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PHP, Objects, and calling Serialized Cookies

Ok, I have been working through this new PHP book, and have finished the OOP section, problem is, one of the scripts didn't work correctly. I have checked the book's site, looked at the forum, downloaded the script, but nothing fixes the problem.


The script is very simple, it creates a page using an Object, Constructors and a template. When you first load the page, you are given the basic page, with a form in the middle allowing you to select the page title, background color, text color, and table width. It then sends that information via POST to itself, sets all the Parameters, then stores all the information into a serialized cookie. The cookie stores fine, has all the information. And, when you go to the page right after hitting submit, it shows it how it should look. Problem is, when you try to visit again, and load the site off the cookie, it doesn't work. Instead, it gives me this:

Fatal err