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Sory for the delay. It wasn't my fault anyway.

My Date With Asuka

(I ring at Misato's. Shinji opens.)
C: Hy, I'm Cetacious. I come for Asuka.
S: Wait a moment, please. (Into the apartment) Asuka! Cetacious is here!
A: (From the inside) I'm coming!
S: (to me) Are you really gonna date her?
C: Yeah. What's so strange about it?
(Asuka comes out)
A: Hello Cetasious.
C: Hy Asuka.
(We walk away. Shinji looks at us unbelievingly.)
A: What ar you looking ad?
S: M-Me? I...I was already leaving; I mean you were leaving, yeah. Good luck.
(He gets back into the apartment)
A: Aj! That Shinji is such an idiot! So, wher ar we going? To the disco?
C: Yeah, that's right. Lets go.
A: This is your firrst date, isen't it?
C: Well, yes. How did you know?
A: I cood see it in your face. Firrstdaters always take it too seriously.
(We walk down the stairs and get onto the street.)
A: So, wat do you do in your free time?
C: Well, most of it I spend writing.
A: Writing. And wat kind of stuff do you write?
C: Tales, lately also scripts.
A: Do you often meet your frends?
C: Well, no, not that often. Just from time to time in deed. None of my friends is that close to me.
A: Cetasious, your a rreal weirrdo.
C: I know. And I'm proud of it.
A: How cood you possibly be prroud of being a weirrdo? Stupid frreak.
C: It makes me unique and inimitable. I could never stand to be just like everybody else. The freak thing gives me a strong identity, which is the most...
A: (Interrupting) I am an EVA pilot, you know.
C: Yes, I've heard about you.
A: In deed, I am the grreatest EVA pilot of all times! I am prractically unvencible inside the 02 unit! I've already saved the worlt in many occasions, brravely fighting against the angels to keep you frrom total annihilation. So you shood be prretty thankful to me for saving your live so often.
C: Well, alright, thank you.
(We get to the disco and dance some kind of music, which won't be invented until the year 2014. Finally we sit down and drink some.)
A: How about you kiss me?
C: Kissing you? But it's just half an hour I know you...
A: That's enough! Anyway, wat else wood you do befor?
C: Well, talking, getting to know each other better...
A: Aj! You ar so boring. I shood have dated a rreal man like Khaji.
C: Khaji?
A: He is the most hansom man in the worlt. He is so strong and so outspoken...
C: (annoyed) Mhm.
A: ...He has the grreatest charisma, and the way he looks at me...
C: (annoyed) MHM
A: ...No one comparres to him!
C: Allright, I got it, I suck!
A: Well, I diden't say so, but yes.
C: Thank you!
(Pause. We don't look at each other for a while. Finally Asuka turns over and kisses me. I correspond her and hog her and keep on kissing her although she doesn't want to go on. Finally she gets to free herself and pushes me away.)
A: He! Wat do you think you ar doing?
C: Err... I... I'm sorry it... you... err...
(She hits me)
A: You ar a chauvinist pig!
C: Hey! Clam down, would ya! What's your problem?
A: My prroblem? Wat's yours?
C: Be glad I'm not hitting a female in public.
A: Well, lets go outside then!
C: That's not my point!
A: You ar an idiot!
C: How can you be so immature?!
A: You ar such a wheezy sucker!
C: You know what? I'm not wasting my arguments on a proponent idiot like you!
A: Oh yeah?
C: Hell yeah!
(I stand up and start walking away)
A: Get lost!
C: Sure I will!
(I get lost)
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Heh, i liked it. It was pretty funny.
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I like it, really funny! If I was a guy I'd probably hit Asuka though.....

What about a date with Misato?
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that was funny...i liked it too..

yea..what bout misato? im goin to read taht rei one 1st
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I'm sory, ladys & gentlemen, but I'm not gonna date Misato.
The Excuse:
I've had enough virtual dates for now and besides Misato's already got Khaji.
The Reason:
A date with Misato would be something like a sequel. The original idea was to write two twin fics featuring Rei and Asuka, since they are Yin and Yang. As aspirant to be a decent writer some day, I actively hate any type of sequel or prequel, since they all just and up being a patethik shadow of the original.
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Twenty Years After, Man In The Iron Mask

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. And the good ones after it.

Every Sherlock Holmes story after "Study in Scarlet"

Every Rex Stout novel after "Fer-de-lance"

Batman Returns -- still the best ever made

The Lord Of The Rings is a sequel to "The Hobbit"

Need more examples or are you ready to grovel

Sequels c-a-n suck. But everything can potentially suck. You just notice it more with sequels because you looked forward to meeting the characters again, and it doewsn't live up to your ethereal standards.

The problem with writing sequels is that they often try to tell the same story a-g-a-i-n. And surprise, surprise, it's been told already.

A sequel can use the same characters but take them through a different dilemma/challenge/stage in personal growth. A better sequel makes the second story follow naturally from the out come of the first. The best kind make both the first and the second story, though independent, arise from the intial setting with an organic smoothness. None of the stories are "tacked on' Both develop the Universe, making it profound and radiant from a whole new angle.

For a good example of sequels, see Frank Herbert's "Dune" Every major premise of the later books flows directly from the initial dilemma of the first! Every time we think the characters have resolved it, it rears its head again! All growing naturally out of the first basic statement of it in Book One!

That's writing, baby!

By the way, if anybody here admits to liking the prequels to "Dune" spawned by the putrescent arse of Brian Herbert and KJA, I will hunt you down and feed your genitalia to rabid teletubbies
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Star Wars Ep1
Ghostbusters 2
Batman & Robin and all Batman moovies after it
Pocahontas 2 and all Disney sequels
Lost in Space - The Moovie
All other ones are so bad I can't remember them

Well, allright, sequels don't ALWAYS suck, but they usually do, since they are a comercial gender created just to give people what they want.
The thing that makes LOTR and Batman Returns not taste like sequels is that they use completely new characters and almost completely disconected plots from their first parts. Batman and Bilbo are absolutely secondary here.
...That I am not in madnes
But mad in craft.
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Yup, like I said, the trick is not to get stuck telling the same story.
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