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Spawn Vs. Ghost Rider

They're both powerful anti-hero hellspawns and are virtually indestructable. How does one decide? The G-Man's Penance Stare? Spawn's crazy green glow? You be the judge!

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I'm more of a Ghost Rider fan myself, those Image comics from the 90's were pretty sucky.
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... I think the best possibility would be to delve into the origin data on both to see if there are any diffrentiating elements such as:

1. Are these two "heros" created from the same demonic source
(the possibility being that the "demon" in question may not be "Satan" but
a high order fallen angel nonetheless.

2. The tendancy in literature and mythology is that the farther back one
goes in generational terms, the more primal and or powerful the entity.

3. Are the roles exactly the same? or does one have a broader scope of
demonic responsibility (thus requiring greater discretionary powers)

4. To gauge relative strength levels, have they fought a common foe -

5. How do these two stack up to Marvels "Son of Satan" ...
I think therefore I am ... I think :/
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