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Less WAFFY Shinji/Asuka fic (Less than my last, I mean. Also kinda long)

Disclaimer: Evangelion - a great series that I don’t own the rights to. Gainax – The people that DO own the rights to Evangelion. Random1377 – Me, a fan-fiction writer playing with their goods. A lawyer – exactly what I hope they do not call to come sue me. Spoilers – What this story contains, read with care.

Itchy trigger finger
By Random1377

God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world. Shinji Ikari stared at those nine words, printed on the NERV logo, and frowned, “I really don’t think all is right with the world…”

“What was that?” Asuka asked him, as they continued to Central Dogma for more tests.

“Oh, nothing I guess.” They walked on in silence for a while, and Shinji spoke again, “Asuka, since you… umm… woke up, haven’t things seemed a little…” She looked at him, slightly annoyed (she didn’t like to be reminded of her breakdown).

“A little what?”

He shrugged, looking a bit unsure, “I don’t know… a bit… odd, I guess. Like something is just not quite right. Or like…” he trailed off, unable to withstand her derisive stare any longer.

“Look, Shinji, the only thing that’s odd is my continued lack of ability to sync with my unit 02 – even though Dr. Ibuki insists I should be able to since I have a 65% sync rate with the test plug…” she clenched her fist and stared straight ahead, “that, and that… freak taking my place as pilot.”

“Good morning, Ms. Langley. Good morning, Shinji.” Asuka flinched at the sound of the Fifth Child’s voice, only partially regretting that he had heard what she was saying about him. Shinji was happy, as always, to see his best friend.

“Good morning, Karou!”

Karou Nagisa stepped out of the hallway he had been waiting in and smiled radiantly at Shinji. He then turned and smiled (with noticeably less radiance), at Asuka, “I hope your Sync test goes well today, Ms. Souryu.”

-That’s not what your eyes say, MR. Nagisa- Asuka thought darkly, but she smiled her best cheesy smile and said, “Why Kaoru, what a nice thing to say. I certainly hope your tests go well.”

Shinji, seeing the way Asuka’s smile seemed to be permanent and her hand kept clenching and unclenching into a fist, decided it was time to get moving. He grabbed Asuka’s arm and smiled at Karou, “Well, gotta go! Call me tonight, Kar, maybe we’ll catch a movie or go to the arcade or something.”

Karou’s brilliant smile returned, “Of course I’ll call you, have I missed a night in the last three months?” He waived and walked away down the corridor, humming to himself.


SEELE 3: “It has been three months since that boy has been sent into the lion’s den, and nothing!”

SEELE 8: “There can be no room for other’s agendas… perhaps we should take matters into our own hands, more directly?”

SEELE 12: “Yes, we must act soon, or all may be lost”

SEELE 1: “The boy has tied our hands. We cannot act with him present in NERV, or control could be wrested from us at a critical stage. We must be patient; all will come to its rightful conclusion. As it was written”

All of the SEELE monoliths echoed, “As it was written.”

“That’s enough, Asuka, you can get out now.” Maya Ibuki sighed in frustration and muttered to herself, “I don’t understand… there is no reason I can find that she should not be able to sync. It’s almost as if something is blocking her off from the EVA – but that’s not possible…”

In Unit 02’s entry plug, Asuka was furious, “Why? Why won’t you talk to me!?” She put her head in her hands, -NO!- she thought furiously, -I will NOT cry…- She gathered herself and exited the plug.

Karou was waiting on the gantry leading up to unit 02, “Still no success, Pilot Souryu?” He smiled sympathetically, “Maybe next time…”

She brushed by him without saying a word.

His smile grew wider and he turned to unit 02, speaking quietly, “Now, now… don’t get upset, Miss. And stop trying to struggle against me. It… tires me. You wouldn’t want any kind of accident to happen to your little girl because I was to… tired, to help her, now do you?”” He cocked his head as if listening to something, then nodded, “Very good. Don’t worry… the time will be soon. But Shinji must open himself to me first… I MUST have his complete trust.”

