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My first Fanfiction post...HOLY CRAPO!! goes nuttin!!

~*Part 1*~

“I don’t know what words I can say…your eyes have a way, to capture me…”

“Oh stop Arkrin, you’re acting crazed…” Sayaka said, pushing Arkrin away, seizing him from kissing the crook her neck, ”…as if we’ll never see each other again…and you know that’ll never be the case. Faith…we just need to have faith that the others will pull through. The rebellion will be successful, I guarantee it!” The tone of voice that carried Sayaka’s empty promises was relaxed and confident, in an attempt to camouflage the fear that was truly running rampant through her mind, ”Linon and Euryda, my father, should be coming around the corner any minute to give us the signal to proceed.”

Nodding hesitantly, Arkrin pulled Sayaka closer to him, his dark blue eyes filled with despair and uncertainty, ”But what if something goes wrong? Aren’t you afraid of that?”

“No,” she lied, Sayaka’s voice echoing through the empty, dimly lit corridor. It stank of blood and shameless massacre; something that Sayaka wished to end…the Runhai’s New World Order was totally based upon the rule of Nemesis and retributive justice. An eye for an eye…a life for a life…and power and wealth to all those of Runhai descent.

It was then faint footsteps began to be audible…they were coming from just around the corner where Arkrin and Sayaka were situated, poised to attack, proceed, or retreat. The sound of heavy, almost labored breathing filled the ears of the pair…and was soon replaced by a sudden, bursting, cry of pain. A body thudded to the ground, and the head of the being was visible as it lay to rest around the angular end where the two walls met.

“FATHER!!” breaking from Arkrin’s grasp, Sayaka ran towards the man’s fallen form, beaten and bloody…streams of crimson slowly trickling from his nose. As soon as Sayaka ran for Euryda, the whir of a saber cut through the air swiftly, delving into the sidewall, nearly missing Serendipity’s stomach. Her eyes went wide with surprise and terror as a dark silhouette emerged from around the corner, leaping for Sayaka once again, saber drawn.

Arkrin dove from behind Sayaka, knocking them both to the floor, ten meters away from their aggressor, ”PULL BAAAACK!!” he roared, telling the 250 escapees to retreat and find an alternate route.

“I’M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONE PROTECTING YOU PRINCE ARKRIN!! YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE REST!!” distressed baby blues stared deeply into Arkrin’s…the couple’s eye lock never wavered even as Sayaka pushed him off of herself, flipping back up onto her feet, her own saber drawn and ready to defend the last living monarch of the Arkadian Kingdom…and to keep the rebellion from becoming a flop. Per Sayaka’s request, Arkrin ran down the hall, following the same path the Arkadian rebels had…only to stop midway and turn about to face Sayaka fighting with a Runhai officer.

The skirmish was short lived, and well timed as more Runhai’s began to flood the hall where the first had appeared. Bolting down the opposite corridor, Sayaka ran past Arkrin, grabbing onto him, her hair flowing in strands behind her. The jacket slung over her shoulders soon began to slip from their location, along with the gloves upon her tiny hands even as they were tightly wound around the prince’s arm.

Arkrin and Sayaka abruptly stopped as they came upon a convergence of six hallways, each lit by several torches ”Did they go down the south or north corridor?” Arkrin asked…

“The south…that is where the artillery room is, they’re more than likely now gathering weapons for defense and offense alike. Or at least, this is what I told them to do if in fact this type of situation happened to arise.”

“Oh…um…you did?!” he said, sounding rather surprised, ”But, I thought that…um…hey…you fool proofed the whole operation, haven’t you?”

“Yep…s’why I’m a Royal Guardian hun!!” Sayaka stated, winking at him, “We prepare for any and everything possible.”

The Runhai’s were advancing down the hallway, their loud yells and various thuds and thumps traveled down the hallway…and at the sound of these noises, Sayaka’s grip on Arkrin’s arm tightened…”Southern corridor…let’s go…” Turning down into a hallway on the left, Arkrin and Sayaka fled down it, their strides in sync.

Moments later, the two Arkadains ran through a doorway, meeting up with the 250 Arkadian rebels, now armed to the teeth and ready to battle for their freedom. A small, frail, elderly woman walked up to Sayaka and Prince Arkrin, bowing her head in respect, ”Ma’am…may I ask if my son Lion returned…?”

