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Call Of the Pack Proluge

Hazle's cold fingers ran acrost her reddened cheeks brushing away the silver tears. Her hands shook with growing fear and pain. The moon shining brightly against her pale skin and red hair. She stood wearing only her nakedness looking around in the silent forrest. She looked on the ground seeing her ripped cloths in a smale pile.

The wolf had come out of of no where. Wolfs didnt even live in these lands but it came at her with growing spead as she was stoped in fear. Hazel had been dressed in her traveling clothes and vensured from her carivane when she spoted the white wolf.

The wolf was inches from the woman and stoped as fast as he had been running. His features became human as his body changed from wolf to human. In place of the wolf stood a tall dark man very handsom. Hazel stood before him without blinking her soft blue eyes. He was bare chested with loing cloth covering the rest of his manhood. She stared breathless.

He moved forward with the swiftness of a wolf tearing her clothes from her body. Howling at the moon he raped her as she struggled to free from his beating thighs. The man left her on the ground laying in the mess he had made. Once again turning into a large white wolf and left as quickly as he arived
(just shake your head and pretend you know what Im talking about!)

Im inocent I really am even if you dont believe me.

Dont mess with me because I might like it and then youll never get rid of me!

Just because I wont let you have my a$$ doesnt mean it isnt cute!
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I told you what I thought about this already.
Your a natural and don't say your not
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