The being known as Karou, or Tabris, depending on who you were talking too, frowned, -It would have been best if you had not awakened when you had, MISS Souryu. What Shinji Ikari does must be of his own free will, that is the way of things.- He remembered Shinji’s joy at hearing Asuka had regained consciousness and nearly snarled with frustration, -Your influence is most unwelcome.- He looked back at unit 02, -And you will NOT have HER!- He strode away, back to his apartment to await the night, and his time with the One who must decide.

Shinji was not having a very good day. Since Asuka had failed to sync with unit 02 she had locked herself in her room. Any attempt at conversation met with a stern, “I don’t want to talk, please go away”

“Well, it’s better than last week” Shinji mused, rubbing the side of his head, “How DID she get so proficient at throwing dishes?” In addition to the situation with Asuka (and the fact that it had started to rain rather hard), he still had that vague feeling that something was wrong. When he had discussed it with Misato a few days prior, she had dismissed it as nerves.

“Don’t worry about it,” she had said, on one of her increasingly rare visits home, “it’s like soldiers left on guard duty too long – you’ve got an itchy trigger finger from being on alert while nothing is happening, that’s all.”

She raised a finger, and took on a mock-serious tone, “‘Don’t look for trouble if it doesn’t come looking for you’ that’s what my mother always used to say. Now I have to go to work, honey.” She ruffled his hair lightly on the way by, causing his jaw to drop open slightly, “Later!”

“What WAS that all about, anyway?” He had thought about that bit of contact for hours afterwards, and decided that he really liked it, -Almost like when father complimented me after defeating the falling angel-, he thought happily, -maybe things are starting to look up after all-.

The phone rang, shaking him from his pleasant revere mixed with anxiety (not a good combination, in his opinion), “Hello?”

“Hello, Shinji.”

“Karou!” Things were definitely looking up now

“Shinji, I wonder if I might speak with you and the Second Child tonight?”

“Me and the Second-?“ The doorbell rang

Karou went on, “Yes, bring her too… if she will come. The EVA cages. 8 pm.” he hung up.

“Her who? Karou? Hello?” He looked at the phone, “Weird.” The doorbell rang again, and he shrugged, hanging up the phone and going to the door.

“Hello, Pilot Ikari.” Rei was standing outside, her school outfit clinging to her body and obviously soaked.

“Ayanami! Come inside, what happened?” He opened the door all the way and stepped to the side, allowing Rei into the apartment

“I need to speak to the Second Child… and you as well.” Rei said quietly, walking past Shinji and over to Asuka’s door, ignoring the puddle she was leaving behind. She knocked on Asuka’s door.

“I said I don’t want to talk, Shinji! Go play with your little friend Karou or something,” Asuka’s angry voice came through the door.

“I am not Ikari,” Rei said, in the same quiet tone of voice she always used, “and I need to speak with you.”

Asuka’s door was torn open a moment later, “YOU!” she growled angrily, “I told you when I woke up that I never wanted to see you again. Why are you here?”

“Your anger is misdirected, Pilot Souryu. I am not the reason your mind was violated, nor am I the reason that you can no longer synchronize with-“

“Oh, so it’s all my fault??” Asuka cut her off, “’Open yourself to EVA, or it will not move’, isn’t that what you told me? I TRIED!! It won’t react to me at all!!” She was on the verge of tears, but seemed to not notice, “And you’re always so perfect!! ‘Rei always obeys orders’ ‘Rei is such a good girl’ ‘Rei-‘”

Shinji cut her off, “Rei is a clone, Asuka.” Her mouth snapped closed as she stared first at Shinji, then at Rei.

“Ikari is correct, Pilot Souryu, I am a clone of Yui Ikari, created for the sole purpose of housing the soul of the angel known as Lillith in preparation for the Third Impact. And the reason you cannot pilot unit 02 is because you have been blocked by an outside force.”

Now Shinji’s mouth dropped, THIS he did not know.

Rei went on, “The Third Impact is coming soon, Pilot Souryu. I require your assistance in averting it.”

Asuka backed away from Rei, muttering, “No… it can’t be… I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!”

Rei stared at her calmly, “Why do you not believe me? I have not said anything that is untrue.” She moved closer to Asuka, reaching out to her

“Don’t… Don’t touch me!”

