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Been awhile but here is chapter 5 of the story and I hope that you enjoy it.
Sailor Moon X Dragonball Z
Chapter 5: Clashes of the Titans

Planetoid 2538 in Galaxy M23B6754X; 2058

Goku was in a special room that warped space and time. Up was down and Goku's senses were unable to distinguish anything. How could I agree to go in this room? Goku thought to himself Oh yeah, if I get to the end of the room I will be able to learn the Chrono-Cross technique! Goku continued to get lost in the Warp Room.

King Kai's World; 2058
Judo saw his brother on his planet, the master sensei, King Kai! "Hello brother," Judo exclaimed to his brother.

"Hi, brother how's it going? How is Goku's training going? I hope his experience in the Warp Room on your lookout isn't giving him a headache," King Kai asked his brother.

"Well as Guardian of the Universe things have been interesting since that android ruined things. Good thing that I can't be affected by changes in time but unfortunately in this world our race was wiped out by Frieza," Judo answered "Goku is doing as well as expected. He has been in there for the past few days but he thinks that he has only been in there for two or three minutes. It is kind of funny watching people go through that room."

"Hopefully he will be able to get through there quickly because Pluto's powers are going to go soon when she dies. When that happens Goku will cease to exist," King Kai revealed "Goku needs to get there soon or else all will fail."

Tokyo 2001
Minako was walking past Tokyo Tower when she heard the scream.

"Help Me! Help Me!" The voice screamed over and over again. "It looks like someone is in trouble," Minako told herself "I better get the other girls over here to see what is going on."

Meanwhile, Chou-Zou was done playing his part. Piccolo said "Good screaming, Chou-Zou, this should get the attention of whatever Sailor Soldier just walked by us."

"How do you know that one of these goofy Sailor Soldiers walked by us. It could have been that android's increased power level you Namekian fool," Vegeta said in an angry tone, "And why do I have to be the victim here again? The prince of all Saiyans should not have to play the role of a weakling!"

"Vegeta we need you to be the victim because you are the only one of us that looks even remotely human," Tien explained, "Besides it is necessary to save these Sailor Soldiers because they are part of the natural flow of time. If that flow is disrupted then history as we know it would be altered for the worst possibly. It could not have been the android we just felt because remember we weren't able to detect Android 17 and 18's power level?"

"Besides Vegeta, this charade won't last very long. These Sailor Soldiers will realize that we are really allies and should be willing to help us out," Piccolo reminded the group, "Ok I am sensing several great powers coming towards us so get ready guys."

Piccolo used his ability to increase his mass to make himself three feet taller. Tien made several copies of himself to act as an army that might fight Vegeta. Chou-Zou acted as a sort of mad parrot creature that would mimic anything that Piccolo said. Vegeta was going to be the victim that would be attacked by these monsters. The logic was that if the Sailor Soldiers saw a person being attacked by a group of monsters then the Sailor Soldiers would help that person out. Everyone in the group felt like an idiot.

Unbeknownst to our heroes, Trunks had just revealed the entire reason that they were here to the Sailor Soldiers. The girls knew why Trunks was so reluctant to talk about his past, and the whole deal with the android. The girls (especially Makoto) believed his story since Trunks said that the name of the android was X, the word the great evil in Rei's dream said. Trunks mentioned that he had three other friends and his father that would also appreciate a place to stay. What Trunks had forgot to mention is that the three friends were not even human and that his father looked nothing like him.

Minako, a.k.a Sailor Venus, had just been returning to her home when this whole thing started. So in five minutes all of the Sailor Soldiers (even that annoying little Chibi-Usa but not Sailors Uranus and Neptune) appeared to fight the threat that they perceived as yet another monster that was out to destroy the world. "What is that thing?" asked Sailor Mars.

"I am not sure Mars. My computer says that it is alien but not one that we have fought before in the past," Mercury responded.

"Help me, these monsters are trying to steal a mystical object that I didn't know I had in my body. Don't let them take it from me," Vegeta whined in fear while he thought This is the most idiotic that I have ever done. How did I get caught in this?"

