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when's there gonna be pron games for WI and DS?

cause these 2 consoles would be great for pron games!

with the stylingus and the wii joystick.

like u can massage b!tchez in da right places or thrust in the right rhytm y'all know what i'm sayin

or more violent gangsta games.
like for the DS you got this gay hospital game but i wanna cut some m0thacluckas you know with the switchblade, or smack hoez around or somethin with the Wii controler as a baseball bat.

i know there was this samurai game on the Wii but that wasn't violent enough. and the wii sports games is just gay.

Or maybe even hentai games....with the wii joystick as candles meheheh

so how come there aren't any games like that yet?
cause, mario and kirby are getting kinda gay, we had to play them on the NES, SNES n64 and gamecube allready, jeez.

hehe that would be sweet man, a thug game, where u can use the DS stylus or WII controler as 1 big @ss spliff eheheh and then pass it around to yo ' other homies in the room man, multi-player!

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god dammit dez.
I am the devil and I am just like you.
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I got your back my nigga dez

Check the link in that thread, these niggas from japan are on track
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