Rei ignored her and placed a hand on her cheek, “There is no need to fear, Pilot Souryu. You must know by now that you are not alone.”

“What are you talking about?” Asuka’s voice was shaky, but she made no effort to remove Rei’s hand from her face

Rei gestured for Shinji with her other hand, never taking her eyes from Asuka’s, “Pilot Ikari has been in your heart for many months now, and you in his.” She placed her other hand on Shinji’s cheek, making a rough triangle. Asuka and Shinji both started to protest that they felt nothing for one another, but Rei cut them off smoothly

“The truth of it is in your eyes, and in the way you behave together.” She looked into Shinji’s eyes, “When she lay unconscious, trapped in the prison of mind that she created for herself… I watched you sit with her every day.” Shinji broke her gaze and stared at the floor, blushing brightly.

She turned to Asuka, “And I watch you strike him every day… sometimes hitting his head, sometimes elbowing him… always taking great care not to hurt him… using any excuse to touch him – any reason at all, to get close to him… even though you refuse to admit it to yourself.”

Asuka closed her mouth and would not meet either of the others gaze.

Rei spoke quicker now, “The time for such pretence is past. Zero hour is approaching rapidly, and time is brief.”

Shinji looked up, surprised, “What do you mean?”

There was a knock at the door, Rei paled, whispering, “Is it too late already?”

The door opened, revealing Kaoru, “I said to meet me at eight, Shinji, but I thought I might as well make it a little earlier.” He moved toward them, and Shinji noticed that his feet did not quite touch the ground.

Rei stepped in front of the other two and placed her hands in front of her, “It is not the designated time, Tabris.” She said quietly.

He stopped three feet in front of her, and spoke with a trace of irony in his voice, “Ahh, but it is… Lillith. I am the angel of free will. When it happens is ultimately my choice, and I choose now.”

He raised his hands and waved at Rei, as if trying to be rid of a bothersome fly. The space in front of Rei exploded with color, taking on the characteristic shape of an AT field. Karou smiled, “You cannot fend me off forever, Lillith… and Adam’s shadow will be here momentarily”.

The ground shook slightly, and Asuka dared a look out the window. What she saw chilled her. “It’s… it’s unit 02. It’s broken out of the Geofront – it’s coming this way!”

Karou smiled, “Now what, Lillith? You cannot hold me at bay and fend off the shadow of Adam. One of us will kill her eventually.”

Shinji looked at Asuka, “Kill her?? Why, Karou?”

Karou smiled at Shinji, “Do you love me, Shinji? As a lover… as a brother… as a friend… it matters not. Do you love me?”

Shinji licked his lips, uncertain. “Umm… I think I do… I…”

“It must be yes or no!!” Karou cut in, his tone cold, “Choose! Choose your fate!”

“My fate? I don’t understand, Karou!” Shinji felt like his mind would explode –Love him? I do… don’t I? He was the first to tell me he loved me… don’t I return the feeling?-

Rei spoke to Shinji, “Choose carefully, Pilot Ikari. Much depends on your decision.”

Asuka was still staring out of the window, transfixed by the slowly approaching unit 02. Her fingers twitched, remembering the feeling of the dual butterfly handgrips, and she could almost feel the LCL filling her lungs. –The thing we used to fight the angels… coming to kill us – to kill ME!- She almost laughed at the thought, but she knew if she started laughing she would never stop.

Shinji looked between Karou and Rei, “Is it such a bad thing to love him, Rei?”

She did not look at him, “The choice is yours, Ikari. Search within yourself, you know the answer. Ask Pilot Souryu… for she is-“

Karou cut her off, “You know you may not assist in his judgement, Lillith.”

Rei bowed her head, “As it was written.”

Karou addressed Shinji once more, “The time draws neigh, Son of Adam”

Lightening flashed outside, lighting the scene in eerie shades of white. Shinji looked at Karou and spoke uncertainly, “I love…”

Karou’s eyes glinted hungrily, “Yes?”

Rei and Asuka were now also watching him, Unit 02’s footsteps echoed close by. He licked his lips, and looked at the floor. Quietly, but firmly, he spoke, “I love Asuka.”

Rei light out a soft sigh, and nodded slightly.

