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Have you done anything amazing in Video Games?

Have you ever done anything while playing a game where it even amazed you? Have you done anything that even when you tried to repeat it you just couldn't do it? Have you done something in a game that you have not seen anyone else do? If so tell us your stories.
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Hmm...... online rankings certainly put a quantifiable slant on this easily. Back in the days of MGS2 while people were busy getting the best run times for Extreme mode I was mastering the 'Very Easy' mode. No one came close to my run times or stats for damage etc but then again maybe no one was trying!

As for other 'amazing' things well just getting through Devil May Cry and DMC3 were amazing to me! Damn those games were hard!

My stats for Vagrant Story were getting just ridiculous before I gave up on the game after 30+ run throughs. One hit kills bare handed. Hard core!

There was also toughing it out to get max stats for FFX in my uber game.

At the moment I just don't have the time to go through any game I own more than once or keep at them until I become a master player at them to beat people in world rankings etc. Full time work is a bitch!

As for 'amazing' moments in game well I'm not a jaded gamer who thinks gaming died after the NES (or atari etc etc!) so games continue to impress me no end. From the frenetic insanity of Resident Evil 4 to the sheer beauty of games like ICO or Shadow of the Collusus or works of art like Okami there is great gaming to be had.

Now that we are finally starting to see some great titles roll out at a constant basis on the HD generation of consoles I'm looking forward to games that impress beyond sheer power of poly count etc
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1. Completing the survival mode in Streetfighter Alpha 3: you keep fighting different characters continuously, gaining less and less energy after each bout. One of the later characters was Shin-Akuma and I couldn't believe it when I beat him with so little energy remaining.

2. Finishing Time Crisis 1 and only getting hit once was quite satisfying. Bonus was that I beat the fastest computer time as well. By the end of this stunt, I could remember when and where all the enemies popped up, and the lines in the cut-scenes!

3. "Getting in the zone" on occasions when playing Tetris. Even when the blocks are dropping fast, it feels like you are under control and you have a special place for the next block. My score at this website,, was a pleasant surprise.

4. For International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES), I sweated blood to complete all the world-cup scenarios. Basically, you have to take control of a team in a situation based on a historical WC match, and have to equal or better history. The real killer was taking charge of S. Korea and scoring something like 3 goals against Germany (because a) the S. Korean players ran like donkeys and b) Germany seemed to score every time they shoot at goal): I literally did it with the last kick of the game.

Originally Posted by MrBS
From the frenetic insanity of Resident Evil 4 to the sheer beauty of games like ICO or Shadow of the Collusus or works of art like Okami there is great gaming to be had.
I thought ICO was certainly above average, but in terms of "beauty", I would go for Chrono Cross. OK, battle-wise, it was crap (which is probably why I didn't finish it!), but the backgrounds and locations were some of the most creative I have come across. The plot felt uncluttered, and retained a certain mystique.

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there is an arcade game for the 360 called boom boom rocket. i tried the first song on easy, then i tried the first song on hard. my second time playing it i achieved the 23rd best score (under the name 'erbtastic'). i was either in the zone or had beginners luck because i havnt been able to get a better score since.

i got 1,000,000 people in simcity 4. that made me happy

i sword lunged out of the map on halo 2 on midship one time. i spent the next 6 minutes trying to die

finally, this one is kinda long for halo 2 but i think its worth it...

in campaign mode, on the 2nd level (the one where you awake from the pelican crash "shake it off marines..."). If you go strait forward to where you must make the first left turn there is a light on the wall. you can jump onto that and then onto the rooftop. if you make a left down this dark corridor there is a skull you can pick up that makes all of your hud disappear. after you grab the skull (you dont have to carry it around but you get l33t points if you do...) advance through the first part of the level to where the another pelican comes down to pick up the sarge. if you jump onto the light post you can make a few more jumps and end up on top of the pelican and jump from there to some more rooftops effectively skipping another part of the level. now here is the point (and how me and my buddies entertained ourselves while we were playing cards), once you pass through the hotel a warthog drives up, the driver gets out and goes over to the passenger side. go to the passenger side of the warthog and tell him to get out. hop in the passenger side and he will go to the driver seat. if everything is done right, you will get a checkpoint and the game will save.
now, without a hud display, you simply watch the computer drive the warthog around and fight the computer. if you die, it will simply restart with you already in the warthog. the computer will keep getting checkpoints and beat the level (albeit slowly) for you.
the first time i did this it was by accident. for some reason, one of the marines in the warthog seemed to be immortal. i actually shot him with every bit of ammo i could find at the end of the level and he still lived. i have not been able to find super marine again.

im sure there are more...
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ah... for myself, I was never singularly fabulous in in video games, but was amazed when I annihilated Sin in FF10 with Bahamut with 2 blows ... (but I do have a habit of leveling up characters whenever possible).

I did have a good friend in Highschool who was world class in a number of video games ... for instance, he could literally play all day on Asteroids with one quarter (the goal being to get the highest score just below the counter rollover point). He started at something like 9 in the morning and ended with the store closure in the early evening ... at the end, he had literally rows of bonus ships - which he had to dispose of to end the game ... all for 1 quarter.

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nice topic.

in fifa '99 i once shot the ball from the midway line all the way into the goal.
and one time i scored a goal with my goalkeeper, dribbeling the whole length of the ptich :')

i think this was pretty amazing too btw

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back in the early 80's whilst playing Adventure for the Atari 2600 I was going everywhere and trying everything and I stumbled across the Easter Egg of the hidden designer names in the hidden room. I read about it years later and I thought it was cool that I found it on my own.
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nothing exciting...just how i get killed after just coming from V mode in Ogame...

The following fleets met in battle:

Attacker: Bachje

Defender: Kenji
Ion C....7

-- After battle --

Attacker: Bachje
Battleship...1.110 ( lost: 1 )
Battlecr....100 ( lost: 1 )

Defender: Kenji

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured
169.915 metal 241.835 crystal and 60.832 deuterium

The attacker lost a total of 130.000 units.
The defender lost a total of 15.091.000 units.
At these space coordinates now float 3.178.500 metal and 1.183.500 crystal.
The chance for a moon to be created is 20 %

-- Battle Result --
(Assuming the attacker got the debris..)
Attacker gain: 4.704.582
Defender lost: 15.091.000
Total Damage: 15.221.000

Your 230 recycler(s) have a total cargo capacity of 4.600.000.
At the target 3.178.500 metal and 1.183.800 crystal are floating in space .
You have harvested 3.178.500 metal and 1.183.800 crystal. .
Converted with Invader Skodge's PHP Converter 2.8

I'm Kenji by the way...getting killed by a player who's like rank 100...
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