“Yes…permission is granted, but I’m afraid your son did not come back to us, as we had hoped. I…am…quite sorry, and I too grieve…Linon was an exceptional Royal Guardian…Euryda as well…” letting go of Arkrin, Sayaka took the old woman’s hand into her own, trying to comfort her as tears began to cascade down the woman’s cheeks,”Please, don’t worry, I will make sure that he did not die in vain, and I will also be sure not to let any of my Arkadians sacrifice their lives for nothing…THE RUNHAI’S WILL BE SUBDUED!!”

A loud uproar followed her last statement, long swords were held high in the air, along with balled up fists and bow and arrows tipped with gold and silver. The eyes of the old lady seemed to sparkle…and a faint smile slid across Sayaka’s lips, ”This I can promise…this…I…can…promise…”

A sudden screech of horror was emitted from someone’s mouth as a Runhai soldier infiltrated the artillery room, his own expression of surprise present on his face, ”THEY’RE HERE!!” Almost immediately, Runhai’s started to come from ventilation shafts, back doors, and even a small door that happened to be on the floor, just beneath Arkrin. He was flung back onto the ground harshly, and landed square on his back. As Arkrin fell, he managed to scoop up a dirk, and slashed it furiously in the air towards an offending Runhai , closing in on Sayaka from behind. She swiveled around to see a large man, now having a large, gauging hole in his abdomen, ”GET THE PRINCE IF NOTHING ELSE.” He bellowed, just before collapsing.

*** *** *** ***

“ARKRIN, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Sayaka’s body shot up from the covers of a bed…a lonely bed at that, inside an unknown room. Her skin was glazed over with a cold, delirious sweat, only to be complimented by staggered breathing. A shaky hand reached up to clutch Sayaka’s collar, in an attempt to calm herself, “I keep…I got to…I need to stop having dreams like that,” she managed to croak, turning to face a mirror. The used to be porcelain face was now a beet red, colored by fear and anxiety, not something that Sayaka has to deal with a lot. Her confidence and self – assurance was usually enough to throw these feelings of insecurity out the window, but because two of the closest people in her life had perished before her very eyes…she was quite disturbed. These true emotions though are always hidden behind her mask of security, only to be revealed in her dreams.

“Whoa…how did I get here?!” she asked no one unparticular, her eyes darted around the empty room, only furnished with a bed, mirror, small wooden bucket which was filled with crystal clear water for drinking, “I wonder if I hit the pubs again? Or maybe…er…I’m just having a memory lapse? HAH, no way, that’s not it…” Sayaka told herself as she cupped a hand over her mouth, breathing into it. The air emitted smelled a bit intoxicated, “Just as I thought…” she looked over to a small sac of coins which was laying right next to the bucket, “I must have collected some bounty and decided to go celebrate. What I find odd is, it’s neither morning…nor night…”

This was true, for people could be seen milling about outside the window, and the golden sun was perched high in the dazzling blue sky, “I guess I must have been extremely lit, ah, no matter…” the stale cotton sheets of the bed were soon torn off the bed as Sayaka leapt from the hay filled mattress, down to the pine floor.

Not too many moments later, Sayaka found herself descending a large flight of stairs, only to be greeted by an Inn Keeper who was seemingly eyeing her sac of money, “Hey pal, I already paid you…I remember that at least…” she mumbled, shaking her head while passing the old man, “Oh, by the way…what town am I in? I er…kinda don’t remember…that…”

“Seiyo,” he told her, his voice having a slight, irritated edge…

Clearing her throat, Sayaka countered, “Thanks a lot tons ‘o’ fun…” and with that she left, slamming the huge door behind her. The brass knocker clanged loudly against the wood, and she turned her head abruptly, only to see it slam into the door’s front, “Humph…now to find what all the fuss is about in this town. Got to find someone approachable…hmm…approachable…” she murmured, glancing around at the merchant booths. This town seemed to be extremely busy…but at the same time, quite lovely. There were beautiful birds singing songs and the sun shone brightly along with a soft, cantering breeze that sifted gently through Sayaka’s hair.
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pretty good, Abra keep em coming
She said "Do not hate humans, if you can not live with them then do at least do them no harm, for theirs is already a hard lot." She also said that she would love you for all of eternity.

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