"You know I think that there is something wrong here?" Sailor Jupiter said with a puzzled expression on her face, "That victim reminds me of someone but I can't place the face for anyone I know."

"We don't have time to wonder who these people and creatures are! We need to defend Love and Justice Sailor Soldiers!" Sailor Moon reminded her friends.

"Right!" said the rest of the Sailor Soldiers in unison. All of the scouts tried their attacks on these strange creatures to ward them of from the victim. None of their attacks worked on this guys because they either dodged them or would mysteriously vanish. Something was not right but the Sailor Soldiers didn't care. They needed to stop this evil and save the Earth.

After several tries to stop this green rampaging evil, Sailor Mercury said "Wait you guys, the big green one might be the android that Trunks told us about earlier! We should get those guys over here to help us out."

"I am going to try my Moon Crystal Heart Attackn on this group in the meantime Mercury. Maybe it will hold them off for now," Sailor Moon told the group.

Piccolo though to himself I thought I heard one of them say that Trunks told them about an android. What is this Moon- Oh crap "Guys get out of the way Sailor Moon is going to try and destroy us with that wand of hers!"

Trunks, Gohan, and Kullilin were flying to Tokyo Tower. They had stopped by the Warehouse to get the others but those guy were not there. Trunks and the rest of them were unaware of Piccolo's plan. When they got to Tokyo Tower, Sailor Moon was about to use her strongest attack but Trunks yelled out "NO, NOT AT THEM THEY'RE WITH US SAILOR MOON! THAT ISN'T THE ANDROID THAT"S PICCOLO!"

"WHAT?!" all of the soldiers said in unison as Sailor Moon stopped in the middle of getting ready to start her attack.

Trunks flew low to the group. "These guys are our friends. That green guy is Piccolo"

Piccolo nodded hello.

"The tricolps is Tien and the dol is the young emperor Chou-Zou"

Tien and Chou-Zou both bowed before the scouts. At this point Sailors Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus arrived to see what was going on at the Tower.

"And the 'bystander' is my father, the Lord of the remaining Saiyan race, Lord Vegeta"

Vegeta just stood there with a scowl on his face"

Sailor Mars spoke to Venus in a whisper, "You know Trunks does not look anything like his dad."

"I heard that," Vegeta told the two startled soldiers.

"Sailors," Piccolo spoke with a commanding voice "We have come from the future. We were sent by Sailor Pluto to aid you in defeating the android which it seems Trunks has told you about. Sailor Pluto, I have met you before but not as this individual you see here. Instead we have met when I was split into two individuals, Piccolo Daiymo andů"

"Kami-Sama, I am once again honored to aid you oh Guardian of the Earth," Sailor Pluto said to Piccolo, "How may I assist this time?"

"Young lady, I am no longer Kami-Sama nor Piccolo but rather the Namek with no name and no longer do I possess the title of Guardian. Though still I have knowledge of all of you, which is slowly returning to me as I see you. Sailor Pluto, you know that I can be trusted and therefore should trust my friends. We have come to this time to destroy the android known as X. Sailor Pluto, a version of you from this time came to our future to tell us that Soldiers failed to destroy the android. Your magical abilities are not strong enough to combat the Android and we have come to make sure that the future the android causes never comes to pass. We wish for you to allow us to help you destroy the android," Piccolo asked the Soldiers.

Earth 2058; Android Timeline
Gero-Kahn looked up from his throne. The robots had told him that Android X had finally made to the past but that something was radically different from the original time trip. The Android itself was channeling chrono-energy through its power cells and that this could possibly endanger the timeline. Also, it had been detected that the possibility of a group of seven had gone to the past using the long thought destroyed Dragonballs. Something had gone wrong with the time switch, was the only thing that the robot lord could think of I must go to the year 2001 and make sure that my own timeline will be the pervalent one in the next hundred years

End Episode 5
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nice story keep up the good work!
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