Asuka stared at Shinji… struggling with her warring emotions, “I… I think that I…”

“NO!!” Karou exploded, “It shall not be!!”

Unit 02’s hand crashed into the building, seizing Asuka. She screamed, closing her eyes.

Kaoru’s angry voice was quiet, yet still cut through the raging storm, “Behold: Judgment”

Unit 02 slowly began to constrict its giant hand. Shinji cried out, “ASUKA!!!!” and ran over to her, ineffectually trying to pry the fingers of the EVA’s hand apart.

Asuka could feel the breath slowly being expelled from her body, strangely she heard Rei’s voice through the maelstrom, “Tell him, Asuka Langley Souryu. Tell him the contents of your heart… and tell her.”

Understanding hit her, and her eyes flew open. She gasped, “I love… you… Shinji…”

Shinji was still trying to pry the fingers apart, crying and screaming her name over and over again.

As the last bit of air was expelled from her lungs, and she felt her bones begin to creak, she whispered, “I love him, mother… I choose him as mien Liebshin… mother…” The world went black.

Shinji screamed, “NO!!!!!” as he saw Asuka slump forward in the EVA’s hand.

Karou smiled, “Now, Shinji, I’m afraid it must truly end. Adam can no longer wait, and this trial is complete.”

Shinji kneeled on the ground, his head in his hands, “Why… why… just because I loved her instead of you?”

Karou shook his head, “She was to die in either case, as was everyone else. But you… you could have had paradise together with me. Life eternal and never-ending happiness… but you choose her instead.” He smiled sadly, “And now, you will join her.” He addressed unit 02, which had quietly set Asuka on the ground while no one was watching, “Now, Adam’s shadow… finish it.”

Rei’s eyes narrowed, and she nodded, suddenly expanding her AT field and mingling it with Karou’s, causing both to fade. His eyes narrowed too, but he made no move to stop her, “What is this, Lillith? One last desperate gamble to save your children? You are too late, they- Hurrk-“

He was cut off in mid-sentence as unit 02’s hand shot forward and grasped him. “How?” He whispered, then his eyes went wide with disbelief, “You?!?” Unit 02 roared and squeezed hard, annihilating him in an instant before he could say anything else.

Shinji stared in shock at the remains of his former friend, the last angel. Then he fell to the floor as the building shook with the impact of the now-powerless unit 02 falling against it. He just lay where he had fallen, too overcome with grief to move.

After a few seconds of silence, Rei spoke quietly, “It is over, Pilot Ikari… perhaps you should check on your other half now.”

Shinji sat up quickly, “What??”

Rei stood over him, offering her hand, “I said maybe you should check on your other half, your counterpart… Pilot Souryu. She may be in need of medical attention.”

Shinji took her hand and scrambled to his feet, “You mean she’s… she’s not…”

Rei looked at him, “She is alive, Pilot Ikari, but she may be hurt. The Evangelion unit did squeeze her rather hard, but I can hear her soul…. It has not left yet.”

Shinji ran to Asuka and knelt down, checking her pulse. It was weak, but steady, “Oh thank God…” Shinji began to weep, “Thank God… Thank-“

Rei’s voice came from over his shoulder, “You should not thank God, Pilot Ikari, you should thank Misses Langley. She was the one that heard her daughter’s cry and shook Tabris’s hold on her.”

Shinji looked up at Rei, who nodded to unit 02. “Thank you,” Shinji said to the huge red machine, “Thank you for keeping her safe for me.” Unit 02 showed no indication that it understood, but Rei nodded.

“There are still things to be done, Pilot Ikari. Many plans were upset by your choice tonight. There will be repercussions.”

Shinji nodded as he cradled Asuka gently in his arms. Rei turned to go, but he stopped her with a word, “Ayanami?”

She turned to face him, “Yes, Pilot Ikari?”

“Thank you Rei… or Lillith… or whatever you choose to call yourself, I’m not sure anymore… but thank you for helping us.”

Rei spoke in a mater of fact tone, “You are my children. You are my Lillim.” She turned and walked out the door.

(had to cut the author's notes... too big. )
Will write fiction for manga.
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Excellent fic, get going on that continuation.
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