing in, others signing out, some actually working, but most were there to see the new recruit. Natsumi and Miyuki gently pushed their way to the front to get a look. The new recruit was there all right, but he had also arrived late. He was about 5’ 8’’ tall, medium build, dark hair, and was standing at strict attention. The captain, who was sitting at the desk at which the new officer was standing, was not exactly happy. ‘Do you realise that on your first day of work you are now twenty minutes late?’ he said in a half strict tone. ‘Negative, sir. I am 23 minutes late, sir!’ yelled the officer in an army like tone. ‘That as it is, do you have any excuse for it?’ the captain queried. ‘No… sir’ replied the new officer in a tone less enthusiastic than before. The captain switched to a friendlier expression. ‘Well, I’ll let you off this time, but I hope it will not be a repeating habit.’ Taking a stance of even stiffer attention than before, the officer yelled ‘No it will not, sir!’
The captain rose from his desk and crossed over to the recruit, and placed his hand on the officer’s shoulder. ‘Everyone, this is Makoto Izubuchi, our new officer. I want you to help him out where ever you can.’ Makoto bowed deeply to the other officer’s in the room. ‘I’m glad to be here and I hope we can all work well together.’
‘Nakajima,’ the captain called, ‘Come ‘ere a sec.’ Kenny rose from his seat and traversed the floor to the captain and Makoto. They all then entered a conversation to themselves, leaving everyone else unable to hear, though Kenny and Makoto were shaking hands. The crowd had dispersed, and so had Miyuki and Natsumi. They were already outside.
Natsumi had her hands held behind her head to stretch her back, with Miyuki to her side. “So, what did you think of Makoto?” Natsumi asked. Miyuki blushed “What…” Natsumi smiled at the forming patches of embarrassment on Miyuki’s face. “Yeah, I though he was a bit of a cutie myself.” Miyuki did have something to say, but it was a little more serious. “Natsumi, did you notice anything familiar about Izubuchi?” Natsumi though, but could think of nothing. “Nope. But it does look like we’ll be seeing more of him”
Miyuki smiled “It does seem like he’ll be Ken’s partner”. Natsumi had to take advantage of the situation. “Yeah, and we’ll be seeing a little more of your stud Kenny”
Miyuki’s blushing had crossed over most of her face now, and Natsumi broke out in a slight titter.

And so ends Mini Chapter one of this fan fiction. If you want to find out more about Makoto, and Natsumi, just keep an eye out for Mini Chapter 2: Shining New Star
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