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New in the UK today....

Us Brits finally got our hands on Okami, and I've already lost most of today to this game.

It's so beautiful! And plays well....its innovative....its compelling.....

Most of all, (In my humble opinion), it's basically everything that Twlight Princess *wishes* it was.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a devoted Zelda fan, and have been since the good old 2-D side scrolling days..

But if Nintendo don't take a step up from re-hashing all the old Zelda tried-and-tested elements, the next Zelda title (designed *for* the Wii not a quick port like TP was) is gona be met with some HUGE criticism from the fan base.

So what do you guys think of Okami?
Or wana put me in my place about Zelda:TP?


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I've had the US version of Okami since release, current play time is 59hrs and I will probably finish it tomorrow. Easily my pick for favourite game of 